Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Comment Registration

I will be turning on comments today, but this will require those of you wanting to leave comments to register under a google account.  This is a quick, and painless me.  I really hope all of you who wish to contribute to this blog will spend a few minutes registering.  I will quickly walk you through that process now:

  1. Click here
  2. Fill out the Blogger/Google registration form
  3. Enter in an email address you frequently use.  It does not have to be a Google gmail account.  It can be any email address you choose to use.
  4. Create a password
  5. Pick your display name (ex. Yeti, BellTolls)
  6. Enter your birthdate (won't be used, or seen on the blog)
  7. Finish the registration
  8. After doing that, you should be able to leave comments
As I've stated before, I don't want the constant negativity that comes from some bloggers to scare away those who want to contribute positively to this blog.  I'm not saying this blog is going to be all unicorns, puppy dogs, and rainbows from here on out.  I don't want that, and to be honest...I think it's boring.  There's a place for constructive criticism without it turning nasty.  I really hope the folks out there who have something to contribute will take a few minutes to register.  What sets this blog apart from other resources available is that we have great fan interaction here at the B³, and I don't want to see that go away.  What makes this blog great, and why it has grown so much in the last year, are the fans who comment and participate in our black and blue community. 

The rules will still apply to all comments.  If you have something nasty or hurtful to say, don't bother posting it because BT and I won't approve it.  With the new registration, I will be able to track comments and who leaves them much easier, which I hope in the long run helps combat the hurtful, drive-by comments.  We're all passionate about hockey and the Stars, but let's be honest...this is just a game.  There's no reason to take any of this personally.  If a Stars loss absolutely ruins your day and pisses you off, then you need a hobby.  If the current coaching situation bothers you that much, email or write the Stars organization.  

All of the emails I received the last week or so have been positive about this change, including many emails from parents and family members of current and former Stars players.  A lot of the emails I received mentioned how discouraging it was to see some of our fan base pile on with the negativity.  Some folks even mentioned that they were afraid to state their opinion on the blog because they were worried about the backlash they'd receive from some of the more "opinionated" bloggers. That's just not right, and it's going to change starting right now.  It's very easy to sit behind the veil of anonymity, throw insults, and bash the players/coaches.  It's something completely different to stand behind your favorite hockey team regardless of their record, and be proud of their effort on the ice.

I am confident this change will benefit the blog in the long run after some initial growing pains.  Again, if you have any questions at all about how to register, or anything at all related to this blog, feel free to email me at:

Go Stars.


Layla said...

yay, comments are back :)

MacAttack said...

the blog is finally whole again!

starstruck said...

Very simple to register and post comments! Looking forward to back-to-back games at the Ice Box this weekend - Go Stars!!

MacAttack said...

will be there in my NEW jersey!

Janet said...

Glad to have the blog back. AND I agree totally with Yeti and Bell Tolls, let's be positive about our team. So we lose a few here and there; that doesn't mean we give up on our team. Isn't that what makes STARS fans the best fans in the league!!! We are behind our team no matter what!!! Can't wait til Friday and Go STARS!!!

Scott said...

Thanks Yeti and BT for making this happen. Is it Friday yet?

Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say said...

What do the STARS get for the Esposito "trade" ?...just an open roster spot ?

Lets Go STARS !!!

Yeti said...


I don't believe the Stars received any players in return (probably just a cash deal). Petey and Hanson are coming back soon, so the Stars needed to open up a roster spot like you mentioned.

Zena37 said...

Testing...Hi. Haven't ever commented, but thought I'd set this up, just in case. :) My name is Robbie. Yeti, I sit a few rows in front of you, down where MacAttack sits. Go Stars!!

StarzFan said...

Confusing process-E Blogger keeps telling me it can't process my request, but here on the blog my post name shows up. What did I do wrong?

MuskiesFan4Ever said...

Wow... haven't used my gmail account in a very long time. Almost couldn't remember the password.

PeruStarsFan said...

Glad to see whe have the blog back. I am hoping we can be positive and if we have to be a little negative, at least be constructive and not hateful. I am looking forward to a weekend of great hockey.

It is nice not having to enter my name everytime I post.

tzweeb said...

hey guys, thanks for letting us real fans get back to posting comments.
it didnt really bother me that we had to take a break to let cooler heads prevail.
cant make the friday night game for coach johnsons first home game as a star!!
will see you all on saturday!!

Starfish said...

Checking in

Yeti said...

Good to see so many familiar "faces" posting in this article. Glad that you all had no issues registering, and are leaving comments. Hope to see a lot more! If you're a lurker, don't be a stranger! Take a few minutes and register! You'll be glad you did.

Crazy Carl said...

Woot Woot, comments are back. I have a dang wedding friday and saturday, so i can't make it to either game. So i'm looking forward to seeing the summaries since i won't be able to watch or listen to the game.