Sunday, November 21, 2010


I traveled up to the Qwest Center in Omaha last night to watch the second game of the University of North Dakota vs. University of Nebraska-Omaha hockey series, and it turned out to be one of the wildest finishes I've ever seen.  On Friday night, the Sioux scored three goals in the third period to come from behind and beat UNO 6-5, and gain a 1-0 lead in the series.  UNO, desperate to salvage a series tie, played UND much tougher defensively Saturday night.  In that game, it was 0-0 going into the finals few seconds of the game, when Mavs forward Alex Hudson (formerly of the Tri-City Storm) scored with less than one second remaining to give UNO the dramatic 1-0 win.  Here's video of the last few seconds of the game:

Saw a number of Stars fans in attendance last night at Qwest, including a few wearing Stars jerseys.  Regardless if you were a UNO fan, a UND fan, or just a Jason Gregoire (UND) fan, it was a very well-played game to watch.


OmahaHockeyTalk said...

Saturday's game was definitely one for the hockey purists, which was good since Nebraska football was playing at the same time (I know I was watching the Huskers from the suite TVs). Friday night there was no defense or goaltending. It was end to end action with a lot of turnovers. So both teams trapped in the neutral zone for the second game. They were very effective in the offensive zone but struggled to carry the puck across the red line.

It was a great (but unexpected) finish for UNO. It wrapped up a weekend of high quality hockey, passionate fans, and mutual respect. It was funny because during the review of Hudson's last second goal, Dean Blais walked over to the North Dakota bench and leaned over the boards to have a conversation with their trainer. There was no argument from North Dakota. The coaches hugged and players shook hands after a lot of hard work.

If this series was up in Grand Forks, I think the Mavs get swept pretty easily. UNO has a long ways to go if they want to win up their later this season. Their talent is not as deep as North Dakota’s. But...this weekend was a lot of fun. I love being in the WCHA.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comment, OHT. I couldn't agree with you more. I was really impressed with the amount of UND fans in attendance Saturday night. They really travel well.

Like you, I thought UND was probably the deeper team, and they controlled play for the most part, but UNO did have a number of good opportunities to score goals before the GWG.

My seats were near the suites so I was the Huskers game also. From the sounds of it, I'm glad I was only able to catch a few plays. Much happier I decided to watch the hockey game than stay home and watch the Huskers.

OmahaHockeyTalk said...

Agreed about ND fans. They travel like Husker football fans. The only time there's more green in downtown Omaha is on St. Patrick's day. They were all over the Old Market and were very fun to hang out with at bars too.