Wednesday, May 26, 2010

B³ Linkorama

I'm going to post a number of links in this blog article to wrap up the last week or so.  Some of these stories might have been buried in the comments section, so I'm going to highlight them here in case anyone missed reading them.  We are only 18 days away from the Lincoln Stars tryout camp, which will be held at the Moylan Tranquility Iceplex in Omaha, NE from June 13th-16th.  As we get closer to those dates, BT and I will post an article summarizing the dates and times of the tryout, and what you should expect to see if you've never been to the tryouts before.  BT and I will also inquire about having a "guest blogger" write up a recap article for one or two of the tryout sesssion(s) BT and I will miss.  By the way, "Hell Yeah!" is taking a commanding lead in the current poll question.  Will it last? :)

News and notes of the 2010 USHL Futures and Entry drafts, from the official USHL website.
Click here to read the article.

Matt Bruneteau commits to Lake Superior State University, starting the fall of 2010.
Click here to read the article.

Kyle Gibbons commits to Canisius College, from the Cleveland Barons website. 
Click here to read the article.

The Lincoln Stars coaching staff talk about the draft picks made last week.
Click here to read the article.

Video interview of Stars head coach Chad Johnson last week on the 104.1 The Blaze radio morning show.
Click here to view the interview.

The Stars picked up two players from the Chicago Steel last week. Defenseman Richard Coyne, and forward Andrew Schmit.  Of note, Schmit is a Culver Academy (IN) graduate.  Former Stars who have played for Culver include Michael Sdao, David Gerths, and Cory Hibbeler.
Click here to read Coyne's bio
Click here to read Schmit's bio

Brent Wagner of the Lincoln Journal Star highlights some of the more recent Stars news.
Click here to read the article.

Edit 5/27:  Stars entry draft pick Mark MacMillan recently committed to play collegiate hockey for the University of North Dakota, starting the fall of 2011.  You can read the story at this link.  A quote from the article states, "Next year, he’ll be back with Alberni Valley, hoping to lead the Bulldogs to a BCHL championship. Then, it will be on to UND."  It doesn't appear that McMillan is interested in playing for Lincoln next season in the USHL.  Read the UND blog article here.


Anonymous said...


Do you know how the NAHL draft works? I was just following it on Twitter and see that there were about 15 USHL players drafted, including Lincoln's DelMauro and four players from Tri City (including Tucker Brockett) - is this unusual or does this mean they are probably not going to make their team's final roster. It was interesting to see some of the teams with multiple players drafted (Tri City, Des Moines, Chicago). Thanks.

Layla said...

I see Andrew Schmit was drafted by Fairbanks. I wonder how much of the NAHL drafting USHL players is wishful thinking or if they are close to the players hometown, hoping that the kids will want to play closer to home? Have there been players who more than likely would have made their USHL team who decided to play in the NA?

Yeti said...


The NAHL draft works just about the same as the USHL draft works. Just because a NAHL team, or a USHL for that matter, drafts a player doesn't mean that player is required to play for that team. It just means their NAHL or USHL "rights" are owned by the team that drafted them.

Looks like Chris DelMauro and Andrew Schmit (the player the Stars picked up from the Chicago Steel last week) were the only two Lincoln players drafted by NAHL teams. Maybe they drafted them thinking that if don't make the Stars, they'll want to play in the NAHL? Not sure.

Tucker Brockett was a weird draft pick. I don't see how he wouldn't play for TC next season, unless he is cut sometime in the future and then not picked up by another USHL team. I still think he should be in a Stars uni, but I've already beat that horse to death. That was a terrible trade, in my opinion.

I saw quite a few players from Youngstown drafted by NAHL teams also. I think a lot of those NAHL picks are just shots in the dark. They are gambling the players they drafted won't make a USHL squad, and they will want to play in the NAHL. The NAHL is Tier II, but I guarantee there were some NAHL teams last season that would have blown out the Stars, and other USHL teams. I think the talent gap between Tier I and Tier II isn't as big as it once was.

BellTolls said...

Agree with Yeti. An NAHL all-star team would've smoked the Stars last year...even a few NAHL teams would've probably beaten us. We've already beaten this to death, but a guy like Rui Encarnacao who went on to be a top-10 NAHL scorer led the Stars in scoring at tryouts and was a guy both Yeti and I felt had definitely earned a spot on the team last year.

Yeti said...

Note: I've added another story to this blog article (look above for the 5/27 edit). Mark MacMillan, a recent Stars entry draft pick, committed to the University of North Dakota recently. According to the article I linked, MacMillan will return to the BCHL next season, and then will attend UND in 2011. It doesn't look promising that he will be at the Stars training camp next month.

Anonymous said...

My guess why Fairbanks took Schmit is for three reasons:
1. 6'4"
2. 220
3. 45 USHL games

Why not? Sometimes, it is wishful thinking on part of the GM/HC of the NA team especially if they have extra draft picks or it could be close to home.

Layla said...

I would say maybe our Coaches could convince him to play here, maybe UND can convince him to try the USHL, I don't know what the difference in talent leve is between the USHL/BCHL but it doesn't seem to be *too* far apart. But anyways sometimes it's not always best for coaches to try to bring a kid in who doesn't really want to be here. I'd rather save the import spot for someone who wants to play for us.

Ryan said...

NAHL teams still get tenders, so those kids commit to play there. They basically use the draft as sort of a draft and hope type thing for a majority of the players selected. Not all are like that, of course, but most from the USHL probably are.