Monday, May 23, 2011

B³ USHL Clark Cup Playoff Prediction Contest: Final Update

The 2011 Clark Cup Finals are complete.  Click here to see the playoff bracket from the website.  The results from the final round are listed below:

USHL Final:
(2) Dubuque defeated (1) Green Bay  3-1 
A total of 19 goals were scored in the four games.

Here are the final prediction standings:

tzweeb:  19 points
imadragon:  16 points
lincolnfan:  16 points
Yeti:  14 points
Hey Hey Whadda Say:  12 points
starstruck:  11 points
BellTolls:  11 points
StarsNutz:  9 points
Kyle:  8 points
nutz4puckz:  8 points
MacAttack:  6 points
Crazy Carl:  1 point

Congrats to tzweeb!  When just about everyone else was picking the Green Bay Gamblers to win, tzweeb picked Dubuque to win in four games, which gave him the three points needed to jump ahead to the top of the standings.  

Thanks to everyone who participated!  


MacAttack said...

good job tzweeb! seems like every series I picked went the other way. guess I won't be betting Vegas anytime soon. LOL

tzweeb said...

thanks for all the hard work and research that Yeti and Bell Tolls do to make this site so much fun and worth coming back to find out information that we just dont get other places.
you guys have done a great job all year and i cant wait for updates from the try out camps!
the live game blogs are certainly the most fun.
p.s. glad i didnt get voted off the island!
looking forward to see what the new web site director can do with the stars web page. good luck there too!
thanks again to the best fans in the USHL