Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tryout All-Star Game Pictures

I promised to do this earlier, so here are some pictures taken by Brandon Anderson at the Stars tryout camp all-star game this past Wednesday.  Thanks to Brandon for allowing me to post them here.

Dominik Shine

Austin Hervey (Black), Richard Coyne (White), Jim Kruger (Grey)

Richard Coyne

Garrett Peterson

Josh Bretner

Garrett Peterson (Black) scraps with Jared Hanson (White)

Kevin Murdock


Anonymous said...

Nice bunch of photo's! I have to say that the talent level for this try out camp was really impressive. I went on Sunday night and for Wednesday's all star game. The players were really good. The camp seemed to have a totally differnet feel to it this year. It seemed to me that most if not all of the players that talked to really wanted to be here. I can't really say the same from last years camp. Maybe it was the tornado!

Sam I am

tzweeb said...

just wanted to say thanks to brandon at BA photos.. these pics are great!!!!
would love to see you on the ice again next season. you always do a great job capturing the moment!