Friday, May 14, 2010

Congrats to Jon Puskar!

I know Jon is no longer a member of the Lincoln Stars, but he was a player that a lot of fans (including myself) were a big fan of.  I am very happy to blog about this news.

According to the official USHL website, former Stars forward Jon Puskar has committed to play Division 1 hockey for the American International College, located in Springfield, Massachusetts.  AIC is a member of the Atlantic Hockey Association.  

Puskar played parts of two seasons with the Lincoln Stars the past two years.  During that time, he played in a total of 56 games for the Black and Blue, accumulating 23 points and 128 penalty minutes.  Jon was a player who gave 100% of himself for the team, and I know I, and other Stars fans, will miss his energy and grit on the ice.  Good luck to Jon next season at AIC!

(photo courtesy of USHL Images)


Layla said...

Yay Push!!

BellTolls said...

Awesome. One of my favorite Stars in recent seasons. Thought he never got a fair deal here. Good for him.

lincolnfan said...

congrats to Jon! it's great to see all these Stars and former Stars get scholarships and advance to the next levels of hockey. definitely a very talented player... i agree, he never did get a fair chance here in Lincoln.

hey Yeti, i know this is completely off topic but how exactly did getting the Live Activity Feed on the side bar work? i saw on their site where you had to email them to get an invite, which i did last night.. they say they email out 25 invites a day, how long did it take you to get your invite? i'm wanting to put one on a website i'm in charge of. is it complicated to set up? it's a really neat "widget"!

USHLProspectsBlog said...

lincolnfan, I applied for that widget when I first started my blog and I still haven't got an email back.

Yeti said...


If I recall correctly, it took a few days to get the email back. I believe you have to give them the site address for them to check out (I believe they want to make sure their tool is being used for a legit website). Did you do that? If you don't hear something in a few days, send another request. Keep bugging them. It's a fun little blog widget. If you don't already use "Google Analytics" to track and analyze your site hits, I'd use that also. Google Analytics is free, and very informative.

lincolnfan said...

thanks Yeti. i got my invite today. i've heard of Google Analytics and looked at it some, but never set up an account. i'll have to look at it some more.

USHLProspectsBlog - i would email them again. make sure you give them your website address.