Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brandon Bollig Participates in NHL Rookie Tournament

MORRIS LAMONT/ The London Free Press

That guy in the Chicago Blackhawks jersey looks familiar, eh?

Yes, that's former Lincoln Stars forward Brandon Bollig participating in a recent NHL Rookie Tournament which was held this past week in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Bollig, who recently signed a two-year contract with the NHL Chicago Blackhawks, is seen here dropping the gloves with Ryan Schnell of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Schnell is a former USHL guy himself, having played previously for the Chicago Steel.  Schnell and Bollig fought each other at the IceBox a few years ago, if I recall correctly.  Great to see Bollig fighting (pun intended) for a NHL roster spot on the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks. 

Click here to view more pictures of Brandon in action.


tzweeb said...

hey it looks like in the 4th picture brandon is scoring, but might be off a skate tip in.. hard to tell from a still picture.. if they had a real good BA then maybe we could tell!!!!
and i want to find a video link of his fight...?? anyone??

Anonymous said...

hey yeti, did you see that brent wagner actually has an article up on the stars? nice of him and the lincoln journal star to finally remember us. no articles for months and now one article all of a sudden. better than nothing i guess. i thought brent quit or just stopped writing about the Stars. still like get all my Stars news here though. screw the journal star.

-bill in section c

Yeti said...


Yes, I saw the article. Like others, I just assumed that the LJS decided to stop reporting news on the Stars. We haven't seen anything from Brent and the LJS since last March or April. Glad to know that the local paper hasn't given up on the Stars. Here at the B³, we're just a fan blog, so we can only do so much. We're continuing to grow, however...and that's the important thing. We'll always be here reporting anything and everything about the best hockey team in the USHL. :)

Yeti said...


I looked online for a video to Bollig's fight, but I haven't found one. I'll be sure to post it here if one exists.

BellTolls said...

I enjoyed reading the article this morning...unfortunately I already knew everything in the article and perhaps more from just being on this blog, which is pretty pathetic for a fan's blog to be able to do that. The only thing I found remotely new information is that Petey is out probably until late-October.

layla said...

Did they forget about Misuraca? The article listed the returners but not him. Can't see the stars dropping our only returning D and I haven't heard about him leaving. Guess they figured he only played 10 games so he doesn't count as a vet?