Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Know You're a Lincoln Stars Fan When....

All right, Stars fans. Let's get it started. Give it your best comedy routine, or be painfully truthful. Either works! I'll try and get it started.....


Please leave your comments below!  Thanks!


BellTolls said...

When you'd rather have the day be Tuesday instead of Friday at work on a week when the Stars at home on Tuesday and off on Friday.

When your vacation days at work are spent on tryouts, the Fall Classic and road trips to Green Bay and Indiana.

When your significant other says you're becoming a hermit because you'd rather sit by a radio on a weekend night instead of going out.

When the concession ladies know your beer of choice.

When you drop the term "Counciltucky" and no one around you at work knows what you're talking about

Yeti said...

"When the concession ladies know your beer of choice."

Guilty! Hahaha. I tip them well though.

When you hear "For Whom The Bell Tolls" on the radio, you instantly think of the IceBox introductions and the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

When you hear "The Heat is On" you feel like punching someone. Hard.

When you tell your family or friends you can't make a Friday or Saturday night get-together because you're going to "church" (IceBox) that night.

When the smell of stinky hockey gear from your seats at the IceBox actually makes you smile.

When you spend countless hours in front of your laptop updating a blog devoted to the Stars. What a loser that guy is. :)

This should be good. Can't wait to hear others!

Anonymous said...

when you hear a cow bell and your first reaction is "he shoots, he scores, hey goalie you suck!"

starstruck said...

Your closet is overtaken by Stars gear - jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, caps...

You have every Captains’ poster handed out since you started coming to the Ice Box

Your friends/family preface all invitations with "if you don’t have a game that night" (may or may not include an accompanying eye roll)

A quick tour of the B³, Stars, USHL and pointstreak websites is your routine as you turn on/off the computer.

BellTolls said...

"When the smell of stinky hockey gear from your seats at the IceBox actually makes you smile."

-so true

"Your friends/family preface all invitations with "if you don’t have a game that night" (may or may not include an accompanying eye roll"

-haha good one, get that from my fiancee all the time

"A quick tour of the B³, Stars, USHL and pointstreak websites is your routine as you turn on/off the computer."

-guilty, sometimes two or three times before I log off


When your radio presets change each year according to what station the Stars will be on

When you know how to spell "Melbye" without thinking twice

StarsHcky said...

You convince your friend to have her wedding rehearsal dinner earlier in the day (because itson the same day as the home opener). Her first response is "Theres a hockey game isnt there?"!

Your first response to people asking you to do something over the weekend is "I dont know ill have to check and see if i have hockey"

You have friends that are fans from other teams/arenas because you see them at home and on the road so much.

Every other charge on your bank statement is somehow hockey related, whether its tickets to away games or gas and hotels.

StarsHcky said...

You have hockey themed rooms in your house from all of the memorabilia you've collected over the years.

Nighthawk :) said...

-You dont take vacation during the summer because its not hockey season, there's no point in going anywhere.

-You skip your classes because you'd rather take a 3 hour roadtrip to Green Bay

-The only thing you save for is money for tickets and gas for roadtrips

-The greatest friends you've made are all people you've met during hockey

-People at work know you as "that hockey girl"

-You laugh when newbies are shocked at the 3rd period dancing guy

-You have a deep hatred for the omaha lancers and still cringe (and maybe cry a little) when you think of game 5 between omaha and lincoln of the 2007-2008 season

Nighthawk :) said...

*Sorry thats supposed to be a 9 hour road trip to Green Bay. Dont know where the 3 came from :)

Team Jacob (Newton) said...

*You've changed your NHL teams to follow your favorite Stars players.

*You have been asked the names of the three wise men, and without batting an eyelash, you name McGroarty, Johnson, and Melbye.

*"Come On Ride The Train" isn't the same without a home win and seeing hockey sticks in the air.

*Your unborn children are going to be named after some of the best players ever to grace the USHL

*You watch hockey fights involving the Stars during the off season on Youtube.

Yeti said...

*"Come On Ride The Train" isn't the same without a home win and seeing hockey sticks in the air.

Awesome! Thanks for the additions, Team Jacob!

StarsFans7177 said...

-You get goosebumps when you hear the first 1:06 minutes of 'Thunderstruck'

-You walk into the Icebox and feel 'at home'

-You get recognized as 'the lady from Section K' when you are in your street clothes

-You go on vacation and make sure you are in the hotel room in time to listen to the game (if you weren't able to make it TO the game)

-You body-check anyone who wears orange on a game day

-You have a Stars flag hanging proudly in your barracks in Iraq

-You get excited to get your mail when you know it's ticket renewal time

-You think about naming your child 'Zamboni Slapshot'....or maybe a pet instead :)

-You pull into the lot at the Falls Reception Hall and every car has a hockey themed license plate

-You schedule important events around hockey (birthday parties, family dinners, surgery)

-You wear blue and black all year round!

-You get choked up watching the opening night videos, and you re-watch them all numerous times in the weeks leading up to the start of the season

-You meet someone with the last name of Sullivan, Croft, or McCreary and you want to yell at them 'Hey ref, you suck!'

-You find yourself not liking summer as much you used to because that's the off season

The list could go on and on!

Yeti said...

-You meet someone with the last name of Sullivan, Croft, or McCreary and you want to yell at them 'Hey ref, you suck!'

One of my favorites so far, StarsFans7177! Last season, I caught myself yelling, "Hey McNulty, you suck!" at the refs even though McNulty wasn't reffing in the USHL last season. It was just natural for me.

BellTolls said...

I'm enjoying these everyone, please keep them coming :) For those who haven't chimed in, what are you waiting for!?

StarsNutz said...

You Get Your Engagement Pictures Taken On The Ice At The Ice Box, And You Order The Pictures For An Engravable Signature Board...

JStars said...

- When you drive over 100 miles to and from the Ice Box to watch the Stars. Specially when you have a USHL team in your own home city ! :)
-When you have license plate on 2 vehicles are dedicated to the Stars.
- When you family knows to ask you if you have any open dates for family gatherings between Sept-May :)

Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say said...

- Bought season tickets after attending only 2 games

- Own more STARS gear than HUSKER gear (even though I'm a huge HUSKER fan)

- Son has a STARS "shrine" in his bedroom

- B³ is your homepage

- You do "The Choo-Choo" dance in your living room after watching a STARS win on the B2 Network

- Many of the previous listing things also apply...too many !

Lets Go STARS !!!

Anonymous said...

- you know your a Stars fan when even after being burnt by B2, you keep on purchasing away games anyway


StarsHcky said...

Your idea of a perfect vacation includes driving 2 hours to Sioux City to watch 4 days of non stop hockey!

BellTolls said...

When you can immediately tell that when a man and a woman are on the ice together during an intermission contest, someone is getting proposed to

When you go to nebraska basketball games and no one understands the concept of cheering to encourage your team rather than waiting for something to cheer for

When you hear "a flaming chicken on ice skates," what pops into your mind is different than what would pop into 99% of people's minds

When at other sporting events you have to refrain from yelling "Be seated while the ____ is in play!"

When you know that every time you leave your seat to go to the bathroom/grab a snack, the Stars score, then you leave your seat intentionally when the Stars are down a goal

Jarhead's wife said...

*When the only clothes your husband buys you has STARS on it

Anonymous said...

You think the stars tryouts are the most exciting thing to happen in your summer!

Yeti said...

Thanks for all the comments thus far! Keep them coming!!

Quick ones from me:

-You can say "Vlaisavljevich," "Vande Velde," "Bartkowski," and "Gregoire" without getting tongue-tied.

-When a fan around you at the IceBox says "shutout," you want to punch him.

-You went into a bank because it advertised "Free Checking"....and walked out disappointed.

-You consider the Holy Trinity to be Steve Johnson, Jason Gregoire, and David Reekie.

MacAttack said...

I LOVE the 'free checking' Yeti!

- your dog's collar is black and blue

-you go to schedule vacation for the Classic and your supervisor says " but you just went to hockey!"

- your ringtone is Thunderstruck

BellTolls said...

When you call ahead three weeks in advance for $8 tickets to an exhibition game at an arena that isn't full during regular season games.


StarsHcky said...

Very true! Guess I really cant wait for hockey to start!

Anonymous said...

**You no longer fear Chuck Norris, cuz you've seen David Reekie play at net

PeruStarsFan said...

My ringtone is C'mon Ride the Train

Yeti said...

Speaking of ringtones...

I do this all the time. "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is my main ringtone on my phone. When I receive calls, I will sometimes not answer it just so I can listen to the song. It reminds me of Stars hockey every time I hear it.

Starshockey7 said...

Haha I love these and I love that so many are true with me xD

Starshockey7 said...

When you go all the way to St. Louis to watch Jared Boll and David Backes play in the NHL.

When you get in a car accident on the way to Sioux Falls and get dropped off at the game by the tow truck.

When you dread summer because there's no hockey.

When you yell "hey ref you suck" at a high school football game and people look at you funny.

When you use the terms "Counciltucky" "Waterlosers" or "Sewer City"

Anonymous said...

When my news Stars shirt was delivered today in Charlotte, booking my airline tickets this afternoon and looking forward to seeing # 13 take to the ice for the first time