Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day Two (Morning)

Bright and early this morning at 8:30am, the Lincoln Stars kicked off day two of their 2011 tryout camp at Ridder Arena on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  A total of three scrimmage games were played, and I will recap each one below.  It's very early, but I have been very much impressed with the talent on the ice.  I've heard from a few other fans who had the same kind of comments.  With over 100 players here, there has been some very good hockey so far.  I don't envy the coaches at all when it comes to shortening this group down to two all-star games, and then down to a protected roster.  I mentioned this on the B³ Twitter page, but I found out this morning that Dominik Shine is not at camp due to an injury.  As far as I know, he'll be back in Lincoln next season.  Okay, let's get to the recaps.

Scrimmage #4:  Team Grey (1-0) vs. Team Yellow (1-0)
The first game of the morning saw Team Grey shutout Team Yellow by a score of 4-0.  Team Grey is now 2-0, while Yellow drops to 1-1.  Scoring goals for Grey was (F) Max Coatta, (F) Vinni Lettieri, (D) Richard Coyne, and (F) Trevor Cope.  Grey goaltenders Jim Kruger (played first half) and Joakim Jutras (second half) combined for the shutout.  In two scrimmage games thus far, Team Grey has only surrendered one goal. Kruger has given up one goal in two games, and Jutras has not been scored on in two games.  Both are very different in size.  Kruger is 6'4", 195 pounds, while Jutras is only 5'8" and 145 pounds.  Yellow goaltender Pheonix Copley played the first half and gave up one goal.  Alex Glockner started the second half of the scrimmage and gave up three goals.  There were no fights.

Players from Grey who stood out in my opinion were (D) Matt Purmal, (F) Will Suter, (F) Max Coatta, (F) Vinni Lettieri, (F) Matt Sanford, and (D) Richard Coyne.  Players from Team Yellow who stood out were (F) Garrett Cox, (D) Erlend Lesund, (D) Cole Martin, and (F) Brandon Berkley.  Team MVP from Grey was forward Max Coatta, who continues to impress with his playmaking abilities.  Coatta and camp linemate Vinni Lettieri are teammates at Minnetonka High School, and it's evident here as both work very well together on the same line.  Team MVP from Yellow was forward Garrett Cox who was always around the puck. 

Scrimmage #5:  Team Black (0-1) vs. Team Royal (1-0)
Team Royal took this game over Team Black by a score of 3-2.  Team Royal is now 2-0, while Team Black dropped to 0-2.  Scoring both goals for Team Black this morning was forward Shane Omdahl.  Scoring for Team Royal was (F) Mac Olson, (F) Shaunak Pal, and (F) Max Humitz.  Black goaltender Michael Taffe started the first half of the scrimmage and surrendered one goal.  Black goaltender Adam Aikens started the second half and gave up two goals.  Royal goaltender Chris Funkey started the first half and gave up two goals.  Royal goaltender Lukas Hafner started the second half of the scrimmage and pitched a shutout.

Players from Black who stood out to me were (F) Shane Omdahl, (D) Justin Lutsch, (F) Tommy Schutt, and a forward wearing #17 who is not on the roster.  Players from Royal who impressed me were (D) Justin Woods, (D) Vincent Muto, (F) Teemu Tiitinen, and (G) Lukas Hafner.  Team MVP from Black was forward Shane Omdahl, who was involved in a number of scoring chances and showed good presence around the net..  Even though he didn't score any goals, my MVP from Royal was defenseman Justin Woods, who played a very good shutdown role on the blueline.

Scrimmage #6:  Team White (0-1) vs. Team Red (0-1)
In the battle of winless squads, it was Team White who took this game by a score of 2-1.  White improves to 1-1, while Red drops to 0-2.  Scoring goals for White was (F) Kyle Gattelaro, and (D) Travis Maxwell.  The lone goal for Team Red came from (F) Jordan Bocher-Gould on a penalty shot.  In two games so far, Team Red has only scored a total of two goals.  Team  White goaltender Tim Shaughnessy started the first half and did not give up any goals.  White goaltender Ty Marble started the second half and gave up only one goal.  Red goaltender Trevor Gutierrez started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up two goals.  Red goaltender Charles Williams started the second half and did not give up any goals.  Williams and Grey goaltender Joakim Jutras are the only two goaltenders thus far who have not surrendered any goals.  There was one fight as Red (F) Logan Lemirande dropped the mitts with White (F) #19 (not listed on the roster).  Lemirande took this fight in a close decision.

Players from White who stood out to me were (F) Logan Smith, (D) Brandon Carlson, and both goaltenders (Shaughnessy and Marble). Red players who impressed me were (D) Dax Lauwers, a defenseman wearing #7 who is not on the roster, (F) Jared Hanson, (D) Colten Saucerman, and (D) Mike McKee.  For the Team White MVP I am going to pick the goaltender duo of Tim Shaughnessy and Ty Marble who both looked very good.  Team Red MVP goes to Dax Lauwers who had a ton of huge hits.  I had to chuckle a bit when Lauwers (6'2, 200 pounds) and McKee (6'5", 230 pounds) were both on the ice at the same time....hitting anything that moved.  Lauwers especially looks very good, and should be a lock for the final roster if he chooses to leave Army and return to the Lincoln Stars.

That's it for the morning session!  Thanks for reading.  I'll recap the afternoon session later tonight when I get back to my hotel room.

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thanks for the updates Yeti! those of us who could not make it really appreciate your observations and analysis. there are names that are familiar from last years camp of those who did not make the final roster