Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 USHL Fall Classic schedule released; Alfieri commits

We're getting spoiled by the USHL these last two days.  The 2010-11 regular season schedule was released yesterday, and just a few minutes ago the 2010 USHL Fall Classic schedule was unveiled.

Click here to see the full schedule and read more about the 2010 USHL Fall Classic, which will be held from September 22-25, 2010 in Sioux City Iowa.  The Stars will be play three games during the preseason tournament, details of which are posted below:

Game OneLincoln Stars vs. Cedar Rapids Roughriders
Date:  Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Time:  4:00pm
Rink:  Tyson Events Center

Game Two:  Lincoln Stars vs. Green Bay Gamblers
Date:  Thursday, September 23, 2010
Time:  6:00pm
Rink:  IBP Ice Center

Game Three:  Lincoln Stars vs. Muskegon Lumberjacks
Date:  Saturday, September 25, 2010
Time:  4:00pm
Rink:  Tyson Events Center

As you can see, the Fall Classic is now a four day event (Wed-Sat).  The Stars will not play a game on Friday, September 24th.  All three opponents are in the USHL Eastern Division.  The Muskegon Lumberjacks are one of the two expansion teams entering in the USHL next season.  Nice to see the Stars will be playing at the TEC two of the three games.  The Tyson is a much nicer rink (it's where the Musketeers play).  The IBP is a much smaller, and colder, rink.

Start calling those Sioux City hotels and scheduling your vacation time from work.  I doubt I'll be able to attend the first two games.  I was kind of hoping the Stars would play on Friday and Saturday, so I could take off one day of work and see two games.  I'm not sure if BT is going to attend any of these games, so we may need to enlist the help of blog readers once again for some game recaps.  We'll tackle that issue as we get closer to the tournament dates.

Your thoughts?  Are you planning on attending all, or some of these games?  What do you think of the three teams the Stars will face?


Lincoln Stars forward Sam Alfieri has committed to play collegiate hockey at Niagara University.  Click here for more details.  Congrats to Alfie!


Anonymous said...

For the past few years I have taken off Thursday and Friday to go to the games. With Lincoln playing on Wed and Thurs and not Fri I probably won't go at all. I wonder if this will hurt attendance. Of course they will say that it broke attendance records....all due to the four days of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yeti, you actually spelled Alfieri's name right. The Stars website never got that right. It was misspelled for months!

Can't wait for the fall classic in September!

Yeti said...

By the way, there is a Nebraska football game in Lincoln on that same Saturday (10/25). The time of that football game has yet to be determined. Just something to think about when you are making your plans.

The Huskers opponent is South Dakota State (snore).

New Hockey Fan said...

Congratulations to Sam!
I hope to attend the last game on Saturday of the Fall Classic, it would be fun to get a look at the Lumberjacks. Yeti, did you mean there is a football game on 9/25? Has anyone heard anything about our exhibition game vs Tri-City? I talked to Micki today, and she said as far as she knew, we were not contracted for an exhibition game against Omaha, does someone have any further info on that?

Yeti said...

I just put this on the B³ twitter, but I also wanted to post it here. I ran across an article on former Stars forward Eric Alexander, who recently participated in the Washington Capitals summer development camp. Eric played so well during the camp he made the all-star team. Former Stars forward Chris Forfar also was at the Capitals camp.

Click here to read the article

New Hockey Fan said...

In reading comments on the official Stars website, it looks as though there will be two jersey auctions for the Cancer Society-one in March as usual, and one on Oct. 15th. What does everyone think about this, will fans support two auctions at the same financial level as the past single auction, especially with one so early in the season?

Yeti said...


Thanks for the keen eye. Just a typo on my part. :) The Husker football game against South Dakota State is 9/25/10.

It was an anonymous blogger who said a few months ago that the Stars would be playing the Lancers in an exhibition game on Saturday, September 18th in Omaha. According to the blogger, he said he heard it from someone within the Lancers organization. I can't verify it either.

lincolnfan said...

i also was wondering about the two jersey auctions. also, in past years (with the exception of this last year) didn't the auction that they do in March always used to be called the "MDA Jerseys off our Back Auction" or something and the money went to the muscular dystrophy association? any reason that they switched organizations and now it goes to the American Cancer Society? just wondering...

starstruck said...

The exhibition game was mentioned by Omaha Hockey Talk at this link:

Layla said...

I wonder if the Oct Auction will be the warm up jerseys like the did a few years ago and not "game worn" like the ACS. I have no idea why they switched from MDA to ACS but my best guess is that more people are directly affected by Cancer than Muscular Dystrophy. Not that it's not a good charity but I'd guess maybe they wanted to switch things up a bit.

starstruck said...

Regarding the schedule for the Fall Classic, I always wonder how that is put together. Last year the Stars played Indiana, Green Bay & Cedar Rapids. This year they play Muskegon...Green Bay & Cedar Rapids.

Once again there is no opportunity for a match-up within our own division. But with this year's unbalanced schedule, we will probably see those teams enough anyway. So overall, I like how the Stars are scheduled in the Classic. Looking forward to seeing how our team matches up against those they are facing – the defending Clark/Anderson Cup Champions; the always competitive CR (diving) team; and one of the teams new to the league. Can't wait for September - Go Stars!

lincolnfan said...

offtopic, but anyone know if the Stars are going to be fixing up their website before the new season? when you're at the homepage,, all of the links except Schedule, Statistics, and Radio are broken at the top of the page. not to mention how pathetic the layout and setup of the website is, which has already been discussed. i really hope they will just scrap the website they have now and start fresh.

tzweeb said...

to lincoln fan.. after talking to micki, she said the stars web site is getting a total revamp and will look alot more like some others from the league. the same people who do a few teams web sites will now be setting it up and then it will be run by the stars folks. so look for changes soon.

and as far as the 2 auctions, its probably because of last years multiple player changes, so they had alot of left over jerseys!!! ok yes just kidding!

Anonymous said...

does any one know if the fall clasic games sell out?