Thursday, September 9, 2010

UNO Mavericks Road Show/Select-A-Seat Night at the Ice Box

Thanks to the blog reader who brought this to my attention today.  I appreciate it.

This news article was just posted on the official Lincoln Stars website. Here's the quote from the article:

 Join us from 5:30-7pm on Tuesday, September 14th at the Ice Box for the "UNO Mavericks Road Show"/Ice Box Open House. The event will be held in the new North Zone area (formerly the Stage). Scheduled to attend are University of Nebraska-Omaha Head Coach Dean Blais, Athletic Director Trev Alberts, former Lincoln Star, Nick Fohr and members of the Lincoln Stars coaching staff. Maverick promotional items will be available as well as information regarding their upcoming 2010-11 season.
This will be a great opportunity for fans to view the new North Zone and inquire about available seating in this area. If you don't have season tickets for the Stars' upcoming season, available seats will be marked throughout the Ice Box for selection. Choose your seats and take advantage of our three or six-month installment plans. As an added bonus, anyone that purchases new season tickets at this event will receive a $50 gift card to Heidelberg's Sports Bar. 
Very surprised, but happy to see this! Nice to see the Stars organization partner up with UNO hockey also. I think this could be a very fun event to attend.  Click here for more information about the UNO Mavericks Road Show.  I attended my first UNO hockey game last season, and I had a blast.  It's a totally different environment at the Qwest Center compared to the IceBox, but the games are a lot of fun.  This sounds like a great opportunity to introduce Lincoln hockey fans, who might otherwise not know a lot about the Mavs, to UNO hockey.  Of course, it will also be nice to see the new "North Zone" area after all the construction that has taken place.


StarsHcky said...

Anyone planning on going to this? Sounds like it could be fun.

Yeti said...

I plan on being there. Looking forward to it!

MacAttack said...

me too! I want to check out the new seating on the stage

OmahaHockeyTalk said...

Interesting promotion for UNO who has branded themselves as "Omaha's Team". Though they've got some names coming to Omaha this year that are likely to draw extra interest.

Matt said...


not sure if its found your inbox, or you seen it online...but Ryan Potulny has signed on with the Chicago Blackhacks

Yeti said...


I posted that information about three days ago on the B³ Twitter page. You should should see it listed on the right side of this page under the Twitter window. Good new for sure for Potulny! H

Yeti said...

Just so people are aware, you will not be able to pick up your season tickets if you show up to this event. I've had a few people email me asking if season tickets would be made available the night of the 14th. I believe the Stars will have those season tickets available for pick-up the week after the Fall Classic. If you have questions, I would recommend calling the Stars ticket office at (402)474-7827, ext. 1

Yeti said...

Had a great time at the UNO Road Show tonight. Seemed like a good amount of Stars fans showed up. UNO gave away a lot of free stuff, plus they are offering a four game season package of UNO hockey games that don't conflict with Lincoln Stars games. That package is just for Stars fans, which I thought was a cool way to reach out to the hockey fans in Lincoln. I got introduced to Dean Blais and Mike Hastings, which was pretty cool. Chad Johnson and Andy Schneider were in attendance. Former Husker, and current UNO AD, Trev Alberts was there also.

The new north zone area of the IceBox is pretty nice. I think a lot of fans will be interested once they see it in person at the games.