Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B³ Draft Coverage - 2010 USHL Futures Draft

Starting this morning at 10:00am CST, the Stars will participate in the 2010 USHL Futures Draft. You can follow the draft online here. The USHL Futures Draft consists of six rounds, as each USHL team will select six players from the 1994 birth year ago group.

You can also follow the draft online at SBNation.com. The USHL and SBNation, along with An Unofficial Prospects Blog, will team up to broadcast a live online radio show during the draft. You can read more about the USHL's coverage of the Futures Draft here and here.

Here is where the Stars will pick in each round (updated with picks):

1st Round - Luke Johnson (Center) Grand Forks High School (ND) 5'9", 145 pounds. DOB: 9/19/94
2nd Round - Zach Frye (Defenseman) Missoula (NorPac); 6'0", 175 pounds. DOB: 3/25/94
3rd Round - Bradley Hawkinson (Center) Thunderbirds (T1Min); 5'10", 169 pounds. DOB: 9/4/94
4th Round - Cole Martin (Defenseman) Illinois (T1Min); 5'11", 160 pounds. DOB: 3/15/94
5th Round - Max Coatta (Forward) Minnetonka HS; 5'8", 155 pounds. DOB: 4/22/94
6th Round - Dylan Blujus (Defenseman) Regals (T1Maj); 6'2", 193 pounds. DOB: 1/22/94

As the Stars draft each round, we will post the results in the area above. Once the draft has been completed, we will start a new blog article and profile each of the selections made by the Stars.

Note: The results of yesterdays Expansion Draft are posted in the article below this one.


Yeti said...

For the second season, the Stars draft the son of former Stars heach coach, Steve Johnson. Last year, the Stars drafted Luke in the USHL Entry draft.

BA Photos said...

Lincoln Picks up Zack Frye


USHLProspectsBlog said...

Not sure if you guys are listening live, but we have Jon Cooper, Green Bay coach on right now.

BA Photos said...

In the 4th round, Lincoln selects Cole Martin, a defenseman from Team Illinois.

BellTolls said...

- Max Coatta is the younger brother of Sioux Falls Stampede player Sam Coatta. Sam Coatta had 9 g, 12 a with the 'Pede this season.

BellTolls said...

USHL Prospects Blog did a write-up on the Stars last draft pick, Dylan Blujus, before the draft. Here is his write-up on Blujus:

"Blujus put up some good numbers on the offensive side of the puck for the Regals this past season. Back at the blue line, Blujus collected 22 points (5 goals and 17 assists) in 48 games last season. Of those 5 goals, 4 of them came on the powerplay, which I'm sure has scouts and coaches in the USHL drooling about the possibilty of using Blujus as a powerplay quarterback. Blujus also racked up 36 penalty minutes in 48 games. This speaks to his physicality. I would compare Blujus to Des Moines blueliner Eric Knodel. Not based on the size, but on offenseive output and PIMs."


Anonymous said...

So will any of these players actually end playing for the Stars, or are able to choose to go somewhere else? Now that I think of it, Luke Johnson may actually play for the Stars with his uncle running the program.

Sam I am