Friday, July 2, 2010

Predicting the Stars 25-player protected roster

I did this last season, so I figured I'd do it again since it looks like we're going to have to wait until next week to see the Stars protected roster.  When I posted my roster predictions last year, it was only a few hours after I posted them that the Stars released the official maybe that will happen this time also.  Wishful thinking on my part, I know. 

Anyway, here are my predictions.  I'm just a fan who follows the team, so this is just my educated guess.  I have received some insider info on some of the players, and others are just wild guesses on my part.  The players listed below are in no particular order.

1. (G) Kevin Murdock
2. (G) Luke Hafner

3. (F) Ryan Dzingel
4. (F) Dominik Shine
5. (F) Garrett Peterson
6. (F) Sam Alfieri
7. (F) John McCarron
8. (F) Josh Berge
9. (F) Tyler Deresky
10. (F) Jake Lynes
11. (F) Austin Hervey
12. (F) Jeff McMinimy
13. (F) Andrew Schmit
14. (F) Jared Hanson
15. (F) Brad Wilhelm
16. (F) Kyle Lapenskie
17. (F) Eric Scheid

18. (D) Ben Oskroba
19. (D) Matt Prapavessis
20. (D) Chris Casto
21. (D) Richie Coyne
22. (D) Frank Misuraca
23. (D) Cole Martin
24. (D) Bryan Sinz
25. (D) Josh Bretner

(F) Gage Hough
(F) Cam Bleck
(F) Thomas Schutt
(F) Filip Starzynski
(D) Kyle Quick

(F) Luke Johnson
(F) Zack Frye
(F) Brad Hawkinson
(F) Max Coatta
(F) Kevin Zugec

Keep in mind that the Stars will likely take more than 25 players to the Fall Classic in September, after which they will have to cut down to 23 players.  They will still protect a number of players on their affiliate list, and those players can be called up during the season when needed.  The one thing I'm not sure about is if USHL teams can protect a player on their affiliate list if they did not draft them.  As soon as the real protected roster is released, we will post it here.
Your thoughts?  Predictions?


Anonymous said...

I have insider info and Tyler Deresky wont be returning to the stars this year.

BellTolls said...

Anonymous, do you have any other insider info? Anything on Brent Tate?

Jofa said...

Tate should be ready for the Fall Classic. Don't know if Petey will be ready as i'm hearing he will be going under the knife for shoulder surgery.

BellTolls said...

Tate better plan on playing well at the Fall Classic, because I didn't see anything last year that makes me think he has an automatic spot reserved on the team after missing tryouts.

Yeti said...

Just noticed that former Stars goaltender Matt Green isn't on the protected roster for the Dubuque Fighting Saints. Green was not protected by the Stars and was picked by the Saints in the USHL Expansion Draft. Tough break for Matt. Hopefully he can find a home somewhere else in the USHL.

Yeti said...

BTW, the Unofficial USHL Hockey Blog is posting the protected rosters of USHL teams as they are released. Copy and paste the address below to check them out:

New Hockey Fan said...

Anon. at 3:05-Do you know why Tyler isn't returning to the Stars? I'm a bit surprised since he was at tryouts.

Anonymous said...

As far as Tate goes keep in mind that he only played 23 games ( I think) I think that the coaches are looking for him to be more of a role player than a scorer. Not every player has to be a scorer there are other things that coaches are looking for that we as fans might not think about.

lincolnfan said...


starstruck said...

Yeti, Stars posted the protected list:

StarsHcky said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the roster is up on the stars website! Yeti I guess putting yours up really worked!

Layla said...

Looks like your record stands, the Stars have released the protected list. LOL Next year can you do your predictions on the day the rosters are due? LOL

Matt said...

found this information on

Stars Prospects Camp in San Jose
The Lincoln Stars will hold a prospects camp at “Sharks Ice at San Jose” ice arena in San Jose, California beginning July 30 – August 1 for 1993-1995 born players.“California has emerged as a hotbed for hockey talent in the U.S., and this camp gives us an opportunity to evaluate some of northern California’s best players that we’ll most likely be seeing in the USHL in the coming years,” said Associate Head Coach Jimmy McGroarty. In addition to members of the Stars’ coaching staff, former Stars defenseman and San Jacinto native Jake Newton (Anaheim Ducks) and former NHL and University of Michigan player and current New Mexico Mustangs (NAHL) head coach Billy Muckalt will also be in attendance at the camp.

If you are interested in attending this camp, complete the Player Information sheet (click here) and fax it to the Stars office at 402-474-7831. The Stars coaching staff will be contacting you with registration information.

The protected list can be found here

The Lincoln Stars submitted their 25‐man roster to the USHL with the following names:
Fwd Ryan Dzingel Lincoln Stars Def Ben Oskroba Walpole Express
Fwd Dominik Shine Lincoln Stars Def Richard Coyne Chicago Steel
Fwd Austin Hervey USNTDP Def Nick Cecere Alberni Valley Bulldogs
Fwd Josh Berge Lincoln Stars Def Matt Prapavessis Mississauga Chargers
Fwd Garrett Peterson Lincoln Stars Def Kyle Quick Avon Old Farms HS
Fwd Andrew Schmit Chicago Steel Def Chris Casto Hill Murray HS
Fwd Sam Alfieri Lincoln Stars Def Frank Misuraca Lincoln Stars
Fwd Jake Lynes Team Maryland
Fwd John McCarron Lincoln Stars
Fwd Eric Scheid Blaine HS
Fwd Jared Hanson Team Illinois G Kevin Murdock MN State Mankato
Fwd Brent Tate Lincoln Stars G Luke Hafner Marquette Rangers
Fwd Brad Wilhelm Detroit Catholic Central HS
Fwd Jeff McMinimy Dallas Stars
Fwd Mark Macmillan Alberni Valley Bulldogs
Fwd Kacper Guzik Little Caesars
The Stars affiliate list includes the following players:
Def Bryan Sinz Shattuck St Marys Fwd Luke Johnson Grand Forks Central HS
Def Paul Ladue Grand Forks Central HS Def Cole Martin Team Illinois
Def Josh Bretner Team Maryland Fwd Austin Wuthrich USNTDP
G Trevor Gutierez Alaska All Stars Def Zack Frye Missoula Maulers
Def Michael Mckee Kent School Fwd Max Coatta Minnetonka HS
Fwd Thomas Schutt Minnetonka HS Def Dylan Blujus Buffalo Regals
Fwd Brad Hawkinson Colorado Thunderbirds
These rosters do not necessarily reflect the final rosters that will be in place at the start of the season, as
players can be added or dropped at any time. Affiliate players (in many cases) may move between the
affiliate list and the regular Stars roster as deemed appropriate by the coaching staff. Each USHL team
is required to reduce their active roster to 23 players prior to the start of the regular season.
"We're happy with our current roster of players on our 25‐man list and our affiliate list," said Stars' Head
Coach Chad Johnson. "By moving some players to our affiliate list, we were able to meet the July 1st
deadline without having to drop any players from our 30‐man list."

Yeti said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks! I just wish I was around a computer when the roster was initially released. I've posted a new article with the protected list of players.

Anonymous said...

How did cole Martin look in the tryout and did he make the team?