Sunday, April 4, 2010

List of eligible players to return next season

Before I post an end of season recap, I wanted to briefly list the players from this years squad who are eligible to return next season. It's never too early to start thinking about next season, right? This list is obviously very preliminary, as a lot can happen between now and next October. Most of the information I have gathered has come from Chris Heisenberg's 2010 Hockey Recruits website. If you have never checked it out, I would recommend doing so. Tons of great information on his site.

So here is the list. Player birth years follow their names on the list. If any blog readers have more information regarding players returning, or any other issues, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at


Dominik Shine - 1993
Ryan Dzingel - 1992
Tyler Deresky - 1992
John McCarron - 1992
Kyle Gibbons - 1991
Brent Tate - 1991
Sam Alfieri - 1991
Chris DelMauro - 1991 
Garrett Peterson - 1991 (Notre Dame commit for 2010 or 2011)
Josh Berge - 1990

Frank Misuraca - 1991
Matt Bruneteau - 1990

Matt Green - 1990

The big question mark will be if Garrett Peterson returns next season or not.  From what I've heard, it's up in the air right now whether or not Petey will be back.  Looking at the group of forwards who could return next season, there is obviously a lot to be excited about.  Despite being two of the youngest players on the team this season, Shine and Dzingel were arguably the two best forwards.  Defense will be an issue again, as the Stars lost a good group of d-men.  Having a goaltender (Green) return next season with USHL experience will be a big plus.

Next season, the Stars will only be able to keep four players born in the year 1990 on the roster. Every team in the USHL can only keep four "overagers" in their lineup.  As of right now, Bruneteau, Green, and Berge are three players who would qualify as an "overager" next season.

The Stars tryout camp will once again be held at the Tranquility IcePlex in Omaha, NE.  The dates of the camp are June 13th-16th.  Click here for more info on the tryouts.



nutz4puckz said...

Excited at the list of forwards, nervous about the D, but hopefully the draft brings us some good players to fill the vacancies there. Sure hope Petey can come back :)

Other thing to watch is how the divisions are going to shake out with the new teams in Dubuque and Muskegeon coming in from next year as well.

Anonymous said...

Petey has alot to offer for sure....he looked like he comfortably went back and forth between offense and defense and played whereever he was needed. He seems to be a leader on the team. It will be nice to get a real gel going on the lines for the team.

Anonymous said...

i thought Jared Hanson also planned on returning back to Lincoln for 10-11. Of course, he'd have to be drafted first