Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday Night Fight: Dominik Shine vs. Joe Lordo 11/5/10

Thanks to blog readers MacAttack and Michelle for recording the following videos from the fight last night.  Did Shine deserve the misconduct for the slam at the end of the fight?  You decide.


Starfish said...

Despite being a loyal Stars fan and somewhat bias on most penalty or lack of penalties being called by the refs. I would have to stand by the refs on this one. My first reaction when Lordo was slammed down was "Oh No!". First being hopefully the kid didn't bounce his head on the ice, then it was wondering if we were going to see Shine again this game or how many games he will be out.
Body slamming is a very dangerous manuever. Lets keep the fighting "clean", and go toe to toe. I realize emotions are felt by the players when in a fight that I don't fully understand.

lincolnfan said...

while i thought the fight was a good fight and fun to watch, the league has become more strict with the rules about fighting... so i think it was a good call... Lordo could have been seriously hurt, and while i'm sure that Shine didn't mean to break this new rule or injure Lordo badly, the league needs to be consistent with their calling. i think by making this call, they are showing that they will enforce these new rules about fighting. i think Shine (and all the players) can learn a lesson from this, and move on.. that's what needs to happen. i know this was basically what Chad Johnson said on the post game show.

BellTolls said...

my first thought was "that happens in lots of fights," but upon watching it closer, Shine grabbed his leg and upended him on purpose. That's probably a good call by the refs.