Saturday, September 25, 2010

USHL Fall Classic: Lincoln Stars 3, Muskegon Lumberjacks 8

The Lincoln Stars will play their final game of the 2010 USHL Fall Classic Saturday afternoon when they faceoff against the expansion Muskegon Lumberjacks.  Puck drops at 4:00pm at the TEC.  The Stars are 0-2 in the Fall Classic, while the 'Jacks are a surprising 2-0.  I am hoping to blog live during this game, but it all depends on the wifi signal inside the TEC.  There was a good wifi signal Wednesday, but I had no signal on Thursday.  Check back here around 4:00pm to follow along.  If you do not see any updates from me after 4:00pm, you can assume that I don't have internet access.  Check the Pointstreak page to follow along online if that's the case.

Welcome!  The Stars are now warming up before their game against the Muskegon Lumberjacks.  Scratched for the Stars are Garrett Peterson, Josh Berge, Brad Wilhelm, Cole Martin, and Jared Hanson.  Hanson looks like his right hand is bandaged up, so I'm guessing he injured it in the fight he had in the Green Bay game on Thursday.  Kevin Murdock led the team onto the ice, so I am assuming he'll start in net.  There is a mystery player wearing #4 for the Stars today.  It could be forward Matt Esposito, formerly of the Chicago Steel.  There have been rumors floating around the past few days that the Stars acquired Esposito in a trade.  The Stars are the "home" team today, so they will be wearing their white jerseys.

First Period:
Here we go!  Kevin Murdock is starting in net for Lincoln.  Starting lineup for the Stars:  Prapavessis, Cecere, Scheid, Hervey, Shine.  17:07 remaining, and the Stars will go on the PK first.  Andrew Schmit with the penalty (hooking) for Lincoln.  Back to even-strength as the Stars did a great job killing the penalty.  Back and forth action so far.  Both teams have had some good chances, but no goals yet.  11:39 left in the period, and Muskegon strikes first.  1-0 Lumberjacks.  Stars defense was asleep on that one, and a Muskegon player broke in alone on Murdock and slipped a backhand shot past him.  9:05 remaining, and the shots on goal are Muskegon 7, Lincoln 3.  The Lumberjacks have controlled play for most of the period.  With 6:16 remaining, the Stars will go on the PP.  Holding penalty on Muskegon.  2:53 remaining, and the Stars are down 2-0.  Stars get sloppy in their own end again and the Lumberjacks capitalize with a rebound goal past Murdock..  Stars look slow and asleep thus far.  Goal!  1:05 remaining and Brent Tate scores a very nice goal for Lincoln.  Tate skated in alone, went to his backhand and roofed the shot.  Very nice goal.  Stars down 2-1.  End of the first period.  Austin Hervey received an elbowing penalty at the very end of the period, so the Stars will start the second on the PK.  2-1 Lumberjacks.  Shots on goal:  Muskegon 10, Lincoln 9

Second Period:  
Looks like Kevin Murdock is done for the day.  Lukas Hafner is now between the pipes for Lincoln.  Stars kill the Hervey penalty, although Muskegon hit a pipe.  15:55 remaining, and the Stars will go on the PP.  Muskegon whistled for holding.  Lumberjacks get a shorthanded breakaway, but Hafner makes the save.  11:23 remaining, and the Stars will go on the PP.  Esposito passed it to Dzingel who was skating in alone for the shot, but was dragged down from behind.  Dzingel got the shot off, but it was saved.  Muskegon kills the penalty.  8:54 remaining, and it will be Muskegon's turn on the PP.  Richie Coyne gets the penalty (elbowing).  Stars kill the penalty.  6:33 remaining, and the Lumberjacks score.  Goal-mouth scramble and the Stars now trail 3-1.  Ensuing faceoff, and we have a fight.  Andrew Schmit drops the gloves with a Muskegon player.  Not much of a fight, as both players fell to the ice within seconds.  4:20 remaining, and the Lumberjacks score again.  Muskegon had a 2-on-1, and Hafner saved the initial shot but gave up the rebound.  Stars down 4-1.  Goal!  1:44 left in the second period, and the Stars are within two goals.  Matt Prapavessis gets the goal for Lincoln.  Slapshot from the blue line gets past the Muskegon goaltender.  4-2 Muskegon.  1:08 remaining, and the Stars will go on the PP.  21.5 seconds remaining, and Muskegon scores a shorthanded goal to increase their lead to 5-2.  End of the second period .  Shots on goal:  Lincoln with 17 and Muskegon with 22.  Stars are not playing as well as they did against Green Bay this past Thursday.  Stars defense looks lost.

Third Period:
We're underway in the third.  17:35 remaining, and we have a number of penalties.  Brent Tate looked like he ran the Muskegon goaltender, which the Lumberjacks didn't like very much.  Tate gets a minor for roughing and a 10 minute misconduct.  Coincidental penalties so we'll play 5-on-5.  12:53 remaining and the Stars will go on the PK.  Hooking penalty on defenseman Chris Casto.  12:15 left in the period and Muskegon scores on the PP.  Slapshot gets past Hafner who looked like he was screened.  Muskegon leads 6-2.  8:41 remaining and the Stars still trail 6-2.  Stars have had a few more opportunities to score this period, but nothing is getting past the Muskegon goaltender.  Lumberjacks still look like they are a faster team than Lincoln to me (a common view the past few days in my opinion).  Goal!  6:38 remaining and Dominik Shine gets the goal for Lincoln.  Pretty move in close on the Muskegon goaltender gets the goal for Shine.  Stars down 6-3 now.  5:40 left in the third and the Stars will be on the PK.  New guy Matt Esposito gets the tripping penalty (weak call).  3:59 remaining and the Lumberjacks score on the PP.  Muskegon up 7-3 now.  Hafner was hung out to dry yet again by his defense.  'Jacks player was left all alone in front of the net for the easy one-timer.  Another penalty on Lincoln.  This time Kyle Quick gets the penalty for hooking.  2:24 remaining and Muskegon scores another PP goal.  Hafner had no chance on this one as it was deflected over his shoulder.  Great hand-eye coordination on that goal.  Stars down 8-3 now.  Another game that can't end soon enough.  We have a final.  Stars lose 8-3 to the expansion Muskegon Lumberjacks.

Stars finish winless at the Fall Classic with a 0-3 record.  Stars were outscored 20-7 in those three games.  In the last three games at the TEC, the Stars have been outscored 25-6.  Bleh.  Another long ride home to Lincoln for the Stars and their fans.  Thanks for reading, everybody.


Yeti said...

Well, I'm sitting inside the TEC with a good wifi signal, so I should be able to blog live during the Stars-Lumberjacks. The Green Bay Gamblers and the Youngstown Phantoms are about to drop the puck. Faceoff for the Stars game is at 4:00pm. Check back around 3:45pm for live updates.

nutz4puckz said...

Thanks Yeti for the updates. It would be nice to end the classic with a win going into the start of the season.

Enjoy the game!!

lincolnfan said...

agreed that we really could use a win here... it would greatly help out with the season starting this Friday. however, if we want a win, it sounds like the Stars are going to need to wake up... especially the defense. i don't know how many times in these preseason games Yeti has mentioned them leaving Hafner or Doc out to dry. also, penalties... i hate to single out and i won't mention names, and maybe it's just me.. but it seems like just a couple of players on the Stars have been responsible for a good portion of the penalty minutes the Stars have accumulated this preseason. we can't have that once the regular season starts, they need to play smarter.

PeruStarsFan said...

Stars fall, but I must say I saw some things from them I did not see all season last year. I did have to put up with some fans blaming the loss of Jimmy and how he has trashed the team since Chad started his leave of absence. Oh come on. Lincoln has been playing about two week less than the other teams. In checking the scores of other teams agains the Lumberjacks, Lincoln did fairly well. Muskegon is going to be a really tough team this year. If their intensity stays the same, I would expect to see them in the playoffs.

StarsHcky said...

Look i know the scores weren't very good this weekend, but we have to look on the bright side. They almost beat Tri-City last Thursday, they DID BEAT OMAHA! on Saturday and after a big loss on wednesday to cedar rapids (who by the way have supposedly had on ice practice for over a month now) they bounced back on thursday and almost beat Green Bay. I think one of the biggest things is that these other teams have been practicing a lot longer and are probably in a little bit better game shape than we are. I think we have to give the Stars some credit for their effort in all of the preseason games, and its too early to place the blame on anyone.

The guys will have a whole week of practice before their first regular season game on Friday in Kearney, so hopefully that will help the guys get used to playing together and get in a little bit better game shape and we will see what happens on Friday. Despite some of the scores in the preseason games, I hope to see a lot of Stars fans there!

Anonymous said...

AMEN to what StarsHcky said. Thanks for a great post. There is a lot of positive that has happened in these last 2 weeks.

MacAttack said...

Yeti and a few others have heard this but wanted to share it with the rest of the B3 Universe.

Friday morning I was sitting in the IBP Center waiting for the game between Des Moines and Tri City to start. A guy in a Tri-City jacket steps up to me and noticing my Stars cap say to me " Stars? they don't play here today" I said I was here to watch Tyler Deresky and Tucker Brockett, two former Stars. He says "so you're a hockey fan" I said yea. Then he proceeds to tell me he has been talking with the coaches and scouts and says " Lincoln will struggle this year because they only have 2 skilled players, Shine and Dzingel." He says "I like your goalie tandem. they will keep you in some games."

About this time another guy shows up and hands him a sheet with the players stats and calls him 'Skip' After the guy says enjoy the game, I check my program and don't see any one on the Tri-City staff with that name so I don't really think any more about it.

During the 2nd intermission, I stand up to stretch and as I am looking around, I spot this guy in the back row. Behind the tables for coaches and scouts and he has on headphones and is jabbering away into a microphone. And it dawned on me just who he was. Skip Berry, the director of media relations and the radio voice of the Storm. The same guy who the week before had bad mouthed the Stars players during the first exhibition game in Kearney.

So like I am going to believe anything he says?

MacAttack said...

now on to more pleasant things. I had such a great time at the Classic. Hanging out with my hockey friends, making new friends and watching hockey for 4 days was just awesome. For those of you who haven't done it yet, I urge you to go next year.
The only thing that would have made it better would have been a win or two by the Stars but hell, it's only exhibition. The real games start this Friday.

StarsHcky said...

Well i know i am going to believe what I see and what i have seen is that this team is capable of playing and beating some good teams... ie omaha. the team has had some great moments during the preseason that hopefully they can build on this week @ practice and make the tri city people eat their own words!