Sunday, May 16, 2010

B³ Draft Coverage - 2010 USHL Expansion Draft

The USHL will hold its expansion draft Monday May 17th, starting at 11:00am CST. The two expansion teams coming into the USHL next season are the Dubuque Fighting Saints, and the Muskegon Lumberjacks. If this expansion draft is held like the expansion draft from last season (Youngstown Phantoms), each existing USHL team can protect 8 "veteran" players. Players with college commitments are already protected. A quote from the USHL article last year regarding the expansion draft:

The procedure implemented by the Commissioner's Office adhered to prior USHL expansion drafts. Each current USHL Member Club submitted a protected list of (up to) 23 players on its active roster or affiliate list. Current USHL teams were allowed to protect a maximum of eight "veteran" players – that is, players who had played in 10 or more games during the 2008-09 season. Veterans still enrolled in high school were automatically protected by their respective Member Clubs, in order to insure stability and scholastic continuity for the League's younger players. Per expansion draft rules, no USHL teams lose more than one player in the expansion draft.
Because there are TWO teams drafting this time around, I have to wonder if existing USHL teams could lose up to two players in the draft, as opposed to one player last season when Youngstown was the only expansion team drafting. Last season, the Stars lost a player (Jack Callahan - D) from their affiliate list to the expansion draft, so I assume this time around the Fighting Saints and Lumberjacks will also have access to the affiliate lists of USHL teams.

Let's look at the list of Stars players from last season who played in more than 10 games, and could return next season:

Dominik Shine - 1993
Ryan Dzingel - 1992 (Ohio State commit for 2011)
Tyler Deresky - 1992
John McCarron - 1992
Brent Tate - 1991
Sam Alfieri - 1991
Chris DelMauro - 1991 (UMASS-Amhert commit for 2011)
Garrett Peterson - 1991 (Notre Dame commit for 2010 or 2011)
Josh Berge - 1990 (Minnesota State-Mankato commit for 2011)

Frank Misuraca - 1991
Matt Bruneteau - 1990

Matt Green - 1990

According to the expansion draft rules from last season, players with existing college commitments are automatically protected, so forwards Ryan Dzingel, Chris DelMauro, Josh Berge, and Garrett Peterson would be safe from being picked. I'm not sure how many of the above players would be attending high school, but those players would be protected also. The Stars affiliate list of players is not made public, so I do not know who those players are, and how many of those will be protected.

Check back throughout the day on Monday for more updates.


Layla said...

Del Mauro has a scholly to UMass for 2011

Yeti said...

Thanks, Layla. I forgot all about that. I'll add it to the article above.

New Hockey Fan said...

Dominik Shine is currently a high school junior.

Layla said...

I'm thinking that each team would only lose 1 player even though there are 2 teams drafting, 13 players will go thru the expansion draft and there are 13 teams. I know one team had 7 tenders and 6 draft picks and the other team had 6 tenders and 7 draft picks. So using that logic ( which the USHL doesn't always use) each team should only lose one player. Looking at the players Lincoln has available to return, we should be able to protect all of our possible returning players, leaving only affiliates exposed ( at least that's how I figured it)

HockeyTrend said...

College commits AND high schoolers are both automatically protected from the Expansion draft?! We are in good shape then!

Yeti said...

Layla: I believe you are correct. I just assumed since there were two expansion teams drafting this time around, each USHL team would stand to lose double the amount of players. I don't recall if Youngstown was given 6 or 7 tenders to sign players, but Dubuque and Muskegon have been quietly signing some very good hockey players with those tenders. Players that would have been drafted for sure in the Futures or Entry drafts. Now they'll get to choose from the best unprotected players in the league, and then have the two top Entry draft picks. Both teams will have a VERY good base to start from.

FB: From what I can gather from previous expansion drafts, players with college commits and high schoolers are exempt from being picked in the expansion draft. Again, the USHL has not posted anything about the expansion draft on their official website, so I'm going by what was done in previous years.

Yeti said...

It looks like we are getting a ton of hits this morning from google visitors, inquiring about the results of the expansion draft. I've been watching the live activity feed, and it's blowing up with visitors from google.

From the information I was given, the expansion draft started at 11am CST.

I just wanted to let those folks know that as soon as I hear about the results of the expansion draft, I will post that info here on the blog. Thanks.

Yeti said...

No information yet from the USHL website about the expansion draft. Hopefully we'll get some news soon.

Related to the Futures draft....

The live draft feature on the USHL website is available to view right now. Copy and paste the address below into your internet browser:

According to the live draft site, the Lincoln Stars will pick accordingly in the Futures Draft tomorrow morning:

1st Round - 11th overall
2nd Round - 20th overall
3rd Round - 41st overall
4th Round - 50th overall
5th Round - 71st overall
6th Round - 80th overall

PeruStarsFan said...

If I am reading the initial posting correctly, and understanding the draft rules correctly, Lincoln can have all of their players protected if they want. My understanding is that the 92s adn 93s are protected because they are still in High School, and all college commits are also protected. This leave us a total of seven (7) 90s and 91s so Murdock would be 8.
Do I understand thigs correctly?

Anonymous said... reports the results of the Expansion draft will be announced on Tuesday morning, before the Futures Draft. They also say each team will likely lose only one player.

Yeti said...

Peru...There's also the players on the Stars affiliate list, but I don't know who those players are, or how many there are. Otherwise, your list looks good to me. It all depends on who the coaches decide to protect.

It's after 5:00pm here CST, and still no word on the results of the expansion draft from the USHL website. Looks like we might have to wait until tomorrow for the results.

BellTolls said...

Thanks for the note Anon at 5:39. Should be a fun couple days here on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Gibbons also has a commitment @ Canisius. Don't know what year.

Yeti said...

Anonymous at 6:46pm,

We are aware of that. Thanks for the post, though. You can read our blog article about the Gibbons commit here:

Anonymous said...

It appears we lost Matt Green to the expansion draft-Dubuque. Sorry to hear that-Matt was a great kid and I hope he has a great year except when he plays LIncoln.

BellTolls said...

Yep, new blog article is up now.

Anonymous said...

Heard that Bruneteau is moving on to school can anyone confirm this?

Yeti said...

Anon @ 9:51am,

I have not heard anything on my end about Bruneteau moving on to college.