Monday, December 6, 2010

B³ Postgame Recap 12/5: Lincoln 4, Omaha 3 OT

Photo courtesy of Brandon Anderson (click to enlarge)
Wins over the Lancers always feel a little better than wins over other USHL teams, am I right? :)

The Lincoln Stars won their second straight road game in dramatic fashion with a 4-3 overtime victory over the Omaha Lancers.  The win was the first in six previous tries against the Omaha Lancers, dating back to March of 2009.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the game, or listen to the radio play-by-play, so I can only go by what the Poinstreak boxscore says.  I'm probably the last person who should be writing a game recap. :)  Regardless, I'll do my best and I really hope to hear from all the Stars fans who were in attendance tonight.  Please leave comments!

The Lancers got out to the early 1-0 lead at the 5:50 mark of the first period when Nick Oddo (an Omaha native) scored.  In what seems like a disturbing trend, this was the fifth straight game against the Stars in which the opposition have scored first.  Not a good stat.  However, much like in prior games, the Stars bounced back when John McCarron scored a powerplay goal with only 17 seconds remaining in the first period to tie the game up at 1-1.  Sam Alfieri and Chris Casto collected the assists on McCarron's PP goal.  At the end of the first period, the score was 1-1, and Omaha outshot the Stars 12-6.

In the second period, the Stars took the lead for the first time in the game when forward Eric Scheid scored at the 8:00 mark to give Lincoln the 2-1 lead.  Assisting on Scheid's second period goal was Chris Casto.  Going into the second intermission, the Stars had a one goal lead despite being outshot 20-13 at that point in the game.  There was a few altercations in the second period, one involving numerous players late in the period.  Lancers goaltender Todd Mathews skated over the red line in an attempt to bait Stars goaltender Kevin Murdock into a fight, but that never materialized.

John McCarron continued his hot hand in the third period when he scored his second goal of the game, this time on the  powerplay, four minutes in to give the Stars a commanding 3-1 lead.  Eric Scheid and Kyle Quick earned the assists on McCarron's goal.  The Lancers stormed back a few minutes later when Seth Ambroz scored to give the Lancers life.  Lincoln clung to the 3-2 lead.  Less than two minutes after the Ambroz goal, Ryan Daugherty of Omaha scored a powerplay goal to even the game up at 3-3.  The score would stay at 3-3 the rest of the third period despite good scoring chances from both teams.  At the end of regulation, the score was 3-3, and Omaha led on shots 34-20.

In the five-minute, 4-on-4 overtime period, the Lancers would take a costly penalty in which the Stars would capitalize on.  At the 3:32 mark of overtime, Eric Scheid scored the game winning powerplay goal, his second goal of the night, to give the Stars the thrilling 4-3 victory over the Omaha Lancers.  With the win, the Stars improved to 11-7-1 (23 points) on the season, and are now tied for second place (with the Lancers) in the USHL Western Conference.  w00t!  With the last two straight road wins, the Stars now have an impressive 6-3 road record.  Stars goaltender Kevin Murdock stopped 32 of 35 shots on net to record his 9th win of the season.  Two straight road wins for Murdock.  Five of his nine wins have come on the road.

When these two teams faced each other back on 11/24/10, it was the Lancers who dominated on the powerplay to blowout the Stars, 6-2.  In that game, the Lancers scored three powerplay goals.  Fast forward to eleven days later, and it was Lincoln who scored three powerplay goals in only four man-advantage opportunities to win the game.  The Stars currently have the #1 rated powerplay unit in the USHL, a full 7 points ahead of second place Des Moines.

Out of a possible 6 points the past three games, the Stars earned 5, which is very impressive.  I'm sure the Friday night home loss to the Team USA U-17's stung the team quite a bit, so it was nice to see them rebound with strong efforts on the road against two very good hockey teams (Des Moines and Omaha).  

In typical Omaha Lancers homer fashion, they gave all three stars to their players, so I'm going to list the REAL three stars of the game picked by Stars radio announcer Mike Melbye:

1st Star - Kevin Murdock
2nd Star - John McCarron
3rd Star - Eric Scheid

Personally, I'd probably swap Scheid and Murdock, but I wasn't at the game and Melbye was.  I'm only going off what I see on the boxscore.  Regardless, all three players had outstanding games.  Huge win for the boys!  The Stars will now begin a three-game homestand starting with two games this weekend.  Friday night the Stars will host the Fargo Force, and on Saturday night Lincoln will host the expansion (and first place) Dubuque Fighting Saints.  More on those matchups later in the week.

Go Stars!


LoudmouthLancer said...

That was a great game last night. Both teams fought till the end. It would have been better if the Lancers won but oh well. That is all I have to say about the game, but there is one thing I would like to comment on though and that is the way a select few of the Lincoln fans acted last night. First off I would like to say that I am only a teen that cheers on Omaha. There were 2 girls that were cheering for Lincoln right behind me. I don't have problems with them cheering for Lincoln, but when they start to yelling things at me like "sit down F*****, and quit complaining" is when it gets bad. There were a couple other times things like this happened during the game. It shows no class what so ever on their part. I know that every team has fans like this and I'm sure there were a few Lancer fans that were acting like this too. I just felt the need to mention this just for the fact that I am not an adult but a teenager that did nothing to provoke a reaction like this.

BellTolls said...


Feel free to contact security at the arena if you are being treated rudely. They are there for a reason (one watching over nearly every section at the Ice Box). No one should be using that kind of language in an atmosphere where kids are present, which they usually are at hockey games.

This was a great win for the Stars. The power-play was really clicking, which was nice to hear. What's up with Mathews? Second game in a row against us he's tried to start something. He got a roughing penalty in the game in Lincoln. Melbye saw this one happen live, too, and somehow he didn't get called for it.

How about John McCarron now with a team-best 8 goals? 1 more than he had last year already. He and Eric Scheid are +6, second only to Josh Berge.

Looking at other stats:
Kyle Quick has 10 assists this year, second most on the team. He's a player that doesn't get noticed much on the ice, but 10 assists in 18 games is impressive.

Last year, our D-men combined for 13 goals and 52 assists.

This year, our D-men have combined for 6 goals and 32 assists. That is on pace for 17 goals and 89 assists. The D this year have done a great job of getting pucks to the net and creating chances, something we obviously struggled with last year.

Brandon Anderson said...

To the first poster, I know what you mean I was in Des Moines of Fridays game and darn near got into a fight with some of their fans. The girl behind me kept threating to kick me in the back of the head and the guy in front of me kept talking trash all night long so I feel you on that one.

Fans like that send a bad message to other fans but there are good fans out there you just hear about the bad ones more.

I want to apologize to you for the way our fans treated you last night.

Section K Fan said...

It was great to see the stars finally break that losing streak against the Lancers, especially in their house. It was a great game to watch. Very physical, and intense game, especially after, I believe Jared Hanson, delivered a HUGE check that knocked a Lancer out. The stars looked great on the PK even though they were only a man down a few times. Great to see the stars get the road win!

Go Stars!

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comments thus far.

BT...I was just talking to a few people the other day about John McCarron's season so far. He's really turned it around. I have been told that he worked really hard in the offseason to improve his game, and it certainly shows. In 58 games last season he only had 7 goals. Thru 19 games this season he has 8 goals. Incredible.

There are a number of players on the Stars who have turned it around this season, compared to last season. Might be a good poll question?

I thought about not mentioning this, but I see the "LancersHockey" youtube account posted "highlights" of the game from Sunday night. Of course, they omitted all of the goals the Stars scored, and only included the goals Omaha scored. What's strange is that if you go back and look at other highlight videos they uploaded, they always included goals scored from the opposing team. Not this time. They start to show the OT goal from Scheid, but then they end the video. Anyway, if you want to watch it...copy and paste the link below:

BellTolls said...

Great minds think alike, Yeti, my idea for a poll the other day was most improved player for the Stars...but you also could open it up to most surprising player, that way new guys could be included as well (Scheid, Prapavessis, etc). I know Tate and McCarron are two guys I've been really impressed with.