Monday, June 14, 2010

Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day 2 (Morning)

Bright and early Monday morning, the Stars resumed their 2010 tryout camp at the Moylan Tranquility Iceplex in Omaha, NE.  Although the fan turnout wasn't as heavy as it was Sunday night, there was still a good number of folks who were treated to some early morning hockey.  I know it's early, but I do have to mention that I have pleasantly impressed with the level of hockey so far.  Last year at tryouts, I really wasn't blown away.  There are some very good players in camp this year, and I am very excited to see some of these players in a Lincoln Stars uniform this fall.

First up Monday morning was a team practice for the players on the Grey squad.  Again, all three of the Lincoln coaches were on the ice instructing the players through numerous drills.  The players were not allowed much rest in between drills, so this was another fast-paced practice.  Players on the Grey squad who impressed me during the practice were Nick Cruice (F), Josh Berge (F), Michal Imrich (D), Lucas Whelan (D), and Brad Wilhelm (F).  Josh Berge really was hustling on the ice, and considering he is just coming off a very major injury, I was really impressed with his speed and maneuverability.  He was going all out in practice, which shows very good leadership, in my opinion.  Goaltenders Luke Hafner and Jim Kruger participated in the practice.

The first scrimmage held Monday morning was between the Black and Blue squads.  Good colors.  Anyway, this was a very exciting scrimmage with plenty of action.  The Black squad got off to a sluggish start in the scrimmage, which isn't surprising because they played the last scrimmage late Sunday night.  The Black squad won this game in OT shootout, 5-4.  Scoring goals in regulation for Blue was Maxwell Vallis (F) (2 goals), Jake Lynes (F), and Ben Oskroba (D).  Scoring goals in regulation for Black was Dominik Shine (F), Lawrence Childs (F), Shayne Toohey (D), and Austin Hervey (F).  After a scoreless 5 minute overtime period, this scrimmage went to a shootout.  Scoring goals in the overtime shootout for Blue was Ilya Silik (F).  Scoring goals in the overtime shootout for Black was Lawrence Childs (F), and Filip Starzynski (F)Goaltender Trevor Gutierrez played the entire scrimmage, and gave up 4 goals for the Blue squad.  Goaltender Jonas Langmann played the first half of the scrimmage, and gave up 2 goals for the Black team.  Goaltender Peter Traber played the second half of the scrimmage and also gave up 2 goals for the Black team.  Players on the Blue squad who impressed me were Maxwell Vallis (F), Jake Lynes (F), Ian McGilvrey (F), Ilya Silik (F), and Josh Bretner (D).  Players on the Black squad who impressed me were Dominik Shine (F), Nick Cecere (D), Lawrence Childs (F), Trevor Gutierrez (G), and Sacha Guimond (D).  There were no fights in this game.  I know it's early, but I believe these are the top two teams in the Stars tryout camp.  Black forward Maxwell Vallis scored two goals, and had many other opportunities to score goals, so I picked him to be my MVP of this scrimmage.   

The second scrimmage of the morning featured the Red squad against the Yellow squad.  This scrimmage wasn't as faced paced as the earlier scrimamge, and each team had issues generating chances on offense.  This was the third straight scrimmage that went into overtime, with the Red team winning 2-1 over Yellow.  Scoring goals for the Red squad was Garrett Peterson (F), and William Platt (F).  The lone Yellow goal was scored by Will Suter (F)Goaltender Kevin Murdock played the entire scrimmage for the Red team, and he surrendered one goal.  Goaltender Chris Paulin played the entire scrimmage for the Yellow team, and he surrendered two goals.  Players from the Red team who impressed me were Jake Diamond (F), Richard Coyne (D), Garrett Peterson (F), and Kevin Murdock (G).  Players from the Yellow team who impressed me were Sam Alfieri (F), Will Suter (F), and Chris Casto (D).  There were no fights in this scrimmage.  The Red and Yellow squad have each scored 3 goals in two scrimmages thus far, so both teams haven't really been able to do much on offense.  My MVP of this game was forward Garrett Peterson.  Petey was all over the ice, hitting anything that moved, and added one goal. 

I will be attending the Monday evening sessions, so I will try to summarize those events later tonight or tomorrow morning.  Again, if you were at any of these tryout sessions, feel free to give us your thoughts.  Thanks.

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Yeti said...

Just got back from the evening sessions. BT is going to write up a recap for Monday night, so stay tuned for that. That will come tonight or tomorrow.

More great action tonight at the tryouts. Stars fans should be happy to hear that there are a lot of kids playing very well, which should make the coaches decisions very difficult.

The best player on the ice so far is Josh Berge, and it's not even close. For a guy who is coming off a major knee injury, Berge has played extremely well. He's out there going 100% every shift, creating offensive chances and throwing his body around. He probably already had a spot on the final Stars roster before camp started, so to see him bust his butt on the ice has been fun to watch. He's leading by example, which is what the vets should be doing.