Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Classic Game Photos: Stars vs. Gamblers 9/23

Thanks once again to blog reader "Crazy Carl" for taking these great pictures and letting me use them on the blog.  Much appreciated!

Stars goaltender Lukas Hafner is surrounded by his teammates.
Brent Tate dropping bombs.
Ryan Dzingel scores!
Andrew Schmit scores!
John McCarron scores!
Jared Hanson completing the "Gordie Howe hat trick."
Game over.


Yeti said...

Just wanted to let the fans out there know that the player pictures are on the Stars website. You can now put a face to the names and numbers.

Copy and paste the link below, and then click on the player names to see the pictures.

lincolnfan said...

anyone listen to Jimmy and Andy on ESPN1480 today? it was very interesting listening to them... basically said we're getting better with each game. unfortunately they didn't really talk much about Chad; only that they're hoping for a quick recovery and hoping for him to be back soon.. said that the team is in good hands and it will be a smooth transition when he does return. it would be nice to know if Chad is going to be gone for a week, a month, or half the season... but i have no idea. i do feel very confident about this year's team though, and think that our team will do well with Jimmy and Andy until Chad returns.

StarsHcky said...

Anything else good mentioned on the radio today? In sioux city and couldn't listen!