Saturday, October 30, 2010

B³ Postgame Recap 10/29: Lincoln 2, Sioux Falls 7

The Stars didn't get a lot of help from the zebra's Friday night in Sioux Falls as they were blown out by the Stampede by a score of 7-2.  I'm not one to blame a loss on the officials,  but the referee in this matchup certainly played a part in this game and affected the outcome.  I've always been a proponent of the saying, "Good teams overcome bad calls," but this game was lunacy.  The Stampede were awarded 12 powerplay opportunities to just 2 for Lincoln, and the 'Pede scored on 4 of those 12 opportunities.  Due to being shorthanded for the majority of the game, the Stars were out-shot 48-26 Friday night.

I've watched enough hockey over the years to know that players will commit penalties during the game.  It's going to happen regardless of how disciplined a team is.  In this particular game, the Stampede were not whistled for a penalty in a 53 minute span during this game.  Over 53 minutes played without a penalty called against them!  How does that happen?  During those 53 minutes in which the entire Stampede roster were angels on the ice, the Stars were called for 8 penalties.  At the 1:28 mark of the first period, a SF player was whistled for tripping.  The next time a SF player would be whistled for a penalty would be with just 5 minutes remaining in the third period.  That's incredible.  I'm not sure I've ever seen that in the USHL. 

I'm not going to ramble on about this, but I wanted to at least try and make my point.  The Pointstreak boxscore does not list the name of the referee from last night's game (how convenient.)  He is only listed as "Default Referee."  I understand the USHL is a developmental league for officials as well as for players, but this is ridiculous.  12 powerplay opportunities to only 2.  Did one of the Lincoln coaches steal his girlfriend back in high school?  Did one of them kick his dog?  I don't get it.  It's almost as if the Stars had two opponents Friday night:  the Stampede, and Mr. Default Referee and his warped sense of judgement.

Scoring for the Stars last night was defenseman Cole Martin, who was actually playing forward last night due to the injuries of Garrett Peterson and Josh Berge.  Assisting on the goal from Martin was Jared Hanson and Jake Lynes.  Speaking of Garrett, it was reported by Mike Melbye before the game last night that Petey will be coming off the IR list, and should return to the lineup next weekend.  The other Stars goal was scored by Dominik Shine, with the lone assist going to Ryan Dzingel.  With that assist, Dzingel has extended his point scoring streak to all seven regular season games this season.  Dzingel is still the USHL leading scorer with 12 points (5g, 7a) in seven games played.

Stampede coach Kevin "Borat" Hartzell had a very interesting quote after this game.  Here's the quote from the newspaper article:

"Tonight was a good night, but frankly, we have a tougher opponent (in Fargo)," he said. "Our peer group is Fargo, Omaha and Sioux City. (Fargo) will be a hell of a challenge."

Hopefully the Stars see this quote and use it for some inspiration for the two home games next weekend.  It's hard to be a "tough opponent" when you spend nearly the entire game shorthanded, and barely get any PP chances.  The next game the Stars will play will be next Friday night  (11/5) at the IceBox against these same Sioux Falls Stampede.


Scott said...

Holy smokes. That's pretty crazy and interesting that the name of the official did not make the official box score. Never been much of a fan of Hartzell, but lets keep that in mind and see how things go this coming weekend with what will hopefully be a better officiated game.

jennp129 said...

Yep...I was at that game and it was aweful....the refs were definately NOT on our sides...i do believe the kids did what they had to and tried to overcome it but it didnt work out....Keep fighting boys you got it and people know you do....I did sit by some nice fans so it didnt the game too bad...Good luck this weekend.

lincolnstars said...

Most people would consider hooking and holding lazy penalties. Move your feet and stay in position. Cut off the angles boys. Go Stars!