Friday, July 2, 2010

Stars release player protected roster

I guess I should start posting my predictions right away on 7/1.  :)

A few hours after I posted my roster predictions, the Lincoln Stars released their list of protected players for the upcoming season.  Click here to read the official press release from the Stars.  I'm going to comment on some of the additions/subtractions later in the article.  Enough of my rambling, here's the list:

25-player roster:
1. (G) Kevin Murdock ('90)
2. (G) Luke Hafner ('92)

3. (F) Ryan Dzingel ('92)
4. (F) Dominik Shine ('93)
5. (F) Garrett Peterson ('91)
6. (F) Sam Alfieri ('91)
7. (F) John McCarron ('92)
8. (F) Josh Berge ('90)
9. (F) Brent Tate ('91)
10. (F) Jake Lynes ('91)
11. (F) Austin Hervey ('92)
12. (F) Jeff McMinimy ('92)
13. (F) Andrew Schmit ('91)
14. (F) Jared Hanson ('93)
15. (F) Brad Wilhelm ('92)
16. (F) Mark MacMillan ('92)
17. (F) Eric Scheid ('92)
18. (F) Kacper Guzik ('93)

19. (D) Ben Oskroba ('90)
20. (D) Matt Prapavessis ('91)
21. (D) Chris Casto ('91)
22. (D) Richie Coyne ('91)
23. (D) Frank Misuraca ('91)
24. (D) Kyle Quick ('91)
25. (D) Nick Cecere ('90)

Affiliate list:
(D) Josh Bretner ('93)
(D) Bryan Sinz ('92)
(D) Paul Ladue ('92)
(D) Cole Martin ('94)
(D) Zach Frye ('94)
(D) Michael McKee ('93)
(D) Dylan Blujus ('94)
(F) Thomas Schutt ('93)
(F) Brad Hawkinson ('94)
(F) Luke Johnson ('94)
(F) Austin Wuthrich ('93)
(F) Max Coatta ('94)
(G) Trevor Gutierrez ('93)

Two names on the 25-player protected list surprised me right off the bat:  forwards Mark MacMillan and Kacper Guzik.  MacMillan is a University of North Dakota recruit (2011), and he has stated in a newspaper article that he plans on returning to his BCHL team (Alberni Valley Bulldogs) to finish out his last year of junior hockey before going to UND.  Are the Stars hoping he'll change his mind and come to Lincoln instead?  Not sure on that one.  I'd guess that they are just protecting him because they have space available on the roster, but we'll see.  Kacper Guzik was a 2009 futures draft pick of the Lincoln Stars.  I have heard that Guzik injured himself (shoulder) playing for Detroit Little Caesars (U-18) this season, and went back to his native Poland to recover from shoulder surgery.  Again, I don't know why the Stars are protecting him, considering we haven't seen him at the Stars tryout camp either of the last two years.  Do they hope he heals up and wants to play for Lincoln?  If you look at his stats, he certainly plays with an edge (68 points, 306 penalty minutes in 77 games played the last three seasons).

The only returning Stars player that did not make the roster was forward Tyler Deresky.  I don't know the circumstances behind him not being protected by the Stars.  Former Stars futures draft pick Austin Wuthrich is a name I'm glad to see on the list.  He decided to play for the NTDP U-17 Team USA squad last season, so I'm guessing he was released by that program....otherwise why would the Stars protect him.  Just a guess on my part. 

As I've stated before, the Stars will likely bring more than 25 players to the USHL Fall Classic in Sioux City, Iowa this September.  So don't be surprised if you see some of the affiliate players listed above in a Stars uniform at the Fall Classic.  After the Fall Classic concludes, the Stars have to cut down to 23 players, not including the players protected on the affiliate list.  Those 23 players will start the regular season for the Stars.

Okay....I want to hear from you guys now.  Your thoughts on the roster?


Ryan said...

They can keep his rights even if he does stay with the NTDP and hope he doesn't have a college offer for the season after he ages out of the NTDP.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the info, Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I'm jacked to see they've got Oskroba and Prapavessis protected. Both kept catching my attention, and not in a negative way. They've got skill and with our coaching staff this year, I'm thinking they'll be able to be some in your face, shut you up, then shut you down defensemen.
And if they can't, we'll have Doc shutting the door

BellTolls said...

Guzik's linked bio says his goal is "to play junior and Division I hockey," so I would guess he is healing up this summer and that the Stars coaches have talked to him and hopefully we see him at the Fall Classic. It doesn't make much sense to take up a roster spot for a recently injured player who didn't try out unless you know he's going to come here. Macmillan on the other hand...probably just a "too good to pass up" scenario, hoping he changes his mind ala Brodie Reid.

Yeti said...

Go Stars.....and Stripes!

Happy July 4th, everyone! Be safe out there.

Yeti said...

I just want to mention a few things, and didn't think it warranted a new blog article. July and August are typically the slowest months here in terms of new news. This is my vacation time from the blog. :) However, we're waiting to hear from the USHL on a couple of important topics.

Sometime soon, the USHL should announce the 2010-11 season schedule. Last year, the schedule was announced on 7/9. With two new teams this season, I have heard that the schedule release date might be a little delayed this time. I'd expect to hear something either next week, or the week after.

Also, in late July the USHL should announce the schedule for the Fall Classic, which is normally held in late September in Sioux City, Iowa. Just my guess, but I bet the USHL goes with Thu 10/23, Fri 10/24, and Saturday 10/25. Once that schedule is released, we'll post it here.

Otherwise, the next couple of months will be pretty slow around here. If any roster news pops up, we'll make sure to post it asap. I have a few articles planned that will hopefully be interesting enough to keep folks coming back here, despite it being slow. Maybe something along the lines of, "You know you're a Lincoln Stars fan when..." or "How you became a Lincoln Stars fan...when did it all start." Stuff like that.

Anyway, thanks for continuing to visit this blog. I appreciate it.

Ryan said...

Fall Classic dates are Sept. 22-25. 4 day event this year.

StarsHcky said...

Just wondering where that info came from because about 3 weeks ago I emailed the ushl about tentative fall classic dates so that I could ask off for work, and I had heard a rumor that with the extra teams it would be 4 days instead of 3, and the response I got said the 23-25th. Just curious where the info is from or how reliable it is because that was a couple weeks ago that I asked. I would love for it to be 4 days though, I think that would be awesome!

Just want to say that if you haven't been to the fall classic before you should really consider going. I have gone the last 3 years and it is a blast. You get to meet a lot of people and also what is better than 3 days of nonstop hockey? Its a hockey lovers dream!

Layla said...

"The Musketeers are pleased to announce the 25 man roster for the 2010-2011 season. All teams in the USHL are required to trim their rosters to 23 players at the conclusion of the USHL Fall Classic, to be held in Sioux City, Iowa September 22 - 25, 2010."
From the SC website

Yeti said...

Since the Fall Classic is a four day event now, does that mean that each USHL team will play four times? Or will it still be three games each, but spread out over four days?

Thanks for the info.

MacAttack said...

was wondering how Fargo can turn in a 25 man roster to the USHL when they haven't even had their tryout camp yet? had a message from a former Star, Dan Wessienhofer, who was drafted by Fargo this spring and he said their camp is the 25th of this month.

MacAttack said...

sorry, can't spell today. that should have read Weissenhofer.

MuskiesFan4Ever said...

For this years Fall Classic I'd suspect each team will only play 3 games during the 4 day event.

The league requires each team to submit a 25 man roster by July 1st. Doesn't mean Fargo can't make changes to it later.

On a side note... it appears the Des Moines Buccaneers' website shows the USHL's new THREE Division breakdown... West, Central, and East. The teams for each are...

West: Fargo, Lincoln, Omaha, Sioux City, Sioux Falls & Tri-City

Central: Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Dubuque, Green Bay & Waterloo

East: Chicago, Indiana, Muskegon, Team USA & Youngstown

MacAttack said...

Muskiesfan...I realize that Fargo can change the roster any time they want to. my question is how do they keep other teams from snatching players that aren't protected yet if they haven't even looked them over in a tryout? after all, if a player isn't protected, he could go somewhere else. plus, with that late a camp, it doesn't leave players who don't make the roster much of a chance to catch on with another team by attending their tryout camp.

Ryan said...

Fargo will likely move players to their affiliate and futures list to keep them protected. Waterloo always used to have their camp in August, but the last few years they have been earlier. Maybe they were losing a player here and there due to them having to "cut" 5 players on July 1st without having their camp yet. I'm not sure I'd have camp so late as their is that risk, but on the other hand you may find others who don't want to report.

Yeti said...

The three-divisional USHL alignment had to have been the worst kept secret since Bliss Littler took over the Omaha Lancers head coaching gig. I think it was last winter when those rumors first started to creep out, and we briefly talked about them here.

I'm obviously biased, but I believe the West division to be the most talented of all three...especially considering there are 6 teams in that West, and only 5 in the Central and East. In my opinion, the weakest division is the East...but that could change year to year.

It will be interesting to see how the USHL decides to seed teams for the playoffs with this new three-divisional setup. How many teams qualify for post-season play....8 or 10? I'll post an article once the USHL makes it official. I have to say, I really like the Des Moines Bucs website. It looks nice! And professional! Wish we had that here in Lincoln. Thanks for the heads up, MuskiesFan4Ever.

Yeti said...

Thanks to the poster who brought this to my attention via email. The three division setup was mentioned back in April in an article from a Dubuque newspaper. USHL commish Skip Prince confirms the new divisional alignment:

"USHL reworks divisions for next season
Dubuque will play in the 5-team Central.

The Dubuque Fighting Saints will see plenty of their old rivals when they return to the United States Hockey League this fall.

USHL commissioner Skip Prince said Dubuque will play in the Central Division with the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders, Des Moines Buccaneers, Green Bay Gamblers and Waterloo Black Hawks. The league will shift from two divisions to three and play an unbalanced schedule, meaning Dubuque will play the teams in its division more often than those in the other two.

"The divisional alignment is all set. The only question is how unbalanced the schedule will be," Prince said last week. "It makes sense from a business sense, because teams will be playing their biggest draws more often. It also means less travel and less school time missed for our student-athletes, who were a huge consideration when we decided this.

"We're not quite sure how the playoff qualifiers will be determined. But, it looks like we will be expanding the playoffs, too."

The Western Division will include the Fargo Force, Lincoln Stars, Omaha Lancers, Sioux City Musketeers, Sioux Falls Stampede and Tri-City Storm. The Eastern Division will include the Chicago Steel, Indiana Ice, Muskegon Lumberjacks, USA Hockey's National Team Development Program and the Youngstown Phantoms."

BellTolls said...

it will be interesting to see how the playoffs would work with 10 teams. 10 teams is an odd number to work with. My guess is there would be a best-of-three series play-in between 7v10 and 8v9. The 8v9 winner plays 1 and the 7v10 winner plays 2, and 3v6, 4v5, basically you're back to a normal 8-team bracket. But this could create big travel problems if teams are going all over the Midwest to play each other on weekdays.

How those 10 teams would be picked...who knows. I'm sure the 3 division winners would get in, but then do you go by the next 7 highest point totals (current format)? Or do you take the top 2 from each division, and then the next 4 highest point totals. Or do you take 4 from the West and have them do a mini playoffs, and then 3 from the Central and 3 from the East, top team gets a bye and plays the winner of the 2/3 matchup, resulting in a Final 4 of 2 West teams, 1 Central and 1 East team? Glad it's not my job to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

My best guess for playoffs is top two in each division and 2 wildcards based on points. Have to give it up to Steve Johnson-gets to watch every other teams camp and invite the best players from each on top of his own draft picks/protected list. Not so stupid after all huh? He can always trade away players or cut them. I like the new format as long as we see our rivals (Omaha, Tri-city, Sioux city, etc) more often and the guys have fewer long road trips. Is it October yet?

lincolnfan said...

wow BellTolls, my head hurts now. lol.

starstruck said...

Not sure how Fargo would be able to invite the "best players" from each camp, when the best players most likely have already been selected/protected by the coaches of those camps? I had wondered the same thing as Mac when I saw the late date of Fargo's camp.

I agree with lincolnfan Bells - please don't do that again :)

BellTolls said...

ha, sorry to try to make you think too hard on a Friday :) my fault

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to say the best players available-jeez picky

Layla said...

Someone on the SC board had the same idea I did, (And Ryan mentioned it as well I think) the 3 div winners and the next 5 points leaders regardless of division. Hopefully the league doesn't do anything stupid like have all teams make the playoffs and then have a 1 and done to decide the winner.