Thursday, September 30, 2010

B³ Meet the 2010-11 Lincoln Stars

We did this last year, so I thought we'd do it again for the fans out there who might not know a lot about this team and want to learn a little more.  It's also nice to put a face to the names and numbers the fans see on the back of jerseys.  Here we go!


#1 Kevin Murdock
5'10", 180 pounds
DOB:  8/28/90
Hometown:  Bradenton, FL
Previous team: Univ. of Minnesota-Mankato
2009-10 stats:  1-3 record, 3.46 GAA, .895 S%

#29 Lukas Hafner
6'0", 200 pounds
DOB:  2/6/92
Hometown:  Toledo, OH
Previous team:  Marquette Rangers (NAHL)
2009-10 stats:  11-6 record, 2.07 GAA, .938 S%


#3 Richie Coyne
6'2", 190 pounds
DOB:  7/22/91
Hometown:  Cave Creek, AZ
Previous team:  Chicago Steel (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  9 points (2g, 7a), 60 PIM's in 43 games

#6 Chris Casto
6'1", 210 pounds
DOB:  12/27/91
Hometown:  Stillwater, MN
Previous team:  Hill-Murray Pioneers High School
2009-10 stats:  33 points (14g, 19a), 22 PIM's in 31 games
College commitment:  University of Minnesota-Duluth

#7 Matt Prapavessis
6'1", 195
DOB:  6/1/91
Hometown:  Oakville, Ontario 
Previous team:  Mississauga Chargers (OJHL)
2009-10 stats:  43 points (8g, 35a), 42 PIM's in 49 games

#8 Ben Oskroba
6'5", 225 pounds
DOB:  8/4/90
Hometown:  Tempe, AZ
Previous team:  Walpole Express (AJHL)
2009-10 stats:  30 points (17g, 13a), 78 PIM's in 42 games
College commitment:  Northeastern University

#14 Nick Cecere
6'0", 190 pounds
DOB:  10/12/90
Hometown:  Des Moines, IA
Previous team:  Alberni Valley Bulldogs (BCHL)
2009-10 stats:  11 points (2g, 9a), 39 PIM's in 60 games
College commitment:  Michigan Tech University

#20 Kyle Quick
6'1", 180 pounds
DOB:  3/13/91
Hometown:  Buffalo, NY
Previous team:  Avon Old Farms (prep school)
2009-10 stats:  24 points (3g, 21a) in 24 games
College commitment:  Brown University

#26 Frank Misuraca
5'11", 195 pounds
DOB:  9/6/91
Hometown:  Clinton Township, MI
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  2 points (2a), 4 PIM's in 10 games

#27 Cole Martin
6'0", 160 pounds
DOB:  3/15/94
Hometown:  Arlington, TX
Previous team:  Team Illinois (MM)
2009-10 stats:  16 points (1g, 15a), 36 PIM's in 31 games


#9 John McCarron
6'3", 215 pounds
DOB:  4/16/92
Hometown:  Macomb, MI
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  26 points (7g, 19a), 114 PIM's in 58 games
College commitment:  Cornell University

#10 Sam Alfieri
5'10", 170 pounds
DOB:  3/10/91
Hometown:  Buffalo, NY
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  25 points (11g, 14a), 41 PIM's in 56 games
College commitment:  Niagara University

#11 Bradley Wilhelm
6'0", 170 pounds
DOB:  6/19/92
Hometown:  Carmel, IN
Previous team:  Detroit Catholic High School
2009-10 stats:  15 points (9g, 6a) in 16 games

#13 Brent Tate
6'2", 180 pounds
DOB:  11/5/91
Hometown:  Canton, MI
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  0 points, 67 PIM's in 23 games

#15 Jake Lynes
6'3", 180 pounds
DOB:  10/12/91
Hometown:  Ellicott City, MD
Previous team:  Team Maryland (U-18)
2009-10 stats:  109 points (66g, 43a), 50 PIM's in 73 games

#16 Dominik Shine
5'11", 165 pounds
DOB:  4/18/93
Hometown:  Pinkney, MI
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  29 points (15g, 14a), 165 PIM's in 54 games
College commitment:  Ohio State University

#18 Ryan Dzingel
6'0", 180 pounds
DOB:  3/9/92
Hometown:  Wheaton, IL
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  26 points (11g, 15a), 38 PIM's in 36 games
College commitment:  Ohio State University

#19 Garrett Peterson
5'11", 190 pounds
DOB:  9/13/91
Hometown:  Manhattan, IL
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  15 points (6g, 9a), 120 PIM's in 56 games
College commitment:  Notre Dame University

#21 Josh Berge
5'9", 160 pounds
DOB:  3/19/90
Hometown:  Oklahoma City, OK
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  20 points (4g, 16a), 30 PIM's in 35 games

#22 Andrew Schmit
6'4", 220 pounds
DOB:  8/22/91
Hometown:  Grafton, WI
Previous team:  Chicago Steel (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  8 points (3g, 5a), 70 PIM's in 45 games

#23 Eric Scheid
5'10", 165 pounds
DOB:  5/5/92
Hometown:  Blaine, MN
Previous team:  Blaine Bengals (high school)
2009-10 stats:  55 points (23g, 32a) in 30 games
College commitment:  University of Alaska-Anchorage

#24 Jared Hanson
6'0", 185 pounds
DOB:  1/24/93
Hometown:  Palmer, AK
Previous team:  Team Illinois (MM)
2009-10 stats:  15 points (3g, 12a), 20 PIM's in 17 games

#25 Austin Hervey
6'2", 220 pounds
DOB:  12/31/92
Hometown:  Brighton, MI
Previous team:  Team USA U-17 (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  2 points (1g, 1a), 4 PIM's in 11 games
College commitment:  Western Michigan University

#4 Matt Esposito
6'0" 170 pounds
DOB:  9/16/92
Hometown:  Fayetteville, NY
Previous team:  Chicago Steel (USHL)
2009-10 stats:  7 points (2g, 5a), 13 PIM's in 25 games

#17 Teemu Tiitinen
5'11", 180 pounds
DOB:  1/1/92
Hometown:  Suwanee, GA
Previous team:  Dallas Stars U-18 (MM)
2009-10 stats:  38 points (22g, 16a), 66 PIM's in 48 games


Yeti said...

Please let me know if any corrections need to be made to this article, especially college commitments. Thanks.

Yeti said...

From the Lincoln Stars facebook page:

"Stars Kevin Murdock, Ryan Dzingel and Asst. Coach Andy Scheider will be on 1480 KLMS today at 5pm. Tune in or listen online at"

Go to this link and click the "Listen Live" link on the main page.

New Hockey Fan said...

What happened to Kacper Guzik? I only heard about McMiminy being released. When did we add Tiitinen? Was he a trade?

Yeti said...

According to Brent Wagner of the LJS, Guzik was released to make room for Tiitinen. Each USHL team can roster no more than 2 imports (players from other countries). Prapavessis is one import, and Guzik was the other. Tiitinen is originally from Finland, so I am guessing he still counts as an import even though his hometown is listed as Suwanee, Georgia.

I was under the assumption that high school players on the team couldn't be cut, but apparently I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at them and see how many are here in two months!

nutz4puckz said...

Thanks for the writeup on the team, nice to be able to see the face with the name as you say. Just one week from the home opener!!

Anonymous said...

Who are the goal scorers? Starter in the net?Which defenseman is the one to watch? Transplant from the east coast looking for help
on this team!!!

Yeti said...

Anon @ 3:38pm,

Thanks for the comment. Glad you have found this blog.

As for the returners from last season, you can expect to see players such as Josh Berge, Dominik Shine, Ryan Dzingel, Garrett Peterson, and John McCarron all contribute offensively. That's doesn't mean that the "rookie" forwards on the team are not goal scorers. It's a little early to tell which of the new players will step up and be big time point getters. The five forwards I mentioned above all have some good USHL experience under their belts, so they should come out this season and play well.

Kevin Murdock is the concensus starter in net, but Lukas Hafner has really impressed me the times that I have seen him play live. Both are capable and talented enough to win games by themselves.

On defense, the Stars return one player, Frank Misuraca. Misuraca only played 10 games for the Stars last season, so he is still very much a "rookie." I think the core group of d-men on the team are very talented, and I'm excited to see them progress over the season. There might some initial growing pains at the start of the season, but I believe you'll see all of them acclimate and become very good players and the season goes along.