Wednesday, December 8, 2010

B³ Linkorama

Video-time this week on the B³ Linkorama.  Regarding the two games this weekend, I will be posting a preview article Thursday evening, so stay tuned for that.  Two very good teams (Fargo, Dubuque) will visit the IceBox this weekend.  I'll touch on this in the preview article also, but don't forget that there is a UNL women's basketball game at Devaney Saturday night at the same time of the Stars game.  You might want to leave a little earlier than you normally would.  The UNL men's basketball team plays at Devaney on that same date, but that game is at 1:00pm, so it shouldn't effect traffic at all.  The women's game, however, will.  The early weather reports for Friday night into Saturday don't look all that great either (calling for snow), so be prepared.

This video link was sent to me by a blog reader.  Much appreciated!  It's highlights from the Stars-Bucs game on 12/4/10.  Unlike the Lancers highlight video, this video actually included goals from both teams.  Stars won this one 3-2, thanks to Garrett Peterson's third period game-winning goal.

Staying with the video theme, the USHL recently put out the top plays of week 10 on their youtube page.  Normally, I wouldn't post it here because it doesn't feature any Stars goals, but I had a good chuckle after watching it so I thought I'd share.  Pay attention to goal #4, by Cason Hohmann of the Cedar Rapids Roughriders.  Their radio announcer apparently hasn't hit puberty yet.  Hilarious.

In college hockey news, the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans will play this this Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor, MI, in what has been dubbed as the "Big Chill at the Big House." This will be an outdoor hockey game held at the football stadium (Michigan Stadium, aka "the Big House") where the University of Michigan plays.  Over 100,000 tickets have been sold to this event.  The current outdoor hockey attendance record is 74,544, which should be smashed this Saturday.  Former Lincoln Stars participating in the "Big Chill" are Chad Langlais and Bryan Hogan for Michigan, and Chris Forfar for Michigan State.

Here's a video of the preparations needed to get Michigan Stadium ready for the largest outdoor hockey game ever.

Interested in the physics of ice hockey?  Watch the video below.  Interesting stuff.


BellTolls said...

haha, that's hilarious. I like how he realizes how he sounds toward the end and changes his voice mid-sentence.

nutz4puckz said...

Good video from the Des Moines game also. Petey took a shot along the boards. Ouch, no wonder he looked a little upset.

Thanks as always for taking the time to get all of this posted. Two BIG games this weekend, Let's Go Stars!!

Yeti said...

Yup, that was the kneeing major to Mitch Cain that got Petey all upset. Can't say I blame him. You stick your leg out like that to try to stop a player...that's dirty hockey. Luckily, Petey wasn't injured on the play.

nutz4puckz said...

I had noticed that in the box score, you don't see the kneeing major much so it had to be pretty blatant. We don't need any more injuries, time to stay healthy as a team!!

Was it just me or in the video, did it seem like it was a lot quieter in there than it normally is? It is a fun place to see a game though.