Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lincoln Stars announce 2011 tryout camp

Ridder Arena - Minneapolis, MN
The Lincoln Stars today announced the date and location of the 2011 tryout camp.  After holding the camp in Omaha the past three seasons, the 2011 camp will be held at Ridder Arena, on the campus of the University of Minnesota in the city of Minneapolis.  The dates of the camp are June 9th-12th, and the exact times of the scrimmages will be announced at a later date.  Click here to read the official announcement from the Stars website.  Here's a quote from Stars President Jim Pflug, regarding why the camp was moved to Minnesota this year:

"On one hand, we're frustrated that we were unable to schedule our camp in Omaha, as we've done in the past," said Stars President Jim Pflug.  "We started the process in February, and thought we had reserved the dates and times that we needed, but then learned that the facility had other commitments and other issues that they were unwilling to negotiate on that would have greatly impacted the quality of the camp.  The result is that most fans now won't be able to watch the tryout, and that's disappointing."

"On the other hand, we feel fortunate to have found a highly recognized facility in Ridder Arena, that, because of its location and the dates, ensures that the top-end players will be in attendance, and will allow our coaching staff to make good decisions on players in this competitive environment."

Click here to read some background information about Ridder Arena, which is where the University of Minnesota womens hockey team plays their home games.  Mariucci Arena, where the mens University of Minnesota team plays, is located right next to Ridder Arena, in downtown Minneapolis.  Click here to view a Google maps view of the area.  Minneapolis is about a 7 hour drive from Lincoln, NE.

This news is something I've been sitting on for awhile but waited until the Stars made it official before blogging about it.  Yeah, it's disappointing that the camp won't be in Omaha this season, but from what I have heard, the management at Tranquility IcePlex in Omaha really jerked the Stars organization around when it came to negotiating dates and times for the camp.  Tranquility is under new management, and I have heard they are very hard to work with.  Those are my opinions. 

Being that the tryout camp is my favorite offseason event of the year, and something I've watched the last three seasons, I am planning on making the trip up to Ridder Arena for the entire camp.  I get a kick out of watching all of the future Stars players, so there's no way I could not attend this event.  I'm really looking forward to it, and I'll of course be providing up to date reports from the camp as the days transpire.

I'd like to hear from all the fans out there now.  Anyone else planning on attending?  Thoughts on the camp being held in Minnesota?


Brandon Anderson said...

I would love to make a trip back up to Minnesota and to Ridder arena. I attended a womens game there a couple years ago before going to the mens game against Wisc, But due to the ASCS national seires being at Eagle Raceway that weekend my time will be spent out at the track.

nutz4puckz said...

Dang, that is a bummer, but that is great that they have a top notch facility to hold the event in. That would be a great road trip to make. Have fun up there and look forward to seeing the notes and updates from the camp!

MuskiesFan4Ever said...

The Twins are at home those dates... might be a good time to sneak away from hockey for a bit and check out Target Field if you haven't seen it yet.