Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Jerseys Off Our Backs" Auction Results and Pictures

Here are the final bidding results from the Stars' "Jersey Off Our Backs" auction held after the game last night.  The specially designed jerseys from Stars trainer Corey Courtney were based off the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets alternate jersey.  Pictured above are forwards Teemu Tiitinen on the left, and Andrew Schmit on the right.  I'm going to post more pictures from the auction courtesy of Brandon Anderson at the end of this article, so make sure you check them out.  Coupled with the results of the "Buzz-Cut Competition" which defenseman Zach Frye was the lucky winner, the Stars organization raised a total of $34,000 towards the American Cancer Society.  Here are the totals in the order that they were auctioned off:

Zach Frye:  $950
Zach Aston-Reese:  $1000
Cole Martin:  $950
Rasmus Juell:  $1000
Frank Misuraca:  $900
Richie Coyne:  $950
Austin Hervey:  $1100
Ben Oskroba:  $1050
Jared Hanson:  $1000
Teemu Tiitinen:  $3000
Nick Cecere:  $1100
Sam Alfieri:  $1150
Chris Casto:  $700
Eric Scheid:  $900
Matt Prapavessis:  $1450
Andrew Schmit:  $1100
Lukas Hafner:  $1050
Dominik Shine:  $1000
Josh Berge:  $1350
Brent Tate:  $1900
Ryan Dzingel:  $1600
John McCarron:  $1700
Garrett Peterson:  $1300
Kevin Murdock:  $1700
Team autographed jersey:  $1000
Team autographed jersey:  $1000

As you can see, the top jersey went to Teemu Tiitinen, who treated the fans in attendance to a dancing show in order to help the bidding.  It was quite the scene, and very, very funny.  I think Teemu made a lot of new fans after last night.  The auction and the buzz-cut competition ran until after midnight, but it was worth the wait considering the amount of money raised towards the ACS.  

Click the "Read More" link below to see more pictures from the ACS event last night, courtesy of Brandon Anderson.

Teemu Tiitinen
Teemu hamming it up for the fans
Sam Alfieri

"Big" John McCarron
Stars defenseman Zach Frye getting his head shaved in front of the fans
Chris Casto
Eric Scheid
Matt Prapavessis
Andrew Schmit
Dominik Shine
Ryan Dzingel
Kevin Murdock

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