Monday, August 16, 2010

How did you become a Lincoln Stars fan?

Courtesy of Brandon Anderson
We're exactly one month away from the Lincoln Stars first exhibition game which will be played on Thursday, September 16th against the Tri-City Storm in Kearney.  There really hasn't been a lot to report on as of late (other than the departure of Nick Fouts), so I wanted to introduce a new article every week for the next 3 or 4 weeks to keep things lively around here.  These articles will be more reader-interactive, and I hope they'll produce a lot of comments.  I'm sure you get tired of reading my ramblings, so now it's your turn to be heard. :)

So first off, I want to ask all of the Stars fans out did you become a Stars fan?  I'd really like to hear from all of our blog readers.  I know we have a lot of lurkers out there, and I'm really hoping to hear from them, along with all of our "regulars."  Take a few minutes, and leave a comment about how you first became hooked on the Lincoln Stars.  One of the great things about running this blog is that I've had the opportunity to meet and become friends with so many Stars fans.  Each person I have had the pleasure to meet has a unique story of how they became a Stars fanatic.  It's great to hear their stories.  That's what I want to see here.

So please, take a few minutes and leave a comment below.  Be as detailed as you wish.  Tell us all how it started.  Were you introduced to the Stars by a friend?  Were you a hockey fan before you started coming to Stars games?  At what point did you know that you you hooked?  How long have you been coming to the Stars games?  Have you introduced other friends/family to the Stars?

I look forward to reading your stories!  Go Stars!


tzweeb said...

way back when they had bus trips to watch the cough, lancers at the old aksarben was my first chance to see hockey live...
we even made special trips to just go and watch the cough, lancers, and one night it was a sell out and we got turned away.. at that time i realized i had become a fan of hockey and not the cough, lancers!! LOl
it was a great time at the AK and then a few years later lincoln got the STARS and it was a no brainer to be a season ticket holder, so from day one of the STARS i was hooked and have been a faithful follower ever since...
i have moved my seat from day one but now i love to watch from the corner and would not let my seats go.
bring back silly string night and the walking beer kegs!!
thanks Yeti and Bell for taking over where the stars fans can come and chat.

Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say said...

Two years ago ('07-'08)...basically unaware of STARS hockey, I read they were playing in the playoffs, and decided to take my 7 yr old son to make a long story short, we are both now season ticket holding STARS fan(atic)s (starting in '08-'09).

Walking beer keg ?

Yeti / BT...thanks for bringing us the B³

Lets Go STARS !!!

HPJustin said...

I was really just born into Stars Hockey. We got season tickets in 1996 when I was two years old and I've been going to most, if not every Stars home game since. The Stars will always be my favorite team.

Yeti said...

Great stories so far! Keep 'em coming!

PeruStarsFan said...

Three years ago my wife and I were invited to the opening game. It was Jimmy's first year. Her son and his girlfriend had won tickets and asked us to go. We have only missed a few games since, and those have been mid-week games, or ones were we were out of town. We have had season tickets the last two and have renewed for this year. The energy was amazing. We have watched the Rangers play in the Garden and it is not as electric as the Icebox.

Layla said...

Here's my story, not the most exciting, LOL I pretty much became a Stars fan by default, I had started watching hockey in 92-93. When the Stars came to Lincoln in 96 I was in the Navy so I couldn't get ST. My mom would send me articles and what not so I was kinda following them from afar. when I would come home on leave if there was a game I'd go. One of my first games, if not the first, Derek Reynolds got in a fight in like the first 10 mins and was tossed ( back then it was one fight and you were out) when I got out of the Navy in 98, I put my name in for ST, in the mean time we'd have to stand outside to try to by tix or call Zoo to see if anything was available. A year or so later I had 2 1/2 season packages in upper stage. I finally got ST in about 2000 or so up in AA. Moved to H for a few years, then over to E, this year I'm moving back to H.

Yeti said...

I know this article got buried all of a sudden with the recent Stars related news, but I was really hoping to see more fan stories. Don't be shy...tell us how you became a Stars fan!

As for me, I was one of those folks back in the early 90's who used to drive up to Omaha and watch the Lancers play at Aksarben. Some friends I used to play hockey with first introduced me to the USHL and the Lancers. I might need to take a shower after saying this, but back then I was a Lancers fan (puke). Once the Stars began play, I was a season ticket holder the first couple of seasons before I moved away to Seattle in late 1999. Whe I moved back to Lincoln in 2006, I was down at the IceBox talking to Micki about season tickets on my first full day back in town. As long as I'm living in Lincoln, I will always have season tickets. I say this a lot, but hockey is my religion and the IceBox is my church.

MacAttack said...

I had been to a few games back in '01 to '03 but my start as a true Stars fan began in '06-'07 when I was seeing a lady who had season tickets. I have only missed 5 games since the '07-'08 season and became a season ticketholder in '08. This season I am moving to Section J. I have made many new friends both here on the blog and at the Icebox. There is no other place to be on a Friday or Saturday night during the season.

lincolnfan said...

i don't remember that well as i was only in about elementary school when i went to my first Stars game which would have been probably around 2000 or 2001.. went to a few games on and off.. i believe my parents had heard about it from some friends and thought it would be fun to check it out. my dad and i got tickets starting the 2006-2007 season and have had season tickets every season since. when i first started going, i really knew next to nothing about the rules of hockey.. i couldn't tell you what icing, slashing, offsides, or a powerplay was.. over the years, i've learned more about the rules and followed the players and team more closely, but still don't know all of the rules. the Stars and the USHL are really the only league i follow. i've taken some friends/family and pretty much everyone has had a good time.. people who haven't ever been to a game have no idea what they're missing out on.. it really only takes one or two games to get hooked on Stars hockey.. even if you're not a hockey fan, you still can have a good time at a game with the music, lights, intermission entertainment, etc. i think i pretty much knew i was a Stars fan when i knew all of the music and what they were going to play when, and when i had memorized all of the chants/cheers that fans do. Lincoln Stars Hockey is such a fun and neat thing. it's half the cost of a Husker game and at least twice the fun!

starstruck said...

I wish I could say we were fans starting with the first season, but the first game we went to was during the 01-02 season. (At least I have nothing embarrassing to confess like those individuals who were once Lancer fans – yikes!)

We signed up to go to a Stars game through my spouse’s work place - our first experience ever with hockey (as well as with silly string). We got to see a couple games during that season & the next. I figured there was a waiting list for season tickets, but put my name on a list on the Stars website anyway and was surprised when Micki called to see if we were interested in tickets. It was fun from the beginning, but I really got hooked after a season or two when I understood the game better and we started to know other fans around us. We will be starting out 8th year as season ticket holders. Like some other Stars fans, we don’t live in Lincoln. Trips to Lincoln for those seven seasons add up to roughly 21,000 miles (not including playoff games or the road trips taken to follow the Stars). But it is well worth it and I can't imagine doing anything else during hockey season!

Norfolk Fan said...

I grew up in Lincoln, moving to Iowa when I was 17. After another back and forth between Nebraska and Iowa, I found myself transferred to Norfolk in 2001. One Saturday in October, I was struggling to think of something for a single guy to do, and the thought popped in my head that Lincoln had a hockey team, and having never been to a hockey game before in my life, I thought it would be a fun adventur. I talked to Micky on the phone that day for half an hour I think. One thing I remember was her telling me, "You gotta be there for the introductions! Don't be late!". She put me in Row 2 of Section A. I didn't follow the game very well at all, but I did make it in time for the introductions. It was the energy of the fans and the introduction that hooked me.

I didn't make it to more than half a dozen games that first season, but since that season, I've come down to at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the home games and always manage a handful of away games every season to make up for it. And after buying tickets a la carte for all these years, I think I'm finally going to take the plunge and buy season tickets.

Without the Stars and the best fans in hockey, I'd probably be living in Florida now!

Can't wait to see y'all on October 8th!
Go Stars!

Yeti said...

Thanks for sharing, everyone! Great stories so far. Still waiting to hear from the others out there who are being shy!

BellTolls said...

I remember when the Lincoln Stars came to town back in the 90s. I was only 8 or 9. My parents believed hockey was too violent, and back then the Stars sold out nearly every game, so I knew my chances of going to Stars games were few and far between. The only times I ever went were if a friend invited me or for a birthday party.

So I was a radio fan. I would spend my Friday and Saturday nights with Gary Sharpe on the radio. I just grew to love listening to the sounds of the game, the fighting, the goal siren and celebrations, Coach Johnson's postgame comments, it was all just awesome sounding to me. Even on road games, I loved hearing the silence, which could only mean the Stars had scored. I particularly grew to enjoy listening to players like Ryan Potulny, Chris Fournier and Preston Callendar.

The highlight of my Stars memories is the 2003 Clark Cup. I remember to this day being downstairs listening to Game 1 of the Finals against River City (Omaha). I was 15 and I started taping the game on a cassette once it went into overtime. Ryan Potulny scored :25 seconds into overtime, and I flipped out. I listened to that cassette probably 100 times...then I also taped the final 10 minutes or so of our series clinching win, and also the postgame celebration. That's when I really became addicted.

The next year, I turned 16. I got a driver's license and a car, and the rest is history. I try to go as often as I possibly can now to games, and even though we weren't good last year, the thought of recapturing that excitement from the 2003 season is what will keep me coming back year after year.

That's my Stars story. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading :)

Helen Scheid said...

I became a Stars Fan just this year when my Grandson made the team. I live in Minnesota so I will be depending on a lot of you to keep us informed as to what is going on and pictures, etc. I can see that this is the best place to play because of the great fans. I'm looking forward to coming to a game down there. Go Stars.