Sunday, April 25, 2010

Final Round - B³ USHL Playoff Prediction Contest

The second round of the USHL Clark Cup Playoffs are complete, so I will now update the scoring and allow folks to begin predicting the final round.

Once again, the rules:
-Pick the team you think will win the particular playoff series.
-Pick the amount of games you think the winning team will win in.
-Predict the total amount of goals scored in each series
-No anonymous names.  You don't have to use your real name, just pick something and stick with it.

Series results from the second round:
Green Bay defeated Indiana in four games, 3-1 (28 goals scored in the series)
Fargo defeated Omaha in five games, 3-2 (30 goals scored in the series)

USHL Clark Cup Finals
#1 Green Bay Gamblers vs. #2 Fargo Force
-Games 1, 2, and 5 will be held in Green Bay.  Games 3 and 4 will be held in Fargo.
-Green Bay won the regular season series against Fargo, going 3-1 in four games played.  Green Bay outscored Fargo 14-9 in those four games.

Updated scoring:
15 points - Yeti
14 points - lincolnfan
14 points - starstruck
11 points - lmadragon
11 points - nutz4puckz
11 points - Shawn
10 points - BellTolls
10 points - StarsFan
9 points - Ice Pucks
9 points - MacAttack
8 points - Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say
8 points - Layla
7 points - Bud
6 points - Ghost
6 points - Jofa
6 points - Sam I Am
3 points - Cold Bud

For each correct team that you predict will win the series, you will receive one point.  If you can also correctly predict the amount of games the winning team will win in, you will receive two points.  For example, if you predict the Fargo Force to win the series in 3 games, and Fargo does go on to win in 3 games, you would receive 3 points (1 point for picking Fargo, 2 points for picking the correct amount of games).  If you picked Green Bay to win in 3 games, you would receive 0 points.  You must predict the winning team to earn the games played points.

We will again be predicting the total amount of goals scored in the series.  If by chance you happen to correctly guess the total amount of goals scored in the series, you will be awarded 4 points.  If there is a tie for first place at the end of this contest, the tie-breaker will be the total goals scored category.  Closest guess to the total amount of goals scored in the series wins the contest.

Good luck!


starstruck said...

Green Bay 5 games
29 goals

lincolnfan said...

Fargo in 4, 25 goals scored.

Yeti said...

Green Bay in 4
26 goals scored

Anonymous said...


Green Bay in 3
18 goals

StarsFan said...

Greenbay in 4
16 goals

Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say said...

Green Bay in 4
21 Goals

Go David Gerths !

nutz4puckz said...

Green Bay in 4
26 Goals

Anonymous said...

Cold Bud said...

What's the prize for last place?

Green Bay in 4
25 Goals

Jofa said...

Green Bay in 4
22 goals

Layla said...

Fargo in 5
27 goals
Yes, I want to be different :)

BellTolls said...

Green Bay in 4
23 goals

MacAttack said...

GB in 5
31 goals

Ghost said...

Fargo in 5
33 goals

Imadragon said...

Green Bay in 4
30 goals

Anonymous said...

Fargo in 4 games, 18 goals.

Sam I am

Yeti said...

Looks like we are still missing predictions from "Shawn" and "IcePucks."

The deadline is Friday April 30th, at 7:00pm central.

Shawn said...

I know I'm too Late but here it is anyways
Green Bay 5 games
38 goals

PeruStarsFan said...

Hopefully this does not get lost in the rest of the postings. It might also fall into the category of questions with obvious answers, but here it goes anyway.

Is there any information about which players Lincoln will be protecting? My understanding is that they can only protect 8, and we have the potential of 15 (with Doc) returning.

starstruck said...

PeruStarsFan - there is an article on the USHL site that discusses the draft process. It appears to indicate there is no set number for the protected list (paragraph 4):

Yeti said...


The USHL will have an expansion draft next week before the hold the prospects, and entry draft. At that time, the Stars can only protect 8 "veteran" players from last season. The USHL's definition of "veteran" is a player who has played 10 or more games for their respective USHL team. So there is a possibility the Stars could lose a vet or two to the two expansion USHL teams. Unfortunately, the USHL website has not done a good job with posting any information about this expansion draft.