Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - All Star Game

The Lincoln Stars wrapped up their 2010 Tryout Camp with the All-Star Game Wednesday morning at Moylan Tranquility Iceplex. Forty-two players of the original 89 players were selected to compete in the game. The lines are listed below:

Edit: Thanks to Brandon Anderson for the shot of Kevin Murdock (pictured to the left). I will be posting more of Brandon's photos from the tryout camp soon.

Team Black
Austin Hervey ('92) - Ryan Dzingel ('92) - Sam Alfieri ('91)
Eric Scheid ('92) - Jake Lynes ('91) - John McCarron ('92)
Gage Hough ('93) - Garrett Peterson ('91) - Thomas Schutt ('93)
Cam Bleck ('94) - Jeff McMinimy ('92) - Luke Johnson ('94)

Ben Oskroba ('90) - Frank Misuraca ('91)
Matt Prapavessis ('91) - Cole Martin ('94)
Paul Ladue ('92) - Bryan Sinz ('92)
Nick Cecere ('90)

Luke Hafner ('92)
Trevor Gutierrez ('93)

Team White
Kyle Lapenskie ('91) - Josh Berge ('90) - Brad Wilhelm ('92)
Dominik Shine ('93) - Jared Hanson ('93) - Andrew Schmit ('91)
Nick Cruice ('92) - Tyler Deresky ('92) - Lennie Childs ('91)
Filip Starzynski ('93) - Brad Hawkinson ('94) - Alec Deangelo ('92)

Josh Bretner ('93) - Chris Casto ('91)
Lucas Whelan ('91) - Richard Coyne ('91)
Kyle Quick ('91) - Kevin Zugec ('93)
Steve Cook ('91)

Kevin Murdock ('90)
Jim Kruger ('92)

Team Black defeated Team White, 7-2, in the 60-minute scrimmage. Black scored five goals in the first 30 minutes to claim the 5-0 lead heading into the intermission. John McCarron started the scoring by crashing the net on an Eric Scheid shot. McCarron buried the shot just outside the crease for the 1-0 lead. Gage Hough made it 2-0 on a shot off a nice cross-ice pass from Paul Ladue. Jeff McMinimy then redirected a shot from the point from Bryan Sinz, but goaltender Jim Kruger made the initial save. However, McMinimy buried the rebound for a 3-0 lead. Current Stars then hooked up as Sam Alfieri fed Ryan Dzingel for a 4-0 lead. Ben Oskroba blasted a slapshot off a pass from Matt Prapavessis for the final tally of the period. Oskroba also had a slapshot ricochet off the post earlier in the game. The Black squad fed off its goaltender, Luke Hafner. Hafner was phenomenal when he had to be and pitched the shutout in net. Kruger allowed the five goals in the first period.

Following intermission, Team Black took a 6-0 lead on some very nice teamwork. Gage Hough skated into the zone and found Thomas Schutt, who made a great one-time pass to Garrett Peterson, who scored on White goaltender Kevin Murdock. White finally got on the board when defenseman Chris Casto skated into the zone and crashed the net on his own shot and finished past Black goaltender Trevor Gutierrez to make it 6-1. White scored soon after to make it 6-2 when Jared Hanson slammed home a rebound off Alec Deangelo's shot. White pulled its goaltender for the final five minutes of the game, and Ryan Dzingel scored his second goal of the game on the empty net with less than a minute left. There were two fights in the game. First, Black's Garrett Peterson took the decision against White's Jared Hanson. Then White's Dominik Shine landed some blows on Black's Bryan Sinz and didn't allow him to throw a punch before it ended.

Scoring Summary (we didn't really keep of track of second assists)
Black - McCarron (Scheid) 1-0
Black - Hough (Ladue) 2-0
Black - McMinimy (Sinz) 3-0
Black - Dzingel (Alfieri) 4-0
Black - Oskroba (Prapavessis) - 5-0
Black - Peterson (Schutt, Hough) - 6-0
White - Casto (unassisted) 6-1
White - Hanson (Deresky) 6-2
Black - Dzingel (empty-net) 7-2

Hafner (Black) - 0 goals allowed in 30 mins
Kruger (White) - 5 goals allowed in 30 mins
Gutierrez - 2 goals allowed in 30 mins
Murdock - 1 goal allowed in 25 mins

BT's Analysis
There was some great offensive teamwork on display from Team Black in this game. Yeti and I were really impressed with the way some of these players played together. The Hervey-Dzingel-Alfieri line was very good, and it was still very good when McMinimy played with Hervey and Alfieri occasionally. McMinimy was a player who stood out with his hustle and nose for the puck. Hervey is great in front of the net and along the boards. Gage Hough was a player who impressed me a lot. He seems to do a lot of things very well. Dzingel was Dzingel and Peterson was Peterson. Jake Lynes is a talented forward and his size (6'3") is always a plus. Hafner all but secured a spot on the team in my mind with his shutout. He allowed fewer goals than any goalie in camp, and made some great saves when it looked like White should have scored. On defense, I liked Oskroba and Prapavessis. They have some valuable offensive skills.

For Team White, it was tough to tell who stood out offensively because they didn't generate a ton of great scoring chances. Jared Hanson played well enough, in my opinion, to earn a spot. Hanson plays with a lot of energy and will drop the gloves with anyone. Kyle Lapenskie, at 6'5", 230, is a load to handle. He was good along the boards and a big body in front of the net. I won't be surprised if any of the White squad forwards make the team, and I won't be surprised if any of them don't make it (except for Shine and Berge). Kevin Murdock will be on the Stars next year, that's a no-brainer. On defense, Chris Casto is very good with the puck on his stick. I think he's a lock, as is Richard Coyne. I like the speed of Josh Bretner as well. Kyle Quick had a couple goals in tryouts.

Really, the roster would be very hard to predict, so I'm not going to try on here. I just want to congratulate the Stars organization on a successful camp and for taking care of the fans that came up (plenty of roster sheets always available). It was another great year at Tranquility and the talent level looks to be better this year. We'd love to hear some comments from those of you that attended one or all of the sessions. Who stood out in your eyes?

Final Goal Leaders
(* = made All-Star Game)
*Ryan Dzingel (F) - 4
*Garrett Peterson (F) - 3
Ian McGilvrey (F) - 3
Maxwell Vallis (F) - 3
*Josh Berge (F) - 2
*Chris Casto (D) - 2
*Gage Hough (F) - 2
*Jake Lynes (F) - 2
*John McCarron (F) - 2
*Ben Oskroba (D) - 2
*Kyle Quick (D) - 2
Joshua Roberts (F) - 2
*Eric Scheid (F) - 2
*Dominik Shine (F) - 2
*Sam Alfieri (F) - 1
Mickey Bastings (F) - 1
Anthony Caruso (F) - 1
*Lennie Childs (F) - 1
*Nick Cruice (F) - 1
*Tyler Deresky (F) - 1
Jake Diamond (F) - 1
Taylor Fraser (F) - 1
*Jared Hanson (F) - 1
*Austin Hervey (F) - 1
Matt Johnson (F) - 1
Tony Koehler (D) - 1
*Kyle Lapenskie (F) - 1
Travis Maxwell (F) - 1
*Jeff McMinimy (F) - 1
William Platt (F) - 1
*Matt Prapavessis (D) - 1
Michael Sardella (F) - 1
*Andrew Schmit (F) - 1
Ilya Silik (F) - 1
Will Suter (F) - 1
Shayne Toohey (D) - 1

Final Goalie Statistics
*Luke Hafner - 3 GA in 130 mins
*Kevin Murdock - 7 GA in 150 mins
*Jim Kruger - 11 GA in 180 mins
*Trevor Gutierrez - 12 GA in 205 mins
Chris Paulin - 4 GA in 125 mins
Jonas Langmann - 8 GA in 150 mins
Peter Traber - 9 GA in 175 mins


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the excellent report about the all star game at the camp. I'm sure I will be following your blog a lot this year. It seems that the stars have a lot of great fans.

Anonymous said...

now i don't necessarily know how the whole allstar selections are made, but i was noticing that there are a few of the top goal scorers that weren't at the allstar game, do you know why that is?

Yeti said...

First Anon,

I'm assuming you are talking about Vallis and McGilvrey. Those were two names I was expecting to see on the all-star roster. I don't know what to tell you. There were a number of players that impressed me during the week that were not on the all-star roster. It happens every season. We're not coaches, we're just fans of the team. The coaches see a lot more than we do as fans during the tryout camp. It's a head-scratcher for sure, but that's why the coaches make the big bucks.

Yeti said...

First of all, thanks to BT for an outstanding recap. Much appreciated.

For a mid-week scrimmage, I was really impressed with the amount of Lincoln fans in attendance today. I think a lot of the player parents were surprised at how many of us showed up to these scrimmages. We love our Stars, and it certainly showed this week.

Anyway, my abbreviated thoughts on the game. I thought the Black team today really came out strong today, and utilized their team speed to the fullest. The scoring on the Black team was very well distributed. Just about every line on the Black squad looked good. Black forward Jeff McMinimy would have been my MVP of the game. McMinimy forechecked like a demon, and seemed to work very well with his linemates. Cam Bleck didn't score any goals, but this youngster really impressed me with his speed and puck-handling today. As an undrafted '94, Bleck must have impressed the coaches to make the all-star team. He's not big (5'7", 150 pounds), but he certainly wasn't afraid to play in the corners. Bleck is someone I hope the Stars consider putting on their affiliate list. He might not be ready this season, but I think he's definitely one to watch for the future.

Goaltender Luke Hafner played very well in the first half of the game, shutting down the White squad. I think that Hafner probably locked up the backup spot for Murdock with his play today. Despite the score, the White team had some very good chances early on in this game, but Hafner stood on his head.

On defense, I think newcomers Ben Oskroba, Chris Costa, and Richard Coyne are locks to make the roster. All three are good sized d-men who have quick feet and move the puck well. Matt Prapavessis was a kid who grew on me each time I saw him play. He's another d-man who has a good shot at making the roster, in my opinion.

At forward, the Stars have a number of young newcomers to choose from. Hervey, Lynes, Scheid, Bleck, Wilhelm, and Schmit all have a good shot at making the roster. Gage Hough was a kid who really didn't stand out to me previously, but he looked very good today.

It will be interesting to see who makes the 25-player protected list, which the coaches must decide on before the July 1st deadline. A number of other players will be protected by the Stars on their affiliate list. As we get closer to the July 1st deadline, BT and I will probably post our 25-player roster predictions.

Enough babbling from me. Thanks again to the Lincoln Stars organization for hosting this event in Omaha again. It's great to be able to watch these scrimmages in person. Only three months until the Fall Classic!

Anonymous said...

I want to say what a tryout this year....I was bummed that several of the players I liked didnt make it but they sure did look good in the tryouts...I can't wait to see the final roster....I have a GOOD feeling about the 2010-2011 year...GO STARS!!!!! Way to got Dzingel on leading scorer and Peterson and Shine on their fights...they were tough...and I think they got alot of respect from fellow players...

StarsHcky said...

I would say the reason for some of the top scorers not making it is because the coaches can't just pick the top 10 goal scorers to make the team, they need different players with strengths in different areas. The fact that we have so many good forwards able to return next year means instead of just picking the best forwards at camp the coaches are picking forwards to go with the returning players from last year. Instead of just picking players, they are filling holes from last year and molding the new players around the old players, if that makes sense.

But after what I saw at camp, I have confidence in the coaches and am really excited for the season to start.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the talent pool was good this year. I can't wait for Fall. I think things will be much better at the ice box this season. Go Stars!

Anonymous said...

From reading your reports I didn't see Luke Johnson mentioned, except for being in the All-Star game. Can you tell me how he looked? Any chance he could play in the USHL this year or no? Also how about Paul Ladue?

Anonymous said...


Schmit and Coyne for a 4th round pick? Either of them would have been worth the trade, but to get both, are you kidding? Both looked good all week.

Yeti said...

Anon @ 8:26pm,

To be honest, Johnson was a kid I really didn't notice much during camp. I'm just one set of eyes, and I'm not a who knows. I think he's still a year or two away from the USHL, but that's just my opinion. Similarly, Ladue also was a player that didn't really catch my eye during camp. Both players played well today, however.

Anon @ 9:00pm,

I can't confirm that Coyne and Schmit were acquired for a 4th round pick. A Steel fan on the FYC message board posted that info, and he seemed like someone who was in the know. Brent Wagner of the Lincoln Journal Star reported that Coyne was picked up for a 5th round pick, so I don't know what to believe. Regardless, both players impressed the heck out of me at camp. I'd be surprised if both aren't in the Stars lineup at the Fall Classic in September.

Anonymous said...

I've got to throw Coach McG a little way to go here. We didn't get to see much of what Berge brings to the team last year since he got injured shortly after getting to Lincoln. Seeing how he performed this week not only as a player but someone who appeared to be setting an example and discussing things with recruits etc. trading for him seems pretty smart now. No wonder he was Tri City's Captain.

One stat that wasn't captured by the bloggers (no criticism just a point to make) is assists. Some goal scorers aren't necessarily the best fit in a team. I'm sure the Coaches get a little better set of stats than what can be caught from the bleachers. Also there may be school issues and plenty of other things that 16-20 year olds and junior hockey coaches have to deal with that we as fans don't always see.

Anyway thanks again to Yeti, Bells Tolls and everyone else that contributes to this blog to keep us Stars addicts from going nuts.

Ready for October
Hockey Max

BellTolls said...

Hockey Max,

absolutely assists are a huge part of the game. Yeti and I have a hard enough time just keeping track of all the goals :) You can't just take all the top goal scorers because some of these goals are just tap-ins after somebody else does all the hard work. We're just stat nerds :)

Anon at 8:26, Ladue made several nice passes today. I still think Johnson is a year away from the USHL, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

input on hanson? i was very impressed, and held his own against petey. and that goal want your average tap in rebound, he backhand toed it around the goalie, at full speed.


PeruStarsFan said...

I do have a minor correction to make to the main posting. For the second goal for the White Team, Tyler Deresky had the assist. He carried the puck across the blue line and snapped of an awesome shot low glove which was kicked out for the juicy rebound. Great Shot, Great Net presence, and Great Point.

PeruStarsFan said...

This was my first year at tryouts, and I want to thank all of the fans that turned out. It was an awesome site. We had more people at the tryouts than Team USA has at their games. Sorry, just had to say that. It was an awesome experience. There has not been much good said about the white team, but it should be noted that they played with an open net for 5 1/2 minutes before allowing a goal. That shows that they picked up the tempo and intensity from the first period.

I am glad I am not on the coaching staff for this one.

BellTolls said...

thanks Peru. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Lancers and Stars are playing an exhibition game in Omaha on September 18. Right now, it's scheduled at Hitchcock.

Yeti said...

Anon at 10:15pm,

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. Can I ask where you found that info?

Anonymous said...

It came from someone in the Lancers organization. Don't know why it wouldn't be at the Civic. But Bliss wants it at Motto because it has more seating than the olympic sheet at Tranquility.

starshcky said...

Anyone else notice that all of the draft pics that came to camp all ended up in the allstar game along with the 3 futures picks that were @ camp? Thought it was interesting and obviously means some good scouting by the coaches! Can't wait for more hockey but september seems so far away!

New Hockey Fan said...

A player's mom said the guys would find out who made the final cut right after the All Star game. Any chance that we can find out who made the roster?

Yeti said...

The Stars have until 7/1 to submit their 25-player protected roster to the USHL. Until then, it's a guessing game. Coaches talk to the players, let them know if they've made the next cut or not, and word gets out. I've already heard a couple rumors, but until I see something from the Stars, I don't know what to believe. Last year, we didn't hear anything from the Stars until July 7th. Hopefully this year we'll get that roster sooner.

PeruStarsFan said...

I heard that the roster has been cut to 30 but it has to be down to 25 by Jul 1, and the team can only carry 23 during the season. It would be nice to know who is for sure, and who is sitting on the fence.

Yeti said...

Keep in mind also that the Stars will likely protect a number of other players by putting them on their affiliate list. The Stars will likely bring more than 25 players to Sioux City for the Fall Classic. After that event, like PeruStarsFan mentioned above, the coaches will cut down again to 23 players. Those 23 players will start the regular season for Lincoln

A lot can happen to the roster between now and then. There is still quite a bit of roster shuffling to be done. In the meantime, we just have to be patient. As soon as BT or I get any roster information, we will post it here.

Also, the Stars normally release their season schedule in early July, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Anonymous said...

How would you rank the top 3 goalies??

starshcky said...

Isn't there going to be a exhibition game in kearney this year too? I thought we had a deal to have it in lincoln last year and then in kearney this year. Just something I remembered and didn't know if anyone knew anything about that. I don't care what kind of hockey it is, I just can't wait for the season to start!

Yeti said...

Anon at 8:15pm,

Just my opinion from what I saw at tryouts, but I would rank Kevin Murdock first, Lukas Hafner second, and Trevor Gutierrez third.


I believe you are correct. If the Lancers rumor is true, the Stars would play at least two preseason games this fall (both on the road).

PeruStarsFan said...


I would agree with the way you have the goalies ranked. Hafner was awesome during the Alstar game. White did have some good offensive moments, just to have him shut them down. It took two really great plays and heads up hockey to score the two they did.

lincolnfan said...

i'm really excited for next season! i think we're going to have a great team. with a large number of returning players, a returning, very experienced goalie (Murdock), and a number of talented other players we will be getting, there's lots of things to look forward to... last year we lost a lot of players and seemed to not have any players that really stood out coming in. that seems way different this year, which is good.

a couple off topic things i wanted to mention/ask about: anyone else surprised McGroarty is still around? honestly, i'd like to see him stick around with the Stars organization. i was always kinda a fan of him, and i think he could contribute a lot. however, despite him being offered the position of "associate head coach", i was just expecting him to move on to another team as an assistant or perhaps move to another league to coach. i thought he would have left by now, but since he's stuck around for the tryouts and everything, it leads me to believe he actually intends to stick around for next season.

also, with the schedule likely coming out before too long, what is everyone hoping for? i'm thinking that we should try to have more games in the first half of the season. it seems like we have very few games in october, november, and december.. then we have tons of games in january and february. i think we actually went maybe 4 weekends with games on both friday and saturday in feburary/january, and maybe even threw in a week night game in there too. i think it's beneficial to the team to have it spread out more. also, with adding more teams, it will be interesting to see what they end up doing with the divisions.. will that be announced along with the schedule i assume? kinda hoping we are able to keep Omaha and Tri-City as our rivals... we only played them maybe 2 times at home last year though, which was kinda unfortunate. will be interesting to see what happens with all of this...