Wednesday, September 22, 2010

USHL Fall Classic: Lincoln Stars 0, Cedar Rapids Roughriders 7

The Lincoln Stars will begin the 2010 USHL Fall Classic on Wednesday afternoon when they faceoff against the Cedar Rapids Roughriders.  This game will take place at the Tyson Events Center at 4:00pm.  Like I mentioned earlier in the Fall Classic Preview article, I hope to be blogging live while this game is being played.  I will update this article during the game, so keep hitting refresh to follow along.  If you have any questions for me while the game is being played, please leave a comment below.  Click here for the Pointstreak boxscore  Go Stars!

Welcome!  I am sitting in the TEC waiting for the Stars to take the ice for their game against the Cedar Rapids Roughriders.  The Stars are wearing their black jerseys, the 'Riders are wearing  their white jerseys.  Scratches for Lincoln are Dominik Shine, Sam Alfieri, and Garrett Peterson.  The Stars will dress 8 defensemen for this game, which is a bit odd, imo.  I don't see defenseman Tyler Amburgey #4 on the scratch list, nor did I see him on the ice during warmups.  Breaking news today is that head coach Chad Johnson is taking an indefinite leave of absence due to a medial condition.  You can read more about that by clicking here.  We're about 5 minutes away from faceoff!  Stay tuned for more updates!

First Period:
Starting lineup for the Stars:  Murdock, Oskroba, Cecere, Hervey, Tate, and Scheid.  2 minutes in, and the Stars are controlling play in the Cedar Rapids end.  Good pressure by the Stars.  4 minutes in, and the Stars commit the first penalty....Richie Coyne for roughing.  Roughriders strike first on the PP.  1-0 Cedar Rapids over the Stars...15 minutes remaining in the first period.  Wow.  Roughriders score again, only a few seconds after the first goal.  2-0 Roughriders over the Stars.  14:30 remaining in the first period.  Past the halfway point of the first period, still 2-0 Cedar Rapids.  The 'Riders are starting to show how quick they are.  Murdock just made a nifty save on a CR 2-on-1.  Stars need to pick it up...started the period fast, but CR is playing better.  Cedar Rapids leads in shots on goal, 6-2.  4 minutes to go in the first period, and Cedar Rapids will go back on the PP.  Ryan Dzingel with the penalty (hooking).  Less than a minute remaining, still 2-0 CR.  End of the first period, Stars down 2-0 to the Roughriders.  Shots on goal:  Cedar Rapids 8, Lincoln 7.  Stars came out and looked very strong in the first five minutes, but faded as the period progressed.  Cedar Rapids controlled play for most of the period with their team speed.  The Stars had a few legit scoring chances, while Cedar Rapids had multiple chances.

Second Period:
Second period is underway.  McMinimy with a backhand scoring chance for the Stars early in the period.  CR comes right back with a goal past Kevin Murdock.  Score is now 3-0 Cedar Rapids over the Stars.  Murdock was beat high stick side.  Murdock responds a few minutes later with a point blank save.  Josh Berge comes in on a breakaway, gets the shot off but it is saved.  Berge draws a hooking penalty, and the Stars will be on the PP.  Stars don't score on the PP, but they put a ton of pressure on the CR goaltender.  12 minutes remaining in the second period, shots on goal are Lincoln with 12, and Cedar Rapids with 11.  8:28 remaining in the second period, and the Roughriders will go on the PP.  Stars penalty on Richie Coyne (holding).  Score is still 3-0 CR.  Stars kill the PP, but will go right back on the PK.  Stars penalty on Kyle Quick (holding).  Murdock with some huge saves on the PK so far.  3 minutes remaining in the second period, shots on goal are Cedar Rapids with 17, Lincoln with 15.  The Stars have had a hard time maintaining puck possession in this period.  This game could easily be 5-0 if it wasn't for some big saves by Murdock.  End of the second period, score is still 3-0 Cedar Rapids.  Shots on goal:  Cedar Rapids 20, Lincoln 16.   You can tell Cedar Rapids is a veteran-heavy team.  They are a much faster team than Lincoln.

Third Period:
Stars escaped a close one early on in the third period.  Murdock was down on the ice, and the puck laid just outside the goal line.  Close call.  16:27 left to go in the third period, and the Roughriders will go back on the PP.  Penalty on Jared Hanson (Interference).  CR scores on the PP, and the score is now 4-0.  Fluke deflection past the shoulder of Kevin Murdock.  Seconds after the goal, CR hits a pipe.  The Roughrider forwards are skating around the Stars d-men way too easily.  CR commits a penalty, and the Stars will go on the PP.  Stars PP is ineffective, and will be short.  Penalty on Cole Martin (tripping).  CR players are too quick for the Stars, and are drawing penalties.  Murdock with another point blank save.  Just impressed with the team speed of Cedar Rapids today.  10:17 to go in the period, and the Stars will go on the PP.  Defenseman Frank Misuraca was hit after the whistle, and draws the roughing penalty.  7:21 to go in the third period, and the score is now 5-0.  CR scores on a goal-mouth rebound.  The Stars could not get the puck out of their own zone.  This is getting ugly fast.  With 7 minutes remaining, Cedar Rapids scores on a 2-on-none, and the score is now 6-0.  No help at all for Kevin Murdock.  Shots on goal:  Cedar Rapids with 29, Lincoln with 21.  The Stars are getting out-worked, period.  Wow.  Cedar Rapids scores yet again on a goal-mouth scramble.  Cedar Rapids leads 7-0 with five minutes remaining in the third period.  This game cannot end soon enough.  Cedar Rapids forwards have skated around Lincoln d-men all afternoon.  Less than a minute remaining, and the Stars have had only a few legitimate scoring chances in this period.  That's a final, with Cedar Rapids getting the win, 7-0 over the Lincoln Stars.  Shots on goal for the game:  Lincoln 24, Cedar Rapids 32.  Kevin Murdock was visibly upset, and skated right to the bench, avoiding his teammates in the process.  Can't say I blame him at all.

Well, this was a very ugly game.  The Stars had no answer to the overall team speed of the Roughriders.  I can't count how many times that CR forwards beat Lincoln defensemen on the outside.  In the third period, I did not see much fight at all from the Stars.  Cedar Rapids was even more physical than Lincoln tonight, which was surprising to see.  This ice at the TEC has not been kind to Lincoln the past couple of games.  Before today, the last time the Stars played here was the very last regular season game last season in which they were beat 10-3 by the Sioux City Musketeers.  So in the past two games at TEC, the Stars have been outscored 17-3.  TEC is bad mojo for the Stars.

 I will do this again tomorrow evening at 6:00pm when the Stars battle the Green Bay Gamblers at the IBP Ice Center.  Thanks for reading, and I hope I didn't bore you all today.  Go Stars.


lincolnfan said...

wow, that article about Chad is also on the LJS. yes you heard me correctly, the LJS.

New Hockey Fan said...

Thanks for the updates, Yeti! Can't wait until Sat. Will you have some of the blog t-shirts available to buy?

StarsHcky said...

Off topic but there is a link to an article about Chris VandeVelde on the USHL website.

Anonymous said...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

tzweeb said...

nice updates... made me feel like i was at the game.. keep it up, your doing a great job!!

and yes i would like to get 4 of the B3 t-shirts.. i think this would be a great idea for a fund raiser to keep the site going... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey YETI, thanks for all that you do and we all appreciate your taking the time and posting the play-by-play so that we the fans can feel as though we are there also.

HPJustin said...

Anonymous @ 11:25, I'm guessing you're saying that Chad Johnson, who is not even in Sioux City, is the same as Jimmy McGoroaty, who coached the Cedar Rapids game? I'm not a Coach McG hater, but I think it's kind of ignorant to go and compare Johnson to McG?

Again, your comment is very vauge, so I'm not 100% that you're talking about that, but if you are, it's kind of an ignorant statement.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure I like how I blogged all that information yesterday during the game. I go back and read it and it just seems like a garbled, run-together mess. It's just difficult to watch the game and type out my thoughts without it looking messy.

As for t-shirts, I only had a couple made up for myself. I'm thinking about looking into a screen printer in Lincoln and getting some shirts made that would be available for purchase. We'll see.

I'm currently sitting in the TEC waiting for the Fargo Force-Muskegon Lumberjacks game. I'll probably camp out at the TEC most of the day, and then head over to the IBP later this afternoon to watch the Stars play the Gamblers.

I'm also going to be posting some pictures from the Stars-Roughriders game very soon. Keep an eye out for that.

lincolnfan said...

HPJustin -

I could be wrong, but I believe all Anonymous @ 11:25 was implying was that McGroarty is going to basically be filling in as the "head coach" until Johnson returns... so he will still basically be our head coach (like last year) for now, until Johnson returns from his leave of absence. Again, I could be wrong, but I don't think it was meant to be a mean/ignorant/insulting comment.

Anonymous said...

do we know a time table for how long Johnson is gonna be sidelined? and the severity of his condition?