Sunday, May 16, 2010 A 2010 USHL Draft Primer; B³ Draft Coverage

The folks at (SportsBlog Nation) are going to be covering the three USHL drafts next week for the first time, and they have posted a very informative article about next week's events.  I'd recommend it for anyone who is interested in the drafting process and what will happen the next few days in the USHL.  Our friend at An Unofficial USHL Prospect Blog will be helping out on Monday for the Futures draft.  A quote from the article linked above: 

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we will begin to profile the top prospects in this year's Draft class, with help from the USHL Prospects Blog. We will be hosting a live radio show during Tuesday's Futures Draft, and we will have live coverage here during the Entry and Expansion Drafts.

 So if you have time to follow along during the day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, make sure you check both blogs out.  Here at the B³, we'll also be covering the three USHL drafts, but from the Lincoln Stars perspective.  On each of the three days, we will create a blog article about the particular draft so all of you can comment during the day as the Stars selections are made.  BT and I will post profiles of players drafted by the Stars as soon as we can.

Monday - USHL Expansion Draft (each expansion team selects up to 7 players from other USHL teams)
Tuesday @ 10am CST - USHL Futures Draft (only players born in '94 are eligible to be drafted)
Wednesday @ 10am CST - USHL Entry Draft (players born from '90 to '95 can be drafted)

I believe the USHL Expansion Draft will take place around 11am or Noon CST on Monday, but I am not 100% certain of that.  There is some good information about both the Futures and the Entry draft on the official USHL website, but unfortunately there is not much at all about the expansion draft.


There is a blog that was linked in the article that I think is really worth the read when you have time.  It's called, "Navigating Junior Hockey."  This blog was created more so for prospective USHL players and their parents, but I also think it's good information for fans as well.  Click here to read the blog.


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to following the drafts the next three days on the blog, Yeti. You and BT do a great job here. Best USHL-related blog for sure!

I noticed that the tryout dates and times are no longer on the Stars website. Have those changed? You would think that the Stars "official" website would continue to list them since we are getting close to mid-June. You want as many prospective players and their parents aware of the dates, right? Then again, look at the poll question results...not surprising.

-Bill from Section C

Yeti said...


Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it.

I haven't heard that those dates and times have changed, so I would assume the original dates/times are still good. If I hear any different, I'll make sure to post it here. I'm not sure why they disappeared from the front page of the Stars website.

Yeti said...

The live draft feature on the USHL website is available to view right now. Copy and paste the address below into your internet browser:

According to the live draft site, the Lincoln Stars will pick accordingly in the Futures Draft tomorrow morning:

1st Round - 11th overall
2nd Round - 20th overall
3rd Round - 41st overall
4th Round - 50th overall
5th Round - 71st overall
6th Round - 80th overall