Monday, December 6, 2010

Snapshots of the Game: Lincoln vs. Omaha 12/5

Thanks once again to Brandon Anderson and Jeff White for letting me use some of their fantastic photographs from the Stars-Lancers game Sunday evening.  You can contact Brandon Anderson at if you are interested in purchasing any of his photos.

Click the "Read more" link under the picture below to view all of the photos in this series.  Enjoy!


Not sure if this one went in
Ryan Dzingel
Lancers goaltender Todd Mathews punching Brent Tate in the face (not called)
John McCarron
Brent Tate
Andrew Schmit and Eric Scheid celebrate the game-winning OT goal
More OT celebrations
Some Stars fans in attendance celebrate
Jared Hanson and Seth Ambroz chirping
Stars celebrate
Kevin Murdock makes a big save
More celebration
2nd period rough stuff
Kyle Quick

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nutz4puckz said...

Great photos as always. Love the shot of the goalie taking a swipe at Tate. Great win last night guys!!