Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B³ Draft Coverage - 2010 USHL Futures Draft Results

The Lincoln Stars selected six players in the 2010 USHL Futures Draft on Tuesday. As always, the Black and Blue is here to give you all the information we could find on these six young players born in 1994. Keep in mind, these players are not likely to play for Lincoln this year, but possibly in a year or two. Only Dominik Shine and Austin Wuthrich were last year's Futures picks to play for Lincoln last season.

So, here they are, the six players drafted by the Lincoln Stars.

Round 1. Luke Johnson - Forward - 5'9", 145
The Stars drafted the son of former Stars coach and current Fargo coach Steve Johnson in last year's Entry Draft, but he did not come to tryouts, as he was very young. Two seasons ago, as an 8th grader, Luke scored 26 points in 27 games for the varsity Red River High School (North Dakota) hockey team. Last season as a 9th grader, Luke scored 46 points (17g, 29a) in 27 games for the Grand Forks Central High School hockey team.
This is an intriguing pick, especially because Fargo passed on him in the first round. I'm guessing that Steve doesn't want to coach his son and would rather have Uncle Chad do the job. Whatever the case, the fact that Chad Johnson drafted his nephew should be an encouraging sign that Luke plans to play in Lincoln at some point.

Frye played for Missoula in the NorPac Hockey League this past year. In 30 games, Frye had 22 points (11g, 11a), including three power-play goals. He also racked up 81 penalty minutes. A Spanaway, Wash., native, Frye is a physical player with good size for a kid his age. A scout at a summer hockey camp last summer said of Frye, "I took quite the liking to Zach Frye. This kid was skating hard and fast the entire time and did a good amount of checking."  Click here for bio.

Hawkinson played for the Colorado Thunderbirds last season, racking up 22 pts (8g, 14a) in 19 games. Hawkinson has been receiving college interest from many Ivy League schools. At last year's Select 15 Player Development Camp, Hawksinson was said to have scored "a batch of goals."

A defenseman with great vision, Martin had 16 points (1g, 15a) in 31 games with Team Illinois U16 last season. Martin also had 36 penalty minutes. Martin was drafted in the third round by WHL's Kelowna in 2009.

The younger brother of Sioux Falls' Sam Coatta, Max Coatta is a big-time goal scorer. Coatta put up 46 points (23g, 23 a) in 31 games with Minnetonka High School in Minnesota...as a freshman. This kid has some talent. He is described on one blog as "a helluva player for a freshman." Here is a good article on Coatta from February about leading the state of Minnesota in scoring.

Big, big kid for a '94, a strong stay-at-home defenseman. Blujus had 22 points (5g, 17a) in 48 games with the Buffalo Regals U18 (he played up an age group). Four of his goals came on the power-play and he also collected 36 penalty minutes. He is recognized as one of the top D-men in the U.S. at his age, as he was one of 16 defenseman invited to the U.S. National Team Development Program evaluation camp in Ann Arbor, Mich., in March. Blujus was recently drafted by the OHL's Brampton Battalion, and the Brampton coach feels confident that Blujus will go to the OHL, citing his familiarity with the league and some players he knows in the league. I wouldn't get my hopes up on Blujus coming to Lincoln, but we'll see if Chad Johnson can work some recruiting magic.

Please feel free to contribute any information you may have on any of these prospects in a comment below.


Yeti said...

Top notch recap article, BT. Thanks a bunch.

It's tough to guess if any of the 6 drafted players have a shot at the roster next season. Last season, Dominick Shine made the jump from the Futures Draft right to the Stars roster, so it can happen. Obviously, Luke Johnson has a pretty good chance, unless his folks want him to stay and play high school hockey another season.

Anonymous said...

You fans here will be disappointed that Chad started his legacy in Lincoln by drafting his brothers son. Lets see how Luke does in Minnesota playing hockey this next winter. Grand Forks Central doesn't exactly play a tough schedule. Scoring 4 goals against Wahpeton doesn't impress me. There were alot of other proven kids that Chad could have taken but he probably didn't know who they were.

Anonymous said...

lol. The draft is just a few hours old, and already we have folks here claiming certain kids will fail. Pardon me if I wait to see him in person before crapping on him. I think there's a good reason why both McGroarty and Johnson drafted Luke last year, and now this year. Luke was good enough that the USNTDP asked him to tryout for the U-17 squad. He was playing high school hockey last season as an eighth grader. No one is claiming he will be the next Wayne Gretzky.

BellTolls said...

Ahh the poor kid can't even drive and already we're going to write him off?

Anonymous said...

Ok anon we get it-you don't like the Johnsons. But it's awful tough to ignore the amount of success that they've had over the years. I'm willing to wait and give Luke a chance to prove himself in this league before I make any judgements. And you can't tell me that just any kid plays on the varsity hockey team in North Dakota as an 8th grader. Personally just looking at the jump in #'s for his last two years it's obvious the boy is making huge strides. I also have to commend Steve for not drafting his own son ala Borat @ Sioux falls. I think when these kids get to a certain age they need someone else pushing them. Are tryouts here yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Through personal experience you really DON'T want the coaches family members on the team. From the first few years the kids start playing its OK, but once You hit the AAA ranks you really want to avoid parent coaches. Now we are at the junior ranks. I really didn't think we would run into this issue. The kid could be a stud or he could be less then average. And maybe that's why family keeps. Drafting him

Force Blogger said...

Luke Johnson will be a stud in this league IMO, but this will still have some coaching controversy attached to it as players' parents will be mad that Luke is getting undeserved extra playing time. Whether he gets extra time or not won't even matter, Chad will still be accused of it...it happens at every level where there is a relative coaching.

PS he did just get his license :D

Force Blogger said...

Max Coatta is a good pick by the Stars too!

Anonymous said...

How many different leagues can draft a player? Some of the comments about the players make it sound like there is no chance at all for them to play in this league. If that is true, then why are they even offered up for this leagues draft? Another question would be why bother drafting them if they are highly unlikely to play for you? It sure would be cool to see some high flying talent on the team though in the future. Nothing against the team last year, but it was really lacking talent in almost every group.

Sam I am

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sam above-really need some studs this year especially on the defensive side. The only real studs we had this year were Hibbs and Lauwers. Granted Will Rayner would have been great if not for the injury. I also think Clement would have been good if not for his injury this year. Would love to see a new d-core of studs to go with Misuraca. Note: Let's bring these kids in a week or two earlier and get them in shape so we can avoid some of these injuries! I do think we have some great forwards coming back but let's keep them out of the penalty box! No way in H___ do we need Shine or Dzingle out of the game for five minutes for fighting and wqe sure don't need them out of the lineup for an injury!

Force Blogger said...

To the Anonymous poster that said that we'll see how Luke does against MN competition, he is not playing in MN-HS. He will either play for Lincoln or Grand Forks Central next year.