Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lincoln Stars Announce Team Captains

According to the Lincoln Stars website, the Stars have announced who will be wearing the "C" and the "A's" next season.   All four players were chosen by their teammates.  This information was made available to members of the Blueline Booster Club last night at their monthly meeting. 

Captain:  Josh Berge
Alternates:  Garrett Peterson, Brent Tate, Richard Coyne

I'd love to hear from the fans out there about this.  What say you?  I think that the players selected will lead and represent the team well on the ice.  Good choices, in my opinion.


nutz4puckz said...

Good choices all around, nothing there to quibble about.

It's almost here, just two short days!!

starstruck said...

Great choices for Captain & Alternates - nice that this year the players were allowed to make the decision!

BTW wouldn't it be awesome to own a Berge jersey?