Thursday, September 16, 2010

B³ Postgame Report - Lincoln Stars vs. Tri-City Storm 9/16

The Lincoln Stars dropped their exhibition opener to the Tri-City Storm 3-2 on Thursday night in Kearney.

Richie Coyne and Dominik Shine scored goals for the Stars. Cody Murphy had two goals for the Storm, while Jason Binkley had the gamewinner.

Stars' goaltender Lukas Hafner made 19 saves on 20 shots, while Kevin Murdock saved 18 of 20 shots. Lincoln was outshot 40-13 in the game, which was Tri-City's second exhibition game.

Lincoln's first goal came on a slapshot from Coyne after a good rush up ice. Jared Hanson and Jake Lynes assisted on it. Dominik Shine scored in the third period with an extra attacker on the ice. Tyler Amburgey got the apple.

First question I have is how did Tri-City score :01 into the 3rd period? Surely that must be another Pointstreak mistake? It lists two assists as well, which is impossible for three guys to touch a puck off a faceoff and score in one second. I know Yeti will be able to get on here and give his thoughts and opinions later, since he was at the game. A box score and the Tri-City radio announcer really don't tell us anything significant about how individual players fared on the ice.

The only thing I can say is our goaltending appears to be significantly better than last year. We shouldn't expect anything from the first exhibition game, especially with four veterans scratched, but I was encouraged by the final score, even though the shots on goal indicate Tri-City significantly outplayed us. The boys just need to get to know each other, and it will take time.


BellTolls said...

Storm score 7:12 into the 1st period.

Stars trail 1-0.

BellTolls said...

Lincoln picks up their second penalty of the game already.

Tri-City outshooting Lincoln 8-1 so far.

BellTolls said...

Score for the good guys!

Nice buildup from Hanson, Berge, Lynes and Coyne.

Coyne gets credit for the goal, Hanson and Berge the assists. good traffic in front of the net helped the goal in.

1-1. Stars being outshot 13-3.

BellTolls said...

End of the 1st:

Tri-City 1, Lincoln 1

SOG: Tri-City 13, Lincoln 6

PIM: Tri-City 4, Lincoln 10

Layla said...

PS has Scheids as one of our scratches and Misuraca playing.

BellTolls said...

Yeah, Layla, I saw that. But Yeti is there and he said Scheid is suited up and Misuraca is not. And I heard TC's radio guy mention Scheid too, so I guess Pointstreak is wrong.

Layla said...

gee, that never happens LOL

BellTolls said...

TC goaltender Steven Bolton is doing color commentary and he said Lincoln is definitely a big team with lots of guys that can hit.

BellTolls said...

Doc comes into the game with the score still 1-1.

Tri-City outshooting Lincoln 20-6. Hafner made 19 saves on 20 shots, not a bad debut at all, considering Lincoln got dominated for the most part in his 30 minutes of action.

Scheid just hit the post.

BellTolls said...

great save by Doc!

BellTolls said...

Tri-City just scored to make it 2-1, and I've got to run. Hopefully the Stars can work to get back in this one.

BellTolls said...

Stars fall 3-2 to Tri-City.

Yeti said...

Wow, the Pointstreak boxscore is completly screwed up. TC did not score 1 second into the third period. The game winning goal came in the OT period. I believe Jake Lynes assisted on Coyne's first period goal. Poinstreak has Shine scoring the second Lincoln goal, but I thought it was Dzingel who got that one. It was a fluke deflection in front of the TC net. A TC defenseman deflected the puck past his own goaltender.

Despite the disparity of shots on goal, the Stars didn't play that bad. Considering that TC has been practicing together for two weeks now on ice, and have already played one other preseason game, I thought the Stars played pretty decent. TC controlled the puck most of this game, but the Stars had their moments also. Lincoln outplayed the Storm the last few minutes of the third period (they hit the crossbar with :30 remaining), and in OT. The game winning goal came on a prayer slapshot near the blueline that Murdock was screened on. He never saw it.

Like BT mentioned, the goaltenders (Hafner, Murdock) played outstanding. TC came out very strong and Hafner made a number of tough saves. Murdock was busy also, and made some incredible, highlight reel saves in the second period. Without those two playing as well as they did, it could have been a 6-2 type of score.

Really was impressed with the pay of Kacper Guzik last night. He didn't generate a ton of offensive chances, but the guy hit anything that moved and he was always hustling. Coyne had the first goal, and I thought he stood out as well. He moves really well for a big guy.

Sometime today or tonight, I'm going to type out a quick preview for the Omaha preseason game which is being played tomorrow (9/18) evening. If you go to the Omaha Lancers website, they are now saying only the first 850 fans who buy tickets will get into the game. Previously, they had said 1,000.

StarsHcky said...

I obviously thought Dzingel and shine looked great as well as both goalies. Another player that stood out to me was brad wilhelm. Thought he played good on both ends of the ice. Thought the stars played great last night considering the lack of practice time before

Davvolun said...

Found it interesting that Guzik knelt and crossed himself when he came on the ice at the beginning of every period. Pretty cool tradition, must be Catholic?

Has anybody picked out a new favorite player yet, who they're secretly hoping will stand out?

Thought Doc made some really great saves; Hafner looked pretty good too, though maybe a little stiff so far. I'm hoping we don't have the goalie carousel though. Even if both goalies are great (which they both seem pretty good so far), I think we need a "main" goalie and a "backup" goalie, instead of previous go-with-whoever's-hot strategies. Inevitably those strategies end up cooling off both goalies.

Anonymous said...

FYI - For those who love to bash Pointstreak for screwing up, and how it is no surprise that they do. Please remember that "Pointstreak" stats are entered by an off-ice official of the home team (I believe Steve Zoucha and Jim Pflug do this most of the time for the Stars) in real time, and they do not always have the best vantage point. Nor do they always get proper information from the visiting team, or the referee, who is the one who tells them who scored and assisted on goals.

BellTolls said...

Not trying to bash on the Pointstreak operators, Anon. But you would think they would notice something wrong with a team scoring a goal :01 into the 3rd period when it was actually scored in overtime...whoever was operating the software just must have known how to add an overtime period.

Anonymous said...

I'll send yeti some photos from the game tonight


Yeti said...

Thanks, BA. I will make sure to put them on the blog when I get them.

PeruStarsFan said...

It was a very good game. My wife and I had a great time at the game, and saw some things that were very uplifting about the team. Although they did not get a lot of shots off, the ice presence was very good. They were playing as a team and not individuals, and the D was really hustling. They did not leave Doc and Haf hanging out to dry. There was one save that everyone really got in the act for. The puck either hit Doc in the head or just off the knob of the stick. In settled between Doc and the goal line. Doc was able to sweep it away, while the D kept the TC players away from him, and it.

Awesome game. Great Start for only having a few practices.