Thursday, February 3, 2011

UPDATED: Cedar Rapids Roughriders logo thief

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I know a number of the blog readers have been following this story, so I thought I'd devote a quick article as more updates have occurred.  A few weeks ago, I blogged about a Cedar Rapids Roughriders logo that looked very similar to a logo I previously saw on the blog site  I contacted the admin of PuckDrawn, and told him about the similarities.  Click here to read that article.

Well, the artist (Chad Stilson) who originated the "Forest Ranger" logo was finally able to contact the person who ripped him off.  Click here to read the updated article on  It's a pretty good read.  What's crazy is that the person that the Cedar Rapids Roughriders organization hired is someone who previously stole content Chad Stilson.  After reading the most recent article on PD, it appears that this thief (Chris Knudson) may have also stolen concepts from other artists who post on PD.  As you can imagine, the blog regulars on PD aren't too happy with Chris Knudson.

It appears from the article linked above that Knudson knew the logo he "created" was stolen, and that he hoped no one would notice.  Wrong.  Now, Knudson has agreed to pay Stilson his freelance rate.  The Roughriders will be able to still use the logo, but now the original artist (Stilson) will get paid by the thief.  Score one for the good guys!


MacAttack said...

good for you Yeti! bringing down the bad guys!

Anonymous said...

I am a Stars fan and I must say this is not the first time stuff like this has happened I mean look at pretty much any junior hockey team and you can find something they "stole off another logo or team". Look at the Kitchener Rangers of the OHL if you just their city name off their logo and jerseys it would look like a New York Rangers jersey and logo. Even the Stars jerseys are the Dallas Stars 1999-2006 Style. I'm just saying stuff like this has been around for years.