Friday, October 1, 2010

B³ Live Blog - Lincoln Stars at Tri-City Storm 10/1

Lincoln Stars hockey is finally here!  Join us as we blog live during the first game of the regular season when the Stars travel to Kearney, NE to battle the Tri-City Storm.  If you aren't familiar with the CoverItLive software, it's very simple to use.  Around 6:45pm tonight, I will start the blog window below, allowing fans to chat with one another.  You don't need to register to chat.  Just type in your screen name and post a comment.  It's very easy.  See you around 6:45pm.  Go Stars!


MacAttack said...

will be at the game tonight. hope you all here on the blog have a great time. GO STARS!!!!

Yeti said...

w00t! Stars win in OT shootout, 4-3! I will be writing a postgame article soon, so stay tuned for that.

Go Stars!

nutz4puckz said...

A win!! Almost forgot what that felt like :-)

Good job boys!!

BellTolls said...

take a good look, cuz we NEVER saw this last year

MacAttack said...

just got finished reading all the posts from last night's live chat. there was a 3 Star selection at the game. Doc got the 3rd star, Mappin from TC the 2nd and Brockett the 1st.
it was a AWESOME game! Yea, we need some work here and there. Penalties almost kicked us in the backside but the kids didn't give up and that says a lot about this team.
Can't wait for next Friday and the opener at the IceBox!

Yeti said...


Yeah, I saw the "official" 3 stars of the game, which were picked by your buddy Skip Berry (Storm radio broadcaster). I chose not to post them here because of the obvious hometown bias. You wonder if Berry still thinks that the Stars only have two good players on the roster? Doc should have been the first star of the game, but I suppose Skip is entitled to his opinion...even when it's wrong. Typical homer.