Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures from the former State Fairgrounds

I mentioned this the other day on the B³ twitter page, but this past weekend I drove down to the area around the IceBox to take some pictures.  I had not been down to the former state fairgrounds since the last Stars home game, so I was little surprised at what I saw.  The University of Nebraska has razed a number of buildings around the IceBox, transforming the area to what you might see in a war-zone.  Included in the pictures is a shot of the north stage of the IceBox which is under construction.  Click the "Read more" link below to see all of the pictures.

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StarsHcky said...

I have been down there a couple of times since the last time, and each time I walk out of the Ice Box, I can't get over how weird it is to be able to see the Devaney now that the building is gone that was in-between them. Its going to take a lot of getting used to going back to the Ice Box and how everything has changed around there. By the way I thought they were going to add some parking down there too, but haven't seen or heard anything else of it. Cant wait to get down there to watch some hockey!