Monday, March 21, 2011 Q & A with Stars forward Andrew Schmit

Thanks to the blog reader who brought this to my attention.

The website has a story up today about UNO recruit, and current Lincoln Stars forward Andrew Schmit.  Click here to read the story from the website.  Here's an excerpt from the article, which was written by Chad Purcell:

Q: Was football something you were into, too, or was it all hockey?
A: I did play football, but I wasn’t as good as my brother or my dad. I was the biggest guy on my team because we didn’t field a lot of players, so I played on the D-line and tight end. I was just kind of average.
Q: So is it right that UNO really was the only school that had shown interest in recruiting you?
A: Well, the first half of the year, the team that pursued me the most was Yale. I was pretty excited about that, but it ended up not working out. Then there wasn’t too much interest after that, just a couple of ECAC schools, but nothing really serious. Then all of a sudden, UNO saw me play one weekend, I visited within the next few days, and they offered me right there.
Q: That must have felt like a nice development, considering you weren’t sure what your next step would be.
A: It was definitely a relief. And it all happened so fast, it was just a crazy week. It was really flattering that they showed that interest in me, and it’s pretty intimidating sitting across from Coach Blais. It’s really humbling, just that whole experience of him wanting you to come to his school.
Q: Dean obviously has a history of recruiting guys with size and speed, so you must fit that mold of what UNO is looking for.
A: Yeah, but I think a lot of it just has to do with the way I work. I think the kind of player who fits their system are the guys who just are willing to work hard and buy in.
Q: And you have to be excited seeing the success UNO has had this year during this first season in the WCHA.
A: Exactly. All those freshmen who came in this year, they all have made an impact at UNO, and they were all leaders in the USHL before they got to college. Now we’re going to have a second wave of guys coming in as freshmen next year, and I think UNO is really becoming a hot spot for guys in the USHL.
Q: If UNO was still in the CCHA, you’d get that chance to play against your brother. But in the WCHA, I’m guessing you’re looking forward to playing the Badgers, right?
A: Playing at the Kohl Center will be a fun experience. I went to a couple games there as a little kid, and the place is bumping when you go there. It’s like one big student section. But I know UNO gets a lot of fans, too, so I’m definitely also looking forward to playing those home games.

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