Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snapshots of the Game: Sioux City vs. Lincoln 4/2

Thanks to Carl Kacvinsky for letting me share some of his photos from the Lincoln-Sioux City game last night.  I appreciate it!  If you would like to contact Carl, you can email him at

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Kevin Murdock and Teemu Tiitinen

Matt Prapavessis cranks out a shot during warmups
Referee Andrew Wilk calls an elbowing penalty
Kevin Murdock makes a save
Kevin Murdock makes another save
Unknown Stars player (McCarron?) lays a big hit along the boards
Stars celebrate a second period goal
A stick gets caught in a seam along the boards

Ryan Dzingel


Crazy Carl said...

That unknown player was in fact McCarron. He made a good check and his elbow happened to nail the Souix City player, who was down on the ice for quite a bit.

Unknown said...

Not a good game for the Brain Trust. A lot of bad bench decisions.

Ryan said...

I listened to the game on the SC feed, of course, but it sounded like Schmit made his holding penalty pretty blatant. SC might have had a really good shot so he tried to prevent it.