Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day 3 (Evening)

The Lincoln Stars wrapped up Tuesday evening with another team practice and two scrimmages.  A good turnout of Stars fans made the trip north on I-80 to get a glimpse of the players who will make up the roster next season for the Black and Blue.  For many, this was the last opportunity to watch live hockey until the Fall Classic in late September.  BT and I will be in attendance today for the camp all-star game.  As soon as we can, we'll report back with the results of the game and the players who made the all-star roster.  With that said, let me ramble on about the Tuesday evening tryout sessions.

First up Tuesday night, the Red squad participated in a team practice, led by the three Lincoln coaches.  The coaches had the players skate some different drills in this practice that I hadn't seen before in the other team practices.  Again, it's just practice, but the Red players who caught my eye were Adrean Copeland (F), William Platt (F), Tyler Deresky (F), and Richard Coyne (D).  I've mentioned Coyne a lot lately the past couple of days, and he certainly deserves the attention.  He's a big kid who moves very well, and has quick feet.  With so many defenseman roster spots available this season, I think Coyne is a lock to make the team.  Goaltenders Kevin Murdock and Trevor Gutierrez also participated in this practice.

The first scrimmage Tuesday night showcased the Blue team vs. the Yellow team.  Going into this scrimmage, both squads had a record of 1-2.  This scrimmage went to overtime with the Blue squad winning 2-1.  Scoring for the Blue team was Jake Lynes (F), and John McCarron (F).  McCarron's goal in OT was the game winner.  The lone Yellow goal came from Kyle Lapenskie (F).  Goaltender Luke Hafner played the first half of the game for the Blue team, and gave up 0 goals.  Goaltender Jim Kruger played the second half of the game for Blue and gave up 1 goal.  Goaltender Jonas Langmann played the entire game for the Yellow squad, and surrendered 2 goals.  There were no fights in this scrimmage.  Players from the Blue team who stood out to me were Zack Smoot (F), Jared Hanson (F), Ian McGilvrey (F), Jake Lynes (F), and Ben Oskroba (D).  Players from the Yellow team who impressed me with their play were Bryan Sinz (D), Cam Bleck (F), Brad Hawkinson (F), and Kyle Lapenskie (F).  I'm going to pick co-MVP's from this game, as I thought Blue forwards Zack Smoot and Jared Hanson both played with a lot of energy.  Smoot and Hanson were on the same line, and the two created a number of chances on offense.

The last scrimmage Tuesday evening featured a matchup between the Grey squad and the Black squad.  Coming into this scrimmage, the Grey team was 1-2, and the Black team was 2-1.  Like the earlier scrimmage, this was another low scoring contest.  The Grey team won this one by a score of 2-1.  Scoring goals for the Grey squad was Mickey Bastings (F), and Joshua Roberts (F).  The goal from Roberts was the game winning goal.  The lone goal scored by Black came from Ryan Dzingel (F).  Goaltender Chris Paulin played the entire scrimmage for the Grey team, giving up the one goal.  Goaltender Peter Traber played the entire scrimmage for the Black team, giving up two goals.  Surprisingly, there were also no fights in this scrimmage either.  Players from the Grey team who caught my eye were Alec Deangelo (F), Michal Imrich (D), Cory Sellers (D), Brad Wilhelm (F), and Eric Scheid (F).  Players from the Black team who stood out were Andrew Schmit (F), Filip Starzynski (F), Matt Prapavessis (F), and Jeremy Finger (F).  Even though he didn't have any goals in this scrimmage, my MVP goes to Grey forward Alec Deangelo (F).  Deangelo is a smaller, speedy forward who plays big despite his size (5'9", 168lbs).  Deangelo played for Team Illinois last season, the same club that has produced some very good Lincoln players in the past like Rick Carden, Chris Forfar, and Garrett Peterson.

Great action, once again.  I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but the talent level at this years camp has been really impressive, in my opinion.  Regarding the goaltenders in attendance, the Lincoln coaches will have a hard decision to make in regards to who is selected along with Kevin Murdock.  Honestly, I think you could make a case for any of the other 6 goaltenders in camp.  I'd hate to even guess at who will be selected.  Maybe the coaches will surprise me and protect three goaltenders, and bring all of them to the Fall Classic in Sioux City.  We'll have to wait and see.

Keep an eye out for BT's all-star recap later today.  Thanks.

Final Team Standings
Red 3-1
Black 2-2
Blue 2-2Grey 2-2
Yellow 1-3

Goals Scored
Ian McGilvrey (F) - 3
Maxwell Vallis (F) - 3
Josh Berge (F) - 2
Ryan Dzingel (F) - 2
Jake Lynes (F) - 2
Garrett Peterson (F) - 2
Kyle Quick (D) - 2
Joshua Roberts (F) - 2
Eric Scheid (F) - 2
Dominik Shine (F) - 2
Sam Alfieri (F) - 1
Mickey Bastings (F) - 1
Chris Casto (D) - 1
Anthony Caruso (F) - 1
Lawrence Childs (F) - 1
Nick Cruice (F) - 1
Tyler Deresky (F) - 1
Jake Diamond (F) - 1
Taylor Fraser (F) - 1
Austin Hervey (F) - 1
Gage Hough (F) - 1
Matt Johnson (F) - 1
Tony Koehler (D) - 1
Kyle Lapenskie (F) - 1
Travis Maxwell (F) - 1
John  McCarron (F) - 1
Ben Oskroba (D) - 1
William Platt (F) - 1
Matt Prapavessis (D) - 1
Michael Sardella (F) - 1
Andrew Schmit (F) - 1
Ilya Silik (F) - 1
Will Suter (F) - 1
Shayne Toohey (D) - 1

Goalie Statistics

Luke Hafner - 3 GA in 100 mins
Kevin Murdock - 6 GA in 125 mins
Chris Paulin - 4 GA in 125 mins
Jim Kruger - 6 GA in 150 mins
Jonas Langmann - 8 GA in 150 mins
Trevor Gutierrez - 10 GA in 175 mins
Peter Traber - 9 GA in 175 mins


Moody said...

Thanks for keeping me posted on all of the action !!! GO STARS !!

StarsHcky said...

Was @ the all star game and it looked pretty good. 2 questions... how many players do we cut down to after camp and when will the cut roster be made public?

Yeti said...


The Stars have to cut down to 25 players by July 1st. The list of those players should be announced soon after that. As soon as we have that 25-player protected list, we'll post it here.