Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day 3 (morning)

Thanks to BT for posting the tryout roster pictured on the left.  You can view the roster by clicking on the image. When the page loads, the print will be small. You can zoom in on the page by holding down "Ctrl" and pressing the "+" key. 

****I want to give a big thanks to "Steven," who volunteered the following Tuesday morning recap.  I really appreciate his help.  Great recap!  I see a lot of the same players highlighted that BT and I have noticed.  That said, here is Steven's article!

The first game of Tuesday morning's session had the Grey squad take on the Blue squad. It was an exciting game with a lot of offensive action. Blue came away with the 3-2 overtime win. Scoring goals for the Blue squad were Ian McGilvrey (F), Ilya Silik (F) and Maxwell Vallis (F). Vallis got the game-winner with about 17 seconds remaining in overtime, the Grey squad had pulled their goalie and Vallis broke loose on a break-away and was tripped from behind. A penalty shot was awarded to Vallis and he put the game-winner past Grey's goalie Kevin Murdock. The Blue squad used two goalies, Jonas Langmann played the first half of the game and allowed one goal, Trevor Gutierrez also allowed one goal in the second half of the game. Scoring goals for the Grey squad were Michael Sardella (F) and Eric Scheid (F). In goal for the Grey squad was Kevin Murdock, although he gave up three goals, I felt he had a real good showing. The Blue squad peppered him with shots early and often and he was up to the task and made a lot of big saves. Some Blue players that caught my eye were John McCarron (F), Jake Lynes (F), Zack Smoot (F), Ian McGilvrey (F), and Trevor Gutierrez (G). On the Grey squad players that impressed me were Eric Scheid (F), and Matt Prapavessis (D).  There was one fight in the game, it had Grey's Mike Miller (6'2", 212lbs) take on Blue's Ross McMullan (6'4", 195lbs).  I personally would call it a draw. McMullan had an early explosion of punches, but Miller came back and landed his fair share towards the end. It was a good fight and pretty close. If I had to pick an MVP, I would have to go with Kevin Murdock, like I said before, even though he surrendered three goals he faced a bunch of shots and came up with huge saves.

In the second game of the morning session the Red squad shut out the Black squad by a score of 2-0. Goal scorers for the Red team were Gage Hough (F) and Jake Diamond (F), I did not get a good look at Hough's goal, but the 2nd goal for Red was on a nice 2-on-0, Diamond took a pass and put it in the net. Both goalies in this one played the entire game. Getting the shutout for the Red squad was Peter Traber and for the Black squad it was Jim Kruger (2 Goals allowed). I thought both goalies had good games, obviously Traber's shutout speaks for itself, but Kruger did a lot of good things as well. He made a few good up-ice passes to catch the Red squad in line changes. For the Red team I came away impressed with Garrett Moore (F) he didn't register a goal but he was a great skater and moved the puck well, no one could touch him. Also, Garrett Peterson (F), Tyler Deresky (F), Gage Hough (F), and Peter Traber (G). Players on the Black team that impressed me were Andrew Schmit (F) who is a big physical forward but has pretty good skill and speed for a big body, Dominik Shine (F), Filip Starzynki (F), Shayne Toohey (D), and Peter Traber (G). In this game there were two fights. The first fight had Black's Andrew Schmit (6'4", 220lbs) take on Red's Tyler Dereskey (6'0", 185lbs), an obvious advantage went to Schmit due to his size, but there were really no punches landed by either guys, they were pretty much tangled up from the beginning, with Schmit getting a take down to end it. The second fight had Black's Ryan Dzingel (5'11", 170lbs) take on Red's Jake Diamond (5'10", 205lbs). I'd again have to say this was a draw. Diamond came out fast and locked up Dzingel, but again not many punches were thrown or landed by either guy. For this game, the MVP goes to Peter Traber, hard to deny a goalie who posts a shutout the MVP spot. 

Team Standings
Red 3-1
Black 2-1
Grey 1-2
Yellow 1-2
Blue 1-2

Goals Scored
Ian McGilvrey (F) - 3
Maxwell Vallis (F) - 3
Josh Berge (F) - 2
Garrett Peterson (F) - 2
Kyle Quick (D) - 2
Eric Scheid (F) - 2
Dominik Shine (F) - 2
Sam Alfieri (F) - 1
Chris Casto (D) - 1
Anthony Caruso (F) - 1
Lawrence Childs (F) - 1
Nick Cruice (F) - 1
Tyler Deresky (F) - 1
Jake Diamond (F) - 1
Ryan Dzingel (F) - 1
Taylor Fraser (F) - 1
Austin Hervey (F) - 1
Gage Hough (F) - 1
Matt Johnson (F) - 1
Tony Koehler (D) - 1
Jake Lynes (F) -1
Travis Maxwell (F) - 1
Ben Oskroba (D) - 1
William Platt (F) - 1
Matt Prapavessis (D) - 1
Joshua Roberts (F) - 1
Michael Sardella (F) - 1
Andrew Schmit (F) - 1
Ilya Silik (F) - 1
Will Suter (F) - 1
Shayne Toohey (D) - 1

Goalie Statistics

Luke Hafner - 3 GA in 75 mins
Chris Paulin - 3 GA in 75 mins
Jonas Langmann - 6 GA in 100 mins
Jim Kruger - 5 GA in 125 mins
Kevin Murdock - 6 GA in 125 mins
Peter Traber - 7 GA in 125 mins
Trevor Gutierrez - 10 GA in 175 mins


Anonymous said...

I was at the Sunday night practice and scrimmages and I met Max Vallis' Dad in the stands while his team practiced. After his practice Max came up and seemed like a really great kid very polite and down to earth so I'm glad to see he has been performing well in the games. His Dad was amazed to hear how many we average at our games. It was great to meet Yeti as well. Also I thought Josh Berge was really playing well and showing some real leadership getting his team warmed up just seemed to be outworking everyone a little. Any bets on our Captain this season???? The other plyer who always seemed to get my attention was Coyne. Where I was standing it seemed like he was dealing out some good hard clean and most impressive in control checks.

Wish I could be at the rest of camp but thanks to all who keep this blog so well.....


Yeti said...

I just got home from the Tuesday night sessions. I'm super tired, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to type up the Tuesday evening recap. A lot of the players that stood out to me the past few days stood out again tonight. Defenseman Richard Coyne continues to impress me, and he'd be my vote as top newcomer at the tryouts.

BT will be at the tryout all-star game Wednesday morning, so look for his recap later during the day.