Saturday, September 18, 2010

B³ Postgame Recap 9/18: Lincoln 4, Omaha 3 OT

The Lincoln Stars won their first preseason game of the 2010-11 season Saturday night with a hard-fought 4-3 overtime victory over the Omaha Lancers in Omaha.  I did not attend this game, so I can only go by what Pointstreak says.  Click here to view the Poinstreak boxscore for this game.  Quality road win tonight against a very good Lancers team.  This should be a great confidence booster for the Stars before they head to Sioux City next Wednesday to begin play in the USHL Fall Classic.

The Lancers got off to a 1-0 lead when Seth Ambroz scored a PP goal with less than two minutes remaining in the first period.  The Stars would not skate to the first intermission quietly, as forward Josh Berge scored with only two second remaining in the first period to knot the game at 1-1.  Jake Lynes and John McCarron got the assists on the goal by Berge.  In the second period, the Stars came alive with two quick goals.  First, Sam Alfieri scored at the 9:20 mark to make it 2-1 Stars, with assists coming from Jared Hanson and Cole Martin.  Just 13 seconds later, Jake Lynes scored to give the Stars a two goal lead at 3-1.  Josh Berge and Jeff McMinimy were awarded assists on the goal by Lynes.

In the third period, it was all Lancers.  Ryan Daugherty scored a PP goal roughly six minutes into the third period to bring the Lancers within one goal at 3-2.  Omaha's mastery of the powerplay continued about five minutes later when Seth Ambroz potted his second PP goal of the game to tie the game up at 3-3.  In the third period the Lancers outshot the Stars, 14-7.  The third period also got very chippy as three fights took place.  Brent Tate, Ben Oskroba, and John McCarron all dropped the mitts for Lincoln.

In the overtime period, the Stars outshot the Lancers 4-1, but neither team could find the back of the net.  As the overtime concluded, the game went to a shootout, with the Stars scoring three times and the Lancers scoring none.  Josh Berge, Matt Prapavessis, and Eric Scheid all scored in the shootout to give the Stars their first preseason win, and early bragging rights against the Omaha Lancers.  Stars goaltender Lukas Hafner saved all three shots he saw in the shootout to seal the victory.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from all the Stars fans who were in attendance tonight.  Please leave your comments below.

Go Stars!


Anonymous said...

does anyone know if McG was there coaching tonight?

Yeti said...

BTW, the scratches tonight were:

#3 Richie Coyne (D)
#16 Dominik Shine (F)
#18 Ryan Dinzgel (F)
#19 Garrett Peterson (F)

As stated previously, Petey will probably be out until late October while he recovers from shoulder surgery.

Yeti said...

Pointstreak boxscore also states that the attendance was only 556. So much for us worrying that it would sellout.

Janet said...

OMG -- what a game! Kudos to the guys; only a few practices and the improvement from Thursday to tonight was very evident. I thought they played well Thursday night; but wow, tonight they came out on fire! It was a great game from beginning to end.

Quite a few STARS fans were there and most of us sat together first row center ice. It was great to win in a shootout; when was the last time that happened??? There were three fights one after another; and that was exciting.

Can't wait to head up to Sioux City Wednesday. Looks to be a promising season. Very impressed with what I've seen in both the exhibition games. Best of luck in Sioux City. Go STARS!!!

BellTolls said...

wow, that's pathetic. I hope Omaha paid more to rent out the rink than they made off ticket sales. If they'd allowed ticket sales beforehand and online, no doubt in my mind Stars fans would have eaten them up. too bad, so sad.

StarsHcky said...

McGroarty was coaching tonight. And Kacper Guzik was also a scratch. I thought it was a great game. They came out fast in the first, compared to Thursday night in TC. They all played hard and fought for the puck. There were a couple times that we had more control of the puck than the Lancers did. 2nd period was a great period and they just kept plugging away and they played basically neck in neck with eachother until we scored our 2 goals in a row. The 3rd period wasnt as pretty, obviously, by looking @ the box score, but in the end they fought hard enough to take in to OT where they played much better. And the SO was great!

The Lancers did an great job on their penalty kill so we really didnt get much opportunity on that, and our PK didnt seem as good tonight although you have to give it to the Lancers, they had some great goals. Also the fights werent too exciting as far as fights go. Although its always great to have 3 fights in a row, especially when you are playing Omaha.

Will update again if I think of anything else, but mostly just amazed about how much better they have gotten in such a short period of time between thrusday and tonight. Cant wait to see what this group of guys can do in Sioux City, hopefully we can actually win some this year! Also we won in a shootout! That hasnt happened in a while!

Go Stars and cant wait until SIoux City!

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comments, Janet and StarsHcky! Much appreciated!

You are both correct...shootouts haven't been kind to Lincoln the last few seasons.

Anonymous said...

just thought it was a little odd that McG wasn't at the game in Kearny. Thanks!

Yeti said...

Anon...I was told by the Stars that McG was on the road recruiting this last week.

Yeti said...

BTW, the three stars of the game were:

1ST STAR: Berge, Josh (LIN)
2ND STAR: Ambroz, Seth (OMA)
3RD STAR: Lynes, Jake (LIN)

Yeti said...

I found the Oskroba-Hughes fight on youtube. Couldn't find a video for any of the other two fights.

Click here to watch the video.


Yeti said...

Actually, I'm not sure now which fight video that is. It says "Daugherty vs. Oskroba," but Oskroba fought Mitch Hughes. John McCarron fought Ryan Dougherty. The quality of the video isn't the greatest, so it's impossible for me to tell what numbers they are wearing.

For anyone who was there...which fight is that?

Anonymous said...

The video is McCarron and Daugherty. I was at the game last night and it was great to see our guys stand up for themselves and their team! It looks like we have a lot of big guys on D and more than a few offensive stars. Can't wait to see what happens this year!

Beadman said...

That would be the 3rd fight between Daugherty and McCarron

Yeti said...

Anon and Beadman...thanks for the clarification. That's who I thought it might be but I wasn't sure. Even though McCarron got the takedown, looks like Daugherty landed more shots and got the win.

Yeti said...

I received confirmation today that Stars futures draft pick Brad Hawkinson played in the exhibition game last night against Omaha. He wore #12, which was worn in the TC game by Kacper Guzik. The Pointstreak boxscore is incorrect, as it shows that Guzik played in the game. Just wanted to clarify that.

Anonymous said...

can some correct the video, to put proper name on it. So we know who's fighting.

Yeti said...


I don't know who recorded it. It appears it's a Lancers fan. We all know who is fighting in the video...McCarron and Daugherty.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln Stars will be in the playoff. Number 8 will be the best D on the team.

Anonymous said...

I am a Lancer fan, but come in peace. This may end up as 3 posts

First off, obviously I did not see the Lincoln/TC game, but based on what I read, it appeared that Lincoln really improved in the few days they had between games. Especially considering guys like Shine and Dzingle weren't in the lineup and obviously Peterson with his injury.

I will start with the goalies. Chris Holden was starting for Omaha, with Murdock starting for Lincoln. Both guys had a good first period, it easily could have been 0-0 after the first period. According to pointstreak Murdock did not face a shot in the 2nd period before he came out halfway through. Just about halfway through the 2nd period, both teams switched goalies at the same time. After giving up a goal on the first shot Keeney rebounded and finished the game pretty well. Hafner played well for Lincoln, even though he gave up two goals in the 3rd. Both were PP goals for Omaha, and there was a lot of traffic down in front, for one if not both of those goals. Also, it was fun watching the battle between Murdock and big guys like Ambroz and Daugherty down in front of him. He does not let a guy camp out and screen him, if you do you will have some sore legs and a bruised back in the morning. Gotta love when a goalie doesn't let that happen.

Anonymous said...

Part II:

Now for the goals: My memory is struggling so if I messed something up feel free to correct me. The Lancers had a late PP goal, and it was a nice deflection/screen by Ambroz standing right in front of Murdock, he deflected it real late and it went 5-hole on Murdock if I remember. The Lincoln goal, it was tough for me to see, I was sitting on the other blue line, it appeared to get re-directed in by Berge, but when I think of Berge, I dont think of a big banger that stands down in front, so I was surprised when I heard he got the goal. Lincoln scored the only goals in the 2nd period (two). The first one was right before Holden got pulled, it was pretty soft (no bias), I dont know if the puck even got an inch of the ground, it got past Holden 5-hole, he didn't get his stick on the ice and it got in. The 2nd goal was 13 seconds after Keeney came in, Lynes went behind the net for a wrap-around and Keeney did some weird "Poke Check", but he didn't really poke it, he just whipped his stick way out, almost parallel to the goal line, Lynes avoided it and put it in right between the post and Keeney's right pad. In the 3rd, Omaha had the only two goals, and they tied it up. Both power play goals were a result of guys just banging around down in front, I believe both goals were just rebounds that got chipped in. For the shootout, the first goal Keeney made the save but slid into the net, then the second one he made the save and it rolled in under his pad. Omaha's Crandall went to the back hand and had Hafner beat but hit the cross bar, Miller wasn't close, and Ambroz decided to take a wrist shot point blank and it went right into Hafner's chest. Also, I dont know if the USHL is different, but Berge was penalized with a few seconds left in OT, but he got to shoot, I know in NCAA you cant shoot in the shootout if you're in the box to end OT.

For the mini-gongshow that broke out in the 3rd, not the most exciting fights. The first one, was a '93 in Downing standing up for himself against Tate. Honestly, take that with a grain of salt, because I didnt personally see what happened, but someone behind me said that Tate got a "cheap" one in on Downing (some fans think any hit is cheap). I knew Tate would take it, I have seen him fight a few times, and I'm sure this was one of Downing's first fights ever. I was glad he stood up for himself, if he was really cheap shotted. The second fight was probably the best one, again another new Lancer Mitch Hughes (wears #24, maybe was trying to fill Ludwigs shoes), he dropped them with Oskroba, it went on for a pretty long time and both guys got some good shots in, I think Hughes ended up getting taken down but I would call it a draw. The final one was Daugherty vs McCarron (Glad to have Daugherty back, he was not at the game vs TC), and this one has been posted above by Yeti.

Yeti said...

Wow. Great recap! Thanks so much!