Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Congrats to Kyle Gibbons!

Thanks to the anonymous reader who brought this to my attention.

According to Chris Heidenberg's NCAA Hockey Recruit Page, Stars forward Kyle Gibbons has committed to play hockey at Canisius College, starting the Fall of 2010.  Canisius College is located in Buffalo, NY.  It was mentioned at the end of the regular season that Kyle would be coming back to play for the Stars next season, so this news is a bit of a surprise.  Regardless, congrats to Kyle on the scholarship!  Good luck next season at Canisius!

Read the USHL article about Kyle's commitment here.


MacAttack said...

Congratulations Kyle! While I would love to have him back, if the scholarship is available for this fall, I can't fault him for going. Maybe the report got the year wrong? LOL

StarsHcky said...

Looks like green bay won! Congrats to gerths on the win and looks like he had an assist on the game winning goal! Seems like forever ago when we had our last game

BellTolls said...

Yep. I was listening to the Green Bay radio announcer. David skated it in and set the whole play up for a kid who only had 4 goals all year. Congrats to David!