Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 WJC Update: Team USA vs. Canada tonight

Team USA's Charlie Coyle scores against Germany
Thought I'd give a quick update of the 2011 World Junior Championships currently being played in Buffalo, NY.  The Team USA squad has won all four of their preliminary games, and will now take on Team Canada in the semifinals tonight.   Faceoff for the game tonight is at 6:30pm CST.  You can watch the game on NHL Network.

This is the matchup everyone in the hockey world wanted to see, but it won't be for gold.  I think a lot of folks were hoping these two teams would face each other in the finals, like last season, but it just didn't break down that way this year.  Team USA went 4-0 in the preliminary round, with wins against Finland (3-2 OT), Slovakia (6-1), Germany (4-0), and Switzerland (2-1).  Team Canada went 3-0-1 in the preliminary round with wins against Russia (6-3), Czechoslovakia (7-2),  Norway (10-1), and an overtime loss to Sweden (6-5).  Due to the shootout loss to Sweden, Canada had to play a quarterfinal game against Switzerland yesterday, with the winner to face Team USA.  Canada beat the Swiss 4-1, setting up this epic battle.

Make sure you check out the "United States of Hockey" blog run by former NTDP staff member Chris Peters.  Click here to view the blog.  Chris does a fantastic job keeping his blog up to date with the latest information from Team USA and the WJC's.  Check it out when you can.  Tons of great info.

Should be a fun game to watch!  If you have NHL Network, I'd really recommend tuning in.  Go USA!


nutz4puckz said...

I'll be watching for sure. Its been great hockey so far and USA and Canada is always good watching!!

Yeti said...

Welp, that wasn't fun at all to watch. Canada outworked and outplayed Team USA tonight, winning 4-1. Like the Huskers last week, USA looked lost and out of it.

USA will take on Sweden in the bronze medal game. That matchup will take place on Wednesday, January 5th at 2:30PM CST.

Canada will play Russia for the gold medal on Wednesday evening, following the USA-Sweden game, at 6:00pm CST. Both games will be broadcast on the NHL Network.