Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congrats to Dominik Shine!

According to the Lincoln Stars Facebook page, Stars forward Dominik Shine has committed to play collegiate hockey for the Ohio State University.  It is unknown to me what year Shine will begin playing for OSU (2011 or 2012).  Shine played in 54 games for the Stars last season, accumulating 29 points (15g, 14a) and 165 penalty minutes.  Shine will join fellow Stars foward Ryan Dzingel at the Ohio State University.  Dzingel had committed to the Buckeyes previously.  Shine and Dzingel are two young promising forwards who will be be counted on to lead the Stars offense next season.

Congrats to Dominik! 


new Hockey Fan said...

Congratulations to Dominik and also to Ryan! I really enjoyed watching both play at tryout camp, and can't wait for this season. I'm glad they will be ours for at least one more season!

tzweeb said...

really great to see our guys getting some props in the off season!! good job guys and a well deserved reward for your hard work!!

tzweeb said...

ok so i havent been here for a while.. anybody else really pissed off about the UNL charging to get into the "state fair" to park???
i am a season ticket holder and will be renewing my tickets, and will get a "free" pass to park, but what will it cost me in gas to wait in lines to get in????
if the same crappy people run the entrance that do it for the state fair and the basketball games, then plan on being at the ice box more than an hour early so you can get in!!!

Yeti said...


The parking situation and the new upgrades to the inside of the IceBox are topics I was planning on blogging about sometime this week. I can only imagine how the UNL parking clowns will manage to turn the area around the IceBox into a parking nightmare. I'm not looking forward to that at all. Anyway, keep an eye out for that article later this week.

tzweeb said...

thanks yeti.. once again you guys here are on top of the news and keep us informed as to what is going on...
this last year was pretty good for not having basketball and hockey at the same time but we all know it will only get worse now.
the stars organization is probably taking the cost of parking for season ticket holders.
they can see how things went last year and want to do anything they can to keep on top of the list for attendance.
i wont change my seats, but i think it will make for more crowded other areas with the less seats on the stage.
and i would guess the old bleacher stage seats could hold about 500-700 people, or seats.
12 or 15 rows and 20-30 seats per the 2 sections.. not sure about the numbers, never sat there!