Sunday, November 28, 2010

B³ USHL Power Rankings: November 28

I apologize for missing last week's rankings. I started them, but got really busy and never finished. Here is the latest report on the USHL:

Previous week's ranking in parentheses

1. (7) Green Bay Gamblers (13-3-2, 28 pts)

Last Week: 3-0-0
W, 4-2 vs. Waterloo
W, 4-3 at Sioux Falls
W, 3-2 (SO) at Fargo

Green Bay now leads the USHL with 28 points and has won seven in a row.

2. (1) Cedar Rapids RoughRiders (13-3-1, 27 pts)
Last Week: 2-0-1
W, 5-1 vs. Sioux City
L, 2-3 (OT) at Waterloo
W, 2-1 (SO) vs. Waterloo

Cedar Rapids loses its spot at the top after dropping two of its last five games and falling into second place in the Eastern Conference, though they still have a game in hand on Green Bay.

3. (2) Dubuque Fighting Saints (11-4-2, 24 pts)
Last Week: 1-1-0
W, 1-0 vs. Chicago
L, 1-3 vs. Indiana

Dubuque struggled to score against two of the bottom-tier teams in the USHL in picking up just two points last week.

4. (3) Des Moines Buccaneers (9-3-2, 20 pts)
Last Week: 2-0-0
W, 6-5 (SO) at Chicago
W, 5-3 at Muskegon

Des Moines has the best winning percentage in the Western Conference still at .714.

5. (5) Sioux Falls Stampede (10-6-1, 21 pts)
Last Week: 1-1-1
W, 3-1 at Omaha
L, 3-4 vs. Green Bay
L, 2-3 (SO) at Tri-City

The Stampede are in second place in the Western Conference, and are 7-3 at home and 3-3-1 on the road.

6. (6) Lincoln Stars (9-7-0, 18 pts)
Last Week: 1-2-0
L, 2-6 vs. Omaha
W, 2-1 (OT) at Sioux City
L, 2-6 at Fargo

Lincoln looked better than Omaha when it was 5-on-5, but three power-play goals and an empty-netter makes for a lopsided game in the end. The Stars are still much improved from how they began the year.

7. (8) Omaha Lancers (9-6-2, 20 pts)
Last Week: 2-1-0
W, 6-2 at Lincoln
L, 1-3 vs. Sioux Falls
W, 4-1 vs. Team USA

Two dominating wins sandwiched around a letdown at home vs. Sioux Falls. That pretty much sums up the Lancers season so far. Hard to tell what they're going to do on a given night.

8. (4) Sioux City Musketeers (9-8-1, 19 pts)
Last Week: 0-2-1
L, 1-5 at Sioux City
L, 1-2 (OT) vs. Lincoln
L, 1-4 vs. Indiana

Sioux City has scored 42 goals, tied for the second-worst in the USHL. They need to find some offense to stay competitive in the tight Western Conference. They've lost five in a row.

9. (9) Waterloo Blackhawks (8-6-2, 18 pts)
Last Week: 1-1-1

L, 2-4 vs. Green Bay
W, 3-2 (OT) vs. Cedar Rapids
L, 1-2 (SO) at Cedar Rapids

Waterloo is in third place in the Eastern Conference. They have 18 points, 10 behind Green Bay and 9 behind Cedar Rapids. Last-place Tri-City is closer to first place in the Western Conference than the third place team is in the Eastern Conference to the second-place team. Yes, the East is very top-heavy this year.

10. (15) Fargo Force (8-9-3, 19 pts)
Last Week: 1-0-1
W, 6-2 vs. Lincoln
L, 2-3 (SO) vs. Green Bay

Fargo lost seven in a row at one point because of its absentees playing at the World Juniors, but now has won three of its last four, and has earned points in all four.

11. (11) Tri-City Storm (6-6-4, 16 pts)
Last Week: 2-0-0
W, 2-0 vs. Team USA
W, 3-2 (SO) vs. Sioux Falls

Tri-City won two home games over Thanksgiving break, and they have four more home games left as part of a six-game swing. Plenty of chances to climb the standings before Christmas break.

12. (14) Youngstown Phantoms (8-10-1, 17 pts)
Last Week: 3-0-0
W, 2-1 vs. Indiana
W, 3-1 at Chicago
W, 3-2 at Muskegon

Youngstown is 6-6 on the road and only 2-4-1 at home.

13. (10) Muskegon Lumberjacks (7-7-4, 18 pts)
Last Week: 0-2-0
L, 3-5 vs. Des Moines
L, 2-3 vs. Youngstown

Muskegon has lost three straight home games.

14. (13) Indiana Ice (6-9-2, 14 pts)
Last Week: 2-1-0
L, 1-2 at Youngstown
W, 4-1 at Sioux City
W, 3-1 at Dubuque

Indiana was on the bus a lot over Thanksgiving, playing three road games from Ohio to Iowa, but the Ice won two games out of three.

15. (12) Chicago Steel (7-10-3, 17 pts)

Last Week: 0-2-1
L, 0-1 at Dubuque
L, 5-6 (SO) vs. Des Moines
L, 1-3 vs. Youngstown

Chicago has lost eight of its last 10 games.

16. (16) Team USA (5-10-1, 11 pts)
Last Week: 0-2-0
L, 0-2 at Tri-City
L, 1-4 at Omaha

Team USA's younger team had a rough go on its Thanksgiving trip to Nebraska.


Yeti said...

Great list, BT. Thanks again for putting this together.

Personally, I would probably put Omaha ahead of Lincoln, due to their recent head-to-head game. I'd also move Fargo ahead of Sioux City. I know I've babbled enough about Fargo, but I believe that team is going to be at the top of the standings very soon.

Interesting that the bottom five teams are all in the USHL Eastern Conference. I know I'm biased, but I definitely think the Western Conference is much deeper, and overall more talented than the Eastern Conference.

Travis said...

No way should Omaha and Fargo be behind us (not yet anyway). Other than that, i agree with the majority of your list.

BellTolls said...

Omaha ahead of Lincoln is something I would change if I could redo it. But not Fargo, not just because they beat us handily in our third game in three nights, in their first game of the Thanksgiving weekend. Any team playing its third game in three nights against a team that has a week of rest will struggle. And they are definitely better than their record, but their 12 losses are second-most in the USHL. Good team that I think will make the playoffs, but they have one more point than Lincoln with four games in hand. So right now, they stay behind in the rankings.

Travis said...

Good points about Fargo. I think they end up near the top by the end of the season, but agree that given the circumstances of the loss last weekend and the number of losses they have, should be behind us for the time being.