Monday, June 14, 2010

Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day Two (Evening)

The Lincoln Stars' tryout rosters are now available at left. You can view the roster by clicking on the image. When the page loads, the print will be small. You can zoom in on the page by holding down "Ctrl" and pressing the "+" key. Note a couple of changes. #4 Black is now #2 Grey and vice versa. #5 Black is now #5 Grey and vice versa.


The Lincoln Stars' tryout camp resumed Monday evening with the third of six tryout sessions at Moylan Tranquility Iceplex in Omaha. Another strong contingent of Stars fans, players' families and college scouts was on hand. The Black team practiced beforehand, and the Red played Blue first, and then Yellow played Grey to cap the night off. I will fill in for Yeti on this recap, as he has earned a well deserved break after two detailed recaps Sunday night and Monday morning. Yeti and I conferred after Monday night's tryout to go over who we thought stood out, and thankfully we agreed on a lot of the same players. The coaches will have some tough decisions to make for the all-star selections come Wednesday.

I was unable to see the Black team practice, so maybe some of our Black and Blue readers could comment and fill in with some information. It's always appreciated. The Black squad (2-0) is full of good players, including Stars' players Ryan Dzingel and Dominik Shine.

First up, the Red squad took on the Blue squad. Red won this close battle 3-2. Red improved to 2-1, while Blue dropped to 0-2. Scoring goals for the Red squad were Kyle Quick (D) (2 goals) and Tyler Deresky (F). Scoring for the Blue was Ian McGilvrey (F) (2 goals). Goaltender Luke Hafner played the entire game for the winning Red team, surrendering two goals. Goaltender Chris Paulin played the first half of the game for the Blue team and allowed one goal, while goaltender Kevin Murdock came in for the second half and allowed two goals. There was one tilt, as Blue's Jared Hanson (F) (5'11", 185) went up against Red's Steve Cook (D) (6'5", 210). Cook took the decision, but props go to Hanson for fighting an opponent six inches taller and 25 pounds heavier. Some players who stood out to me on the Red squad were Richard Coyne (D), Kyle Quick (D), Garrett Peterson (F), Adrian Copeland (F) and Tyler Deresky (F). Coyne is a very solid player who has played well every game so far, according to Yeti. Copeland made the all-star game at the Stars camp last year, and he brings energy and speed to the ice. He had a nice assist on Quick's first goal and generally created havoc throughout the game in the Blue zone. Some players who stood out for the Blue team were: Ben Oskroba (D), Jake Lynes (F), Ian McGilvrey (F), Jeff McMinimy (F) and Maxwell Vallis (F). These are a lot of the same players Yeti has already mentioned before, but they show up around the puck often. Oskroba moves well for a 6'6" defenseman. My MVP of this game was Kyle Quick with his two goals.

In the nightcap, the Yellow staved off a Grey comeback to win 4-3 in a shootout. Yellow improved to 1-2, while Grey fell to 1-1. Scoring for the Yellow squad were Chris Casto (D), Sam Alfieri (F) and Anthony Caruso (F). Scoring for the Grey team were Eric Scheid (F), Josh Berge (F) and Matt Prapavessis (D) (who is listed on Black's roster but was switched to the Grey team in exchange for Max Ross). In the shootout, Yellow's Kyle Lapenski (F) was the only shooter for either team to score. Goaltender Jim Kruger played the entire game for the Yellow team and allowed three goals. Goaltender Trevor Gutierrez also played the entire game for the Grey team, also allowing three goals. Some players from the winning Yellow team who stood out in my eyes: Chris Casto (D), Bryan Sinz (D) and Sam Alfieri (F). Casto scored on a great individual effort by walking through the entire Grey team. For the Grey, I liked: Matt Prapavessis (D), Josh Berge (F), Alec DeAngelo (F) and Eric Scheid (F). Berge was a beast on the ice, as I've heard he has been all week so far. He is an excellent playmaker with his vision, and he scored a really nice goal on a spin move between the circles. Scheid always seemed to be around the puck in the offensive zone for the Grey squad. Alec DeAngelo is a name that hasn't been mentioned before, but he played with a lot of energy and was hitting anything that moved. Prapavessis was the best defenseman in this game in my eyes, and that was before he scored the game-tying goal. He was very solid with the puck, composed in his zone and was pinpoint on some long passes down ice. My MVP of this game was Josh Berge. Even though his team lost, he showed a lot of things that Stars fans can be excited about come October.

Neither Yeti nor I will be in attendance Tuesday morning, so we would really appreciate lots of feedback from those who do attend. This is your chance to make your voice heard and say something different than what Yeti and I always say :) Thanks.

Team Standings
Black 2-0
Red 2-1
Grey 1-1
Yellow 1-2
Blue 0-2

Goals Scored
Josh Berge (F) - 2
Ian McGilvrey (F) - 2
Garrett Peterson (F) - 2
Kyle Quick (D) - 2
Dominik Shine (F) - 2
Maxwell Vallis (F) - 2
Sam Alfieri (F) - 1
Chris Casto (D) - 1
Anthony Caruso (F) - 1
Lawrence Childs (F) - 1
Nick Cruice (F) - 1
Tyler Deresky (F) - 1
Ryan Dzingel (F) - 1
Taylor Fraser (F) - 1
Austin Hervey (F) - 1
Matt Johnson (F) - 1
Tony Koehler (D) - 1
Jake Lynes (F) -1
Travis Maxwell (F) - 1
Ben Oskroba (D) - 1
William Platt (F) - 1
Matt Prapavessis (D) - 1
Joshua Roberts (F) - 1
Eric Scheid (F) - 1
Andrew Schmit (F) - 1
Will Suter (F) - 1
Shayne Toohey (D) - 1

Goalie Statistics

Luke Hafner - 3 GA in 75 mins
Jim Kruger - 3 GA in 75 mins
Kevin Murdock - 3 GA in 75 mins
Chris Paulin - 3 GA in 75 mins
Jonas Langmann - 5 GA in 75 mins
Peter Traber - 7 GA in 75 mins
Trevor Gutierrez - 9 GA in 150 mins


Anonymous said...

The 2nd goal for the Blue team was put in by McGilvery (11) and not Smoot. This was McGilvery's second goal of the game - and was scored when McGilvery was set up on the back post and put in a rebound from Hafner's pad.

Yeti said...


Thanks for the info. Actually, it was the first Blue goal that many of us didn't see. I wrote down Smoot, but apparently it was McGilvrey. I did note that McGilvrey got the second goal, but it was the first goal that was a mystery. Thanks for the clarification.

I did watch the Black practice, and the players that stood out to me were Filip Starzynski (F - great last name), Andrew Schmit (F), and Derek Knetter (D).

In the Blue vs. Red matchup, Adrean Copeland (F) looked really good. Copeland was at tryouts last season, and he impressed me with his speed. He's a little on the skinny side, however. I really didn't notice him much the first day, but he looked good yesterday. I think the two kids (Richard Coyne, Andrew Schmit) the Stars picked up from the Chicago Steel have a VERY good shot at making the roster. Kyle Quick (D) had 2 goals, but he's another guy I really didn't notice him the first day. I thought goaltender Luke Hafner played VERY well, and he would have been my MVP of this scrimmage. He was a big reason why the Red squad won this one. The Stars coaches are going to have a tough time deciding who is going to backup Kevin Murdock. Hafner, Gutierrez, and Langmann have all impressed me a lot.

In the second scrimmage between Yellow and Grey, I liked a lot of the players BT mentioned. Again, Berge was playing like a man possessed. Grey defenseman Michal Imrich looked good again, in my opinion. He's stood out to me a few times. Imrich is originally from Slovakia. Kyle Lampenski (F) for Yellow played very physical, and he's a big kid (6'5", 230 pounds).

BT and I were not able to attend the Tuesday morning sessions, but a couple of faithful blog readers are, and they will be giving me their reports later today. BT and I will be in attendance Tuesday evening for those sessions. As soon as I can later tonight, I will update the blog with more info. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the first goal happened very quickly. The puck was in the corner being fought over when McGilvrey jumped in and came out with it. McGilvrey then drove straight to the net and went top with a dirty backhander. We were in the corner close to the play and even had a hard time because the play happened so fast. Quick kid and a faster shot.

Yeti said...

Thanks for scanning the tryout roster, BT! I appreciate it.

When the rosters were first handed out Sunday night, a few corrections were noted on a different sheet of paper. Those corrections to the original roster sheet are noted below.

#4 Black = Reed Finch (D)
#5 Black = Max Ross (D)
#2 Grey = Michal Imrich (D)
#5 Grey = Matt Prapavessis (D)

StarsHcky said...

Sounds like some good hockey is going on! Sounds like berge is doing pretty good but how are the rest of the returning players doing @ the camp?