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USHL Alumni Voices Article: Colby Cohen

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I just noticed this article posted on the official USHL website.  It's a very interesting interview with former Stars defenseman, Colby Cohen.  Colby had some really great quotes about playing in Lincoln.  Click here to read the whole article.  Here are the highlights from the article regarding Colby's time with the Stars

Your professional career is officially underway.  How do you feel the USHL prepared you for the pro game?
For starters, the USHL travel schedule is a lot like the AHL travel schedule.  You're riding on a bus, and you play back-to-back games.  Obviously with the NHL, you travel by plane, and hopefully that will be my new mode of transportation.  But in the USHL, you learn to adjust on the fly to different things and different towns.  And I can't stress enough what (Lincoln Stars) Coach Jimmy McGroarty and Corey Courtney (equipment manager) did for my career.  You will never meet two people who care more about the players, and do more for the players than those guys.  I'd also really like to thank the management, Jim Pflug (President) and Steve Zoucha (V.P./Director of Operations)…they were the ones who made it all possible.
You were born in Villanova, PA.  How did you make the adjustment, moving to Lincoln, NE?

It was a great move for me.  Having lived in Ann Arbor, I was kind of familiar with the Midwest, but Lincoln was just a totally different town – a really cool place with really fun hockey.  And I formed some great relationships there, with Coach Jimmy McGroarty and with the equipment manager, Corey Courtney, who I speak with on a regular basis.  Just last night I had dinner with Chad Langlais, a teammate of mine in Lincoln (2005-07).  If I hadn't gone to Lincoln, I could never have made those relationships.

Let's say I never played hockey at the USHL level.  Could you describe what it was like to play for the Stars?

I can't speak for other places around the USHL, but the setup at Lincoln is unbelievable.  I almost begged Jimmy Hayes to go play there (Lincoln 2007-08, Boston College 2008-10).  I was literally on the phone with him every day telling him, "You're crazy if you don't go to Lincoln, you have to go to Lincoln."  It was the best experience I've ever had.  By far the best place to play before college – hands down.

How would you describe the atmosphere at the Ice Box in Lincoln?
I will never play in a better place.  I've played in front of bigger crowds, but as far as energy level, it's unbelievable. 
What did the time in the USHL mean to you in terms of your hockey development?
That place totally revamped my career.  Hockey got to a point where I wasn't playing very well and I wasn't having as much fun.  At that point, I came to Lincoln – where the crowd, the atmosphere, and the people…everyone is like, "We want you to be here."  I'm 100% positive that I wouldn't be where I am today had I not gone to Lincoln.  There's no doubt about it – it saved my career.

Great quotes from Colby!  Awesome to hear from a former player who has so many great things to say about his time in Lincoln.  

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can you get a better advertisement for the USHL and the STARS???
thanks colby and good luck!!
all of us stars fans will be watching as your career gets going now!