Monday, November 22, 2010

B³ Linkorama; Murdock named USHL GotW

Courtesy of Brandon Anderson
Not a whole lot of articles in this week's B³ Linkorama.  The Stars will play three games this week on consecutive days (Wed, Thu, Fri), so stay tuned for that weekend preview article.  Also, BT will be posting his USHL power rankings article soon, so keep an eye out for that.  As always, if you have any Stars related news you'd like for me to share on the blog, please send me an email at    

Congrats to Stars goaltender Kevin Murdock for being named the USHL Goaltender of the Week! Click here to read the press release from the USHL.  Considering how well Doc has played the past few weeks, this award is certainly deserved.  Honestly, you could argue Doc should have been named GotW for the past three weeks.  Regardless, it's nice to see the USHL finally give Doc (and the Stars) some recognition.  

The Omaha Lancers and the City of Ralston are close to a new arena agreement.  The $25 million-dollar facility would hold two sheets of ice, with the Lancers playing on one sheet.  The new rink would hold 3,500 people, which seems small in my opinion, especially for a team like the Lancers.  Stick-tap to the Omaha Hockey Talk blog for the link.  Click here and here to read more.  I assume the Lancers would still remain the "Omaha Lancers" if they move to the new rink, and not the "Ralston Lancers."

Video highlights from the 11/19 Sioux City vs. Lincoln game courtesy of 10/11 KOLN-KGIN.  Nice butcher job of Eric Scheid's last name:

Remember to get your tickets for the Omaha Lancers game this Wednesday night at the IceBox!  I have a feeling this game will sell out, so don't procrastinate!


MacAttack said...

I agree that 3500 seems somewhat small. Would have thought they would have gone for 5000, a more reasonable number to me. But then again, the Lancers have shown us in the recent past to severely underestimate the fans of both the Lancers and the other teams of the USHL.

I am so stoked for Wednesday night's game. Can't wait. Also looking forward to the Thanksgiving night game up in Sioux City. Is any one else going up to SC for the game?

starstruck said...

Way to go Doc - so nice to see the well-deserved recognition!!

tzweeb said...

cant believe they would think about this area, somewhere to the east would be better, but what would i know?
if they do go thru with this it would be a huge boom for the ralston area. the fun plex is in this area and a big baseball area as well.
its just another thing that omaha wont have and doesnt get how to bring in the people.
downtown baseball, no good.
ralston and hockey, maybe.
papillion and the "royals" very good.
figured they would build an arena closer to i-80 and 126th complex of new hotels and convention centers.

tzweeb said...

yes it looks like the team and doc have found something special!
thanks guys and doc for getting up to the next level!!!

OmahaHockeyTalk said...

This is probably as good of a situation as the Lancers can get. It's centrally located, very easy to get to, and is still basically in Omaha. Omaha and Ralston made a friendly agreement decades ago that Omaha wouldn't annex Ralston if Ralston doesn't expand geographically.

I even like the 3500 seat capacity as it is more in line with what the Lancers and other teams average in attendance.

The only better location would be at Aksarben as part of UNO's future arena complex, but it's very unlikely that could ever work. The Southport area in La Vista does not work either as there isn't enough land available, and the price of land has increased significantly as a result of all the development. That's one of the areas the Royals were looking to build their stadium, but they found out it wouldn't work.

I love the Lancers playing downtown at the Civic. But they need something with a stable future. The Civic is always in jeopardy of closing. So I think a 3500 seat arena in Ralston is near perfect. I just hope the sightlines aren't shallow like arenas often get built with today.